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Category Ships & Boats
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Created 2010-07-07
Owner Grace
Title of the Dream Message is in the Bell
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Description of Dream
Several years ago I had a dream in which I was an observer, rather than a participant. In the dream I watched as several "important" men were swarming around a very wealthy man as they followed him onto his yacht. While the men were being entertained etc., the main man/owner of the yacht excused himself and went to the sleeping quarter where his wife was, locked in a room, sitting in a chair sewing. He asked her, "Where is it?" She wouldn't answer him. He asked her again where she "had put it!"  She just sat silent, sewing. So the man started to rip her to shreds, beating and kicking and he kept asking "where it was!" She smiled knowing it was safe where she had hid it even though she knew it would cost her life. After this man killed his wife, he started tearing apart the living quarters, turning over books and nick knacks on shelves, pulling out drawers and upending things, but he could not find what he was looking for, which he knew now after the whole world found out about it he would be ruined, so he walked out onto the deck of the yacht, which had turned into a war ship, then he walked down iron steps into the ocean, turned into a Tiger, and drowned himself.
Being curious, I went into the living quarters after he had left, looking for what the woman had hidden and found it. It was a message written in a circular pattern on the inside of a dinner type bell. And though the man had picked it up and looked underneath of it, he didn't bother turning it upside down and reading.



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