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Category Rain & Sky
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Created 2010-09-30
Owner hurricanecrab
Title of the Dream Number nine dream
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Description of Dream

My Bride and I were walking on the beach -- south side of the island we live on.   It was a familiar place, easily identified as it is the only 1/2 mile of sandy beach on the island.    It was a beautiful day, and felt like early morning, with very little clouds in a deep blue sky.   We were walking and looking for circular and conical rocks and coral to make "rock mushrooms".    

Frigate birds began hitting the water far out to sea -- if we hadn't known they were frigates by their flight we wouldn't have known otherwise, they were so far away.   The frigates appeared to have found a huge school of fish and we stopped to watch as it was unusual to see so many feeding in so small an area.  

My Bride said, "Oh My God, look!   A waterspout!" and pointed to her right  (I was slightly behind her and on her left).   I looked over and sure enough, there was a huge, slowly twisting waterspout, gray, but not connected to any cloud as they always are.   I looked further to the right and saw another, and said, "there's more!"   The more I pointed at and counted, the more that seemed to spring up.   I remember saying,  "I count one, two, three, four five, six, seven, eight, nine waterspouts!"   And there were, stretched evenly across the horizon, twisting slowly and impossibly in a nearly clear sky, touching the horizon of the sea.   The center waterspout moved toward us and the birds lifted off the water and began circling just outside of the edge of it, as if attracted to it, but not necessarily pulled into it.  

Two birds flew from the orbit of the waterspout in the center to the nearest on on the left and began circling it.  

end of dream (or recollection)




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