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Category Subsea Domains
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Created 2010-09-05
Owner planetgazer
Title of the Dream Giant Waves 2
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Description of Dream

Around August 31, I had another of my dreams with giant waves of ocean water. The setting varies but it is always at a coastline. In this case, I was living on the top floor of a three-story apartment building. I kept seeing towering waves that were as high as the building. I knew I had to keep the door closed to keep most of the water out when the wave hit. Of course, in this world, a moving wall of water as massive as those in my dream would likely destroy or at least severely damage most buildings it hit with full force. At one point in my dream, my dog (who will chase after various critters and only come back after persistent commands from me) ran off after something downstairs so there I was, trying to get him to return to me quickly, seeing the next wall of water approach and fearing that he would not survive the impact and if I attempted to physically retrieve him, I would be likely to die as well. I don't recall what happened but various scenarios repeated themselves. The giant wave would approach and each time I would be in a slightly different location or situation, often trying to warn other people to get to a place of safety. Hmm, this is much like what I do in my waking life, as I warn people about various threats to our collective existence such as financial collapse, food shortages, false flag terrorism, etc. In some of these dreams, I am floating in the water, riding over the top of the wave or allowing it to pass over me, which somehow seems safer than trying to run away on land.




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