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Category Subsea Domains
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Created 2010-10-30
Owner Finite Statist Machine
Title of the Dream The Spiked Tsunami
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Description of Dream

I used to have a living coral salt water reef aquarium as a hobby in the mid 1990s.

Last night I dreamed I was in salt water tropical fish tore in Raleigh/Durham NC.   Last time I was in this store was in 1994.  There was this the huge artificial reef installed and it sort of meandered around this very large tropical fish store in Raleigh/Durham NC, the general shape was not unlike the shape of a golf course, nice curves and the walls of the fish tank appeared to be of concrete with glass inserts so the shoppers could see the fish in the demonstration reef.   There were rays, corals, small sharks, and a large selection of good sized reef fish.

Suddenly the water disappeared, like it does before a Tsunami comes.  I found myself in this now dry aquarium with maybe 30-40 people.   I knew the water going out so far was a sign of a coming Tsunami.   I broke a window in the side of the aquarium and stared rushing to get people out of the aquarium before the Tsunami hit.  I got most of the people to safety the wave started to come in.  Now the scene changed  so that instead of being in the aquarium I was near the beach but close enough to a deep water trench offshore.   The Tsunami was now approaching North Carolina but not quite to shore yet it was getting near to the spot where there was a deep offshore trench and there was this tremendous quake in the trench at very moment the Tsunmai wave was crossing over it.   This caused the wave to spike abnormally high and was truly of frightening size.  

I don't remember anything after that event in the dream.




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