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Category Floods -Fresh H20
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Created 2010-10-18
Owner singanyway
Title of the Dream black water flood at unknown cabin on stilts
Promotion level None
Description of Dream

I had this dream in the summer of 2009 and several times since. my children and I were in a cabin on stilts nestled away somewhere remote, mid country, should have been safe. Torrential rain. Sounds like screams filled my ears, but couldn’t tell from where. Black water rose up to our cabin. It stunk. I grabbed my 3 children and held them tightly. Realizing that the water was rising fast and that we would be trapped and drown in the cabin, I took them outside. The water swirled into the cove. We were whipped violently around. I held then, screamed over the shrieking to not swallow any of the water.I thought I couldn’t hold on to my littlest one, everything stops suddenly. Water quickly drains. I carried them through the muck and leftover water to the cabin’s porch. I got them on the porch and retrieved a pair of boots that had been in a bag, they were still dry. I walked back out into the now ankle deep water, it was thick as mud but it was just water. couldn't see through it. I gathered wood from higher limbs, counting cans of food. holding onto my kids so they won't touch the leftover water, then water passes completely, and the grass is very very green where it had been. The only evidence of the flood was that all of the plants were laid down. The sky stayed dark gray the whole time.




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