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Category Rain & Sky
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Created 2010-05-20
Owner Pink
Title of the Dream Tornados
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Description of Dream

In the last 5 years I have had a recurring dream. Each time I have it the
details fill in a little more (as in the length of the dream grows). I know
this dream vividly and every time I have it (had it again last week), I'm
left with a feeling of certainty which I don't always have from dreams. We
live in CT. Occasionally, we will get a tornado or a hurricane but its very
rarely and they often only last a few minutes and cause little damage. In
this dream, my world is the same, same house, same family, same everything.
But the key difference in my dream is that I know the world and the
geographic area I live in has changed from a climate perspective or more
correctly is on the brink of change. I know a tornado is coming in my dream.
I know the weather, a perfect sunny summer day is going to change in an
instant and I know its only the beginning. The oddity of my dream, is that
my family is never completely together. Sometimes, I am only with one of my
children (I have 2) or my husband is at work. In this dream, I see that the
sky is changing, I can feel it and know what is going to happen before we
even get warnings on the TV or radio. I know where to go in my house (its
never the same location and even though we don't have a basement I know its
safe). In these dreams, we always get an offer from one of our neighbors
houses to go to their basement, but I always decline and beg them to come to
my basementless house. They always decline and in the end, their houses are
always destroyed. I sit in my house powerless to stop the tornado but
fascinated with its approach. I can't look away. Its coming and I know it
won't be the last. In some of my dreams when its over, my children and I
walk or run through the streets and climb a hill (there isn't one near us)
only to discover that when we get to the top we can see for miles and see
many tornados ripping through the land. 




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