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Category Time Warps/WuJo
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Created 2010-09-30
Owner ablelba
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Title of the Dream Flying, Water-Roof Reservoir, Future Family Farm
Description of Dream Dreamed 9/26/10 8:30 AM EST

I was part of an extended family, all living in a single house. Maybe it was Summer, or maybe it was in a warm climate. The head of household was a man, and he could fly with a black cape (how, I don't know). He was far away, and they did not expect him back for a week or so.

His younger son (about 8 years old, stocky) was worried that Dad would run out of food. Son had gotten a bag of grapes or dried fruit, and told us that he would fly it out to his Dad. Bag over shoulder, he raised his other arm in the air, in the 'Superman' take-off pose, but did not fly; Apparently, being able to fly was mostly a matter of knowing that you could, and then just doing it.

They asked me to fix something on the roof. I assumed it was a roof leak, and went up to check it. The shingles were unlike anything I have ever seen. They looked like normal shingles at first, but there were many layers, with gaps to allow water to pass through, but not leaves or dirt. They were mounted to slides on a hinged metal framework. I slid some of them up to see if the roof wood was rotten underneath--but no wood! Under the roof was a solid piece of white plastic or enameled metal that covered the entire house. Rain water pooled in bathtub-sized catch basins at the middle of the house under the false roof. The water was greenish-brown, too dirty to drink. I wondered if they flushed their toilets with it. Mystified, I came back down.

It was almost dinner time. A lovely hispanic-looking lady (also a household member) asked me to go up to storage and help bring down food for the evening meal.

The storeroom was upstairs, and full of dried food. We carried dried beans and dried tomatoes that looked very good. I complemented her on the tomatoes, and she beamed a smile. "I dried them myself!"

It felt like they grew most or all of their own food in that extended household. It felt peaceful at home, but there was also some vast trouble (like a famine or natural disaster) that the father had flown out to help. No one was worried that he would not return. There did not seem to be larger worries of global war, terror, or other macro issues affecting them.



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