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Category Floods -Fresh H20
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Created 2011-02-01
Owner Dustynuke
Title of the Dream Swiftly moving brown water
Promotion level None
Description of Dream


I went to sleep around 11pm in a hotel room after having had 1 beer with a meal of fish and vegetables earlier in the evening.

Magnificently vivid and downright just f-ing scary sensory dream: In this dream im really not sure if it was me or if i was someone else... 

I was in a vehicle and water was rushing quickly around us. It was rising incredibly fast. I was aware of someone else with me, and others stranded on what appeared to be the banks or hills with greenish brown vegetation around us. I heard people, but they were hard to see. I smelled what i can only describe as murky stinky muck. The banks/hills were disapearing under quickly moving icey-cold brown water. Vegetation was moving with the current. There was a car about 100 feet away behind what i think were trees with people screaming for help, they disappeared quickly. People and cars were just getting pulled under by the current one after the other and moving away from us at tremendous speed. I was trying to figure out how to save them...  then how to just save us, in what felt like a matter of minutes. I was sitting on the edge of the drivers side window of the vehicle, about to get on the roof because the water was rising so fast. The vehicle lurched and i felt utter panic. It lurched again and it just shot off with us in it down the "river". It was quick and i felt intense panic and total loss of control.

I was woken up by my wife at that point. She said i had been screaming in my sleep. That was around 2 or 3 am.

This was the second dream of three that i had that night. Each were different. Each were intense in different ways. I will occasionally remember one every week or other week. I havent had three intense ones like that in one night. What struck me as odd about this one was that it wasnt like the other two dreams at all. The first was a sleep paralysis experience, the third was more of a process dream. This one encompassed all my senses, and felt so damn real.




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