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Category Time Warps/WuJo
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Created 2010-09-15
Owner AnnM
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream Hotel at the end of the universe
Description of Dream This dream woke me up last night about 3:30am edt. It is hard to remember or describe (I've lost lots of it), but I felt it was important. The dream happens at a hotel that is at a nexus of time and reality warps, so things happen that "shouldn't" happen and alot of what's happening is in the minds of the people in the dream because thoughts can change reality. The future is not set, but neither is the present in this dream.

We are at a hotel (coincidence that we are all there) (meant to be - synchronicity) (we've all been friends forever/some of us just met). The hotel is fairly dark, decorated in browns. There is a casino and a bar. We are experiencing almost continuous changes or breaks in reality and time even in the common areas of the hotel, but the majority of patrons of the hotel go about their business and holidays oblivious to what is happening in front of their faces. (is there really anyone else there at all? - appearance/not real?) Things moving/appearing/changing, time lapses for varying sets of us while others are right there watching, portals to other worlds and other dimensions. Even the number of us isn't set, sometimes there were three (myself and two men) sometimes there are four (two couples)(all hold hands tightly or we'll lose each other in time or space?). At least some of the staff (not human or at least not terrestrial human) are guiding/monitoring our "adventure" (teachers/masters of the universe) (not really, they're just hotel staff, right? Nothing to see here, "these aren't the droids you're looking for, move along"). There are artifacts/machines involved that enhance/stabilize the time/reality changes or just get changed by them, but they are not the cause of the time/reality changes. There is a rectangular "box" of water in the room (no physical box just the water in box shape). I make it bigger and warm so I can use it as a hottub, it retains its shape even as I get in. I invite the others to join me. We (four now) are closed in a room to protect us, "they" are stopping the sun. We are there as the sole witnesses/remnants/hope/salvation of the human race. If I could just get to that camera over there it has proof/information that we need to fix/understand things, but it's just out of reach. But I know that the real answer is inside me not some thing, we make time/reality not the other way around. Go with the flow. Feel your way. Reality is an illusion. The present is not set.

In a different dream later I had a transparent fish tank in the shape/size of the original water box from the first dream but when I picked it up to take it over to the sink to clean it it flopped out of shape and the water and fish fell out.



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