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Category Rain & Sky
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Created 2010-12-19
Owner ablelba
Title of the Dream Tango and Rainbow Rain/Flood
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Description of Dream

Dreamed 12/19/2010 about 8 AM

Location in dream-- Hilly mountain regions of Florida (Yes I know, Florida has no mountains.  It's a dream...)

The dream starts in the ballroom of a large, stone castle.  I am there with all my extended family.  There are also many people I do not know.  Everyone is dressed for ballroom dancing, and we have recently finished eating a banquet.  The first dance is a tango, and I find myself doing the tango with my 82-year-old mother-in-law.  This is strange because 1) I do not know how to tango, 2) Mom-in-law's parents were both Arthur Murray dance instructors (in real life) so she'd know I was faking it, and 3) In the dream, I am doing spectacularly well at the tango. 

After that dance, mom-in-law tells me, "That was wonderful! It made me feel like I was young again, and that someone really cares for me!  Could I dance with you again?"  But hearing this, she is pushed aside by a 40-year-old woman who wants to tango.  Then another pushes her aside. 

I leave the ballroom for an outside balcony.  The stone balcony is connected to an arched stone bridge that crosses over a river in a deep gorge.  It has begun to rain, but the sun is low in the sky and shining on the rain.  The rain is yellow-green--but not a rainbow.  The droplets are the color of antifreeze. 

It rains harder and harder.  Antifreeze water has filled the river valley and is hitting the downhill side of the bridge.  "Doesn't the water flow the other way?" I ask someone.

"Usually it does," he replies, "But the direction of the river is reversed."

I notice a young couple, soaking wet,  huddling near the side of a shallow stone circle on the bank across the bridge.  I wonder why they are over there;  Since it's raining, they could cross the bridge to the dry, warm ballroom.  Then I realize that the castle and ballroom are lower than their hillside.  Everyone in the castle needs to cross the bridge to safety, before it is too late.

dream ends.



The scenery looked more like European mountains than Florida--Possibly Western Romania or Bavaria.

The colors outside the castle were very vivid and bright.  Inside the castle, only the womens' dresses had color, in pale pastels.

In this dream, everything is wrong, and goes wrong; The river runs backwards, rain is wrong color, a safe place is unsafe, and the unsafe place is safe, etc.




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