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Category Ships & Boats
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Created 2010-10-09
Owner ablelba
Title of the Dream Man in Lifeboat
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Description of Dream

Dreamed 10/9/2010 9:12 AM EST

This dream lasted about two seconds. 

I was in a large lifeboat. It seemed to be full of people sitting shoulder to shoulder.  No one was talking.  There were low wooden benches mounted around the inside of the boat, and rows of them in the middle.  The insides of the boat were painted with thick white paint.  The sides of the boat were very high, perhaps 4 or 5 feet high, so that we could not see the water over the side of the boat without standing up.  The boat was pitching and rocking in rough water.  It was cold, and misty rain was coming down on us from a gray sky.  Everyone was wearing layers of warm clothes, but no one had a life jacket.  We had gotten into the boat very suddenly.

My attention was on a middle-aged man, sitting on the bench attached to the inside of the port/left side of the boat.  He was dressed in a wool business suit with a suit coat and trench coat over top.  He had gray and black (salt and pepper) hair and an old-fashioned beard with no mustache, like you see on some Amish people or a New England fisherman.  He had gray eyes, a large nose, and leathery looking skin that was pale.  He seemed to be in shock, as he was staring straight ahead , mouth slightly open, and breathing heavily as if he had just finished running and was catching his breath.  His body, like everyone else's, was swaying with the motion of the boat.

Dream Ends.


Comment: Seems to be some sort of water disaster.  Maybe this was a lifeboat from a ship that sank quickly--But perhaps it sank slowly enough that the lifeboat(s) could be fully loaded.  Most ocean-going boats or oil platforms have fiberglass lifeboats with an enclosed top, painted with bright colors.  This one seemed to be large, maybe 10 feet wide and 30 or 40 feet long, made of wood with high sides and painted white.  I have never seen a boat like it.




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