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Category Ships & Boats
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Created 2010-09-25
Owner JB
Title of the Dream Raging Seas
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Description of Dream

In this incredibly vivid dream, I was on this 'wooden' cruise ship.  It was fairly large and had many levels.  There was an important man describing how in very short time the waves on the ocean where we were would violently jostle and destroy the ship.  By that time, the passengers were shocked because already the waves were coming up over the deck. 

As the hours dripped by, what the 'important' man said was coming to fruition.  The seas began to rage and pieces of the wooden boat started to snap off and fall into the water.  Suddenly something inside of me cracked into action, and I found myself feeling responsible for the entire boat population.  Fear turned into joy.  Mental assault turned into excitement.  I made my way up to the deck, near the middle where a wooden mast with a sail stood.  A little girl, roughly 6 years old, suddenly became my focal point of helping.  She was lost and couldn't find her way, and was crying.  I started speaking to her through the crushing blows of the waves.  She had deep dark brown eyes, dark brown hair down to the middle of her back.  She could see the joy in my eyes and the excitement that radiated, and she asked why I was so happy.  Others gathered around me because they wanted to know too.  At the proper time, I told everyone that I instinctively knew we were all about to die, and today is the day I would see Jesus face to face.  The excitement built in my voice as I explained to now even more people joining the conversation that we're all doomed and sinful, and that we have to be perfect to go to heaven.  I was yelling, pumping my fist excitedly as I told the crowd that Jesus came from heaven, to become a man, he lived a perfect life, died on the cross to pay the death penalty that the Father demands for my sin, and screamed that Jesus was resurrected.  Wails came from the crowd, many many people kept saying over and over, 'I'm sorry, Lord, I'm sorry.  How can I be saved?"  People were asking ME how to be saved!!!  I felt so unworthy to be telling them this, but I said, 'believe in the Lord Jesus and confess that the Father raised Him from the dead, and you will be saved'.  Hundreds of people fell to their knees, repenting, asking Jesus to take their place and their punishment for their sin. 

Mind you the boat was violently going up and down the waves at this point.  Hundreds of people got off their knees in unison and stood, raising their hands in the air.  Someone in the crowd pointed out in the distance there was a wave of water of unimaginable magnitude speeding toward the boat.  I looked at it and yelled, 'our redemption is HERE'.  There were some people screaming and running to the back of the deck trying to get away.  But most of the crowd cheered. 

Strangely enough, when I started singing, 'Amazing Grace', everyone... and I mean EVERYONE that was cheering the wave... started singing.  They knew every word of the first and second verses, I instinctively knew this was supernatural. 

When the group started the third verse, the massive rogue wave toppled the boat and drug it down hundreds of feet into the water.

I am unaware of the coordinates where the boat went down, but I know for certain it was in the Pacific Northwest, off the Oregon coast. 




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