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Category Time Warps/WuJo
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Created 2010-10-02
Owner Debora
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream Close Encounter 3rd Kind dream
Description of Dream I was standing in the middle of a roadway. It was a long straight road with no obstructions (like trees or buildings) on either side of the road. It was dark, so I really couldn't tell if the road was bounded by empty fields or desert, but I could see for a very long distance. The moon was fairly bright but not full because there was enough light to see but not exactly make out features of the land.

In the distance I saw a double conical shaped ship -- very shiny and brightly lit -- this may have even been the light source. It looked like it was made of chrome sections and then the in-between sections were where the lights were -- sort of like windows to the inside of the ship. It was clearly huge because I was quite a distance from it but could see it clearly.

Suddenly it started to open -- the sections began to separate and it grew quite tall with sections starting to swing outward from the ship as if they were on some kind of hinge. A violet light emanated from the top and bottom of the ship.

Quite suddenly it seemed an extension of one of the chrome sections came toward me sort of fluidly, and placed a very small domed shaped ship (about the size of a dinner plate) in front of me. It separated to a point where I could see inside.

Inside the tiny ship was a chrome sphere, that said "Hi! How ya doin'?" in a very cheerful, chipper voice. I said "Fine." Which, strangely was true. I wasn't afraid, just sort of awed by the violet light that now seemed to be everywhere.

The cheerful voice said, "You wanna know more?" I said "sure" and I felt myself hurtling toward the huge ship. --end of dream--



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