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Category Time Warps/WuJo
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Created 2010-05-29
Owner TexasHealer4
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Title of the Dream Cat in two places at once?
Description of Dream This event was not a dream, it was a real-time, time-slip event that completely blew me away.

One day last week, my teenaged daughter and I were sitting in our living room chatting after she came home from school. One of our cats, Co-Co, was sleeping soundly (remember that part) in the middle of the living room floor. I told my daughter I was going to step outside to have a smoke, so we both stood up and walked out the front door. The cat remained asleep and didn't stir as we stood up and walked out. From my recliner to our front door is MAYBE four steps -- with the door in clear view the entire way. I opened the door, we both stepped outside, and immediately sat down in the chairs on our front porch where my husband and I sit to smoke cigarettes. The chairs are immediately right of the front door (as one faces the house); we have a clear view of any/everything on the porch. Keep in mind that all of this... walking out the door and sitting right down... took all of say, six seconds, tops, and that's a generous estimate. Just as I reached for my lighter, my daughter and I both heard the clink-clink of an animal collar/tag. Since we have 3 cats, both of us turned in the direction of the sound, assuming it was one of the other cats coming up to be let inside. That's when we were totally blown away. Coming towards us FROM THE NEIGHBOR'S PROPERTY was the SAME CAT that just a few seconds ago been sound asleep on the living room floor!! Both of us stared at her, dumbfounded. My daughter turned to me, wide-eyed, and said slowly, "Um..Mom? How did she do that? That's impossible! What the heck just happened, here?" When the cat reached me she paused, and I put my hand down to stroke her back. Her coat was very hot to the touch, just like it is when she's been out sunbathing in the neighbor's yard. There's no possible way the cat could have slipped out when we opened the door...we would have heard or seen her crossing the porch AND the yard, and she certainly didn't have time in those few seconds (even if she HAD slipped out with us) for her fur to heat up like that.
I explained to my daughter (who, like myself, is very open and aware of shifting events and energies around us) about the time-slips George has been reporting from his readers. We can only chalk it up to one of these experiences. Pretty wild!



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