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Category Rain & Sky
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Created 2010-05-30
Owner Dustynuke
Title of the Dream Wall of Devastation
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Description of Dream

I had this ultra vivid intense dream about a year ago. I came home from work in a horrible mood and was very tired. I layed down on the couch to just take a nap. The minute i closed my eyes I had this dream, total time was about 45 minutes of sleep:

In a white row house or shotgun shack by the beach, one of many. Sky is turning grey clouds undulating and swirly. Storm coming, i rush into the front yard to pick up my daughters toys and bike. I stop and stare at a white baseball with blue stitching. I can't look away, just staring at this ball. Something gets my attention. I look out towards the sea, the clouds have gotten darker and more intense. I see dozens and dozens of planes flying low. A convoy of planes leaving. Some commercial, some military. There are harriers and the kind of transport planes that are similar. They are white with blue numbers. I watch these planes pass overhead at low altitude. I turn around facing away from the sea as they leave overhead one by one.

Then i see it. A wall of black / grey, like looking at the side of a massivly long (as far as the eye can see) tornado. Its moving towards the location i am at. The air is absolutely still and quiet. It's a massive undulating wall of dark destruction sucking at the air.

I run iside and tell my family to get into the crawlspace underneath the stair. I hear it coming fast. I'm panicking to secure my family, and realize there isnt enough room for me.

end of dream.




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