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Category Floods -Fresh H20
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Created 2010-06-05
Owner ablelba
Title of the Dream Tidal Wave Dream #3-Southern California
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Description of Dream

Tidal Wave Dream 3 - 2005-12-01  4:58 AM

I was on vacation, at the beach. I had rented a townhouse on a hill with some of my
coworkers...You could see a panorama of the ocean and several miles of shoreline over the tops of other houses.

It was beautiful and sunny, but I had not been getting along very well with my coworkers. I just had an argument with another coworker named K--, and had gotten him to change rooms with me so I could get his room, which I thought had a better view of the sea.... K-- was half way through
packing his things to move out of the room I wanted, and they were spread out on the bed....

Everyone had gone somewhere else, and I was alone inside the townhouse. Suddenly, I heard a loud car horn, blowing three long blasts
outside. It was so loud, I stopped fooling with my stuff and went out the front door on the uphill side to see what had happened... Other people also came out to see what was going on....There was a loud, clear voice rolling like thunder through the whole coastland.  It said that there
was a tidal wave heading towards the city...We were instructed to go outside to the street, and that "a trusted local official, whom you will know, will come by soon to pick you up and take you to higher ground."  This message was repeated several times.
Immediately, I had a flood of thoughts, questions and doubts.... I clicked on the TV, and news commentators were analyzing the message,... There was
a buzz outside of the vacation neighbors, talking. They sounded uncertain too.

I turned off the TV, and hung my digital videocam around my neck. "If there is a tidal wave, maybe I can get some pictures." I went upstairs to grab some clothes and other important personal property. ... The sky was clear, and there was no sign of a tidal wave for miles to the horizon. ...
"I'm going to be a smart evacuee, not like those people in Hurricane Katrina who left with nothing." So I decided to change clothes and pack before I left. So there I was in my old room, with the suitcase open on the bed, a 5-pound videocam swinging from my neck, hopping from one foot to the next and back again, trying to change my clothes....
The light changed in the room. I turned around to look out the window. The sky was grey and turning darker. Far out at sea, there was a ridge of water heading my way. "It can't reach this high" I thought to myself, "We are halfway up a steep hill.
I ... looked again. The wall of water was a thousand feet away, and was definitely going to smack into the townhouse. Also, a battleship was being washed sideways by the wave, and it looked like the ship was going to hit the townhouse too.

I slid the solid vinyl replacement window closed, and latched it (with its triple-pane UV glass) as the water came rapidly closer. Finally, I left the
room, closing the door behind me, but only to cross the hall and lock myself in a room on the uphill side of the house. I sat there alone in the dark, with my back against the closed door to the hall. I was beginning to think that maybe I should have done what the voice said.

The dream ended, my eyes shot open, and I wrote it down.


 When you hear the clear message, drop everything and get on that van!




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