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Category Subsea Domains
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Created 2010-12-06
Owner David Martinez
Title of the Dream Sea of Reeds
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Description of Dream

I rarely remember my dreams. This dream occurred to me about two months ago. It seemed like I dreamed it just before waking.

I was in a watery place – like being sea-side. I saw no real land, although I felt I was near the shore. The place was full of reeds, tall reeds, a dense growth of tightly packed yellowish/brownish/greyish/whitish reeds of uniform height as far as I could see. There were places where there were no reeds and one could see the face of the water, but 75 to 80 % of the landscape was reeds.

I was familiar with the place, somehow. I knew it was a “middle ground” of some sort, below a higher plane, and above a lower plane. It was a terminal, a jumping-off place, a station of some sort where one departed to other planes, and returned from them.

I couldn't tell if the water was salt or fresh. I was not aware of any wildlife; I did not sense the presence of anyone else. I don't remember any sounds; I think the weather was sunny but I'm not sure.

The only emotional flavor the place had was one of familiarity, and a feeling like you might feel towards the end of your commute home from work when you reach a intersection or train stop that means you're almost home. It's like I was returning to my body after a journey to someplace else.

A couple of days later I read something about the Egyptian Book of the Dead. (Actually I think it's Books of the Dead, because the contents were variable.) According to what I remember, Egyptian culture maintained that there was a Sea of Reeds in the afterlife. I think it was not an end point but a passage to a destination.

In the Bible, the Children of Israel escaped from Egypt by traveling through what we call the Red Sea, but in Hebrew it's the “Sea of Reeds”. However, this is understood to be a physical sea, not a metaphysical place as in my dream, so in the case of my dream the Egyptian interpretation seems to apply.




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