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Category Time Warps/WuJo
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Created 2010-06-01
Owner LilacSugarBaby
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Title of the Dream Time travel - May 25/2010
Description of Dream I had this dream on May 25th, 2010.

I'm driving down one of the main roads where I live. It's just after dusk and the street lights are already on. I'm about to enter a left turn lane. The street lights start flickering on and off. As I'm entering the left turn lane getting ready to turn left, my car becomes difficult to steer and the gas pedal is hard to depress. As I start to turn left my car starts vanishing around me.

The street lights are now out completely but I can make out the dark silhoettes of the people standing on the street. Some are standing, some are on bicycles. My care has now completely vanished and I'm left with small baby size blanket.

My car has completely vanished and I'm only left with the small blanket now. I wonder through the street noticing the people. They lived on the street, they were dirty and poor and looked more like gypseys.

There was an old cart in the field but no horse. The cart was more like an old farm cart. I sat down next to a young women, (shows up later in the dream), and I start to tell her about how where I come from we have something called a car and I go on to explain that the car is like a hourse and buggy except the horse is inside the cart.

An old man sitting next to me hears our conversation and remarks that this concepts is just not possible. I'm adamant and state that it absolutely is possible.

This scene now moves into the house of Jean and Ed Garlinski. I'm a participant in a reality show. Jean is the young women I talked about the horse and buggy with.

shooting for the day is finished and Jean is showing me a postcard from her friend who is vacationing in Rio.???? (somewhere) but the date on the postcard is 4014.



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