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Category Time Warps/WuJo
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Created 2010-09-23
Owner W. O'Brien
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream Tokyo Games 2054
Description of Dream This vivid dream during the early morning of 17 SEP 2010, began with the feeling that there were two painless oblog capsules (The size of a large supplement capsule) inserted uder the skin of both legs (outside)....just to the right and left of each knee....a little below the knee and under the skin. They reminded me of under-the-skin cysts but they were not natural. I felt the capsules and wanted to try to remove them.
The more I rubbed them and handled the capsules still under the skin, the more they came to the surface of the skin. Suddenly the left one had painlessly emerged from the skin and was in my hand. It immediately enlarged into what looked like a filigree ornament of many intense colors....reminding me of a Christmas tree ornament. Then I manipulated the capsule in the right leg and suddenly it emerged into my hand, painlessly. It also suddenly sprung up into an approximately 10" X 12" X 3" birdcage-like gold plastic object. It was very light in weight. When I looked at one of the sides of the object, I could see plastic script letters in gold with red in the center of each letter. The letters spelled the words "Tokyo Games 2054".
So in my dream I concluded that this was some sort of a souvenier of the Olympic Games which would be held in Tokyo in 2054. At this point the dream ended and I awakened.



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