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Category Ships & Boats
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Created 2010-10-11
Owner GD
Title of the Dream A tidal wave revealed a varity of anfibious craft on it ebb.
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Description of Dream

(I don't understand the sub-sections here about me and the partner, so I will submit the dream as I recall it)

I was looking out from a large glass fronted building, I was a visitor there but known. A tsunami was coming, no one was particularly disturbed, the building could withstand the wave washing over it. I was understandably suspect but as I watched people going calmly about their job I watched although terrified. Surfers (blond) on long boards, with long shorts, which in my personal lexicon is california, were surfing the huge swell also not super worried about the on coming tidal wave. So it happened, approached and was enormous washing over this high glass building or structure. 2 or 3 blond women were working behind me, I didn't know what they were doing, seemed they were secretaries or something but their first language was german or perhaps scandinavian, but i think german when I woke up.

When the wave receeded there were 'flying cars' all around the ocean floor. In my dream I kept referring to them as flying cars-german cars, but when I recall the shapes now they look nothing like cars, except for one which seemed like a flying limo, but moved like a silver fish, which is what we call those ancient little creatures you see in your bathroom or sometimes in old flour bags or cereal, they look shimmery and up close look like dinosaur bugs. There were elaborate docking stations and railways and large amounts of traffic, going about quite undisturbed by the wave or the audience. I pointed out the vehicals to the women and asked if they had seen them before and they replies - a few times, wryly, and went on with their business.

I have often dreamt of science fiction like structures under the sea, however this dream had the qualities at least I regonise as predictive, I can't explain in any more detail, I don't have the words. Full colour, full impact, and I still feel the emotion in my chest, I can feel the terror rise in my chest as the wave approaches. This is my definition of a predicitive dream, its not dream like I was there and I felt its thundering effects. I imagine its different for everyone. So big wave in California or similar place. This dream could have been in any of the water sections, apologies for spelling and bad filing :-) 




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