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Category Surreality/WuJo
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Created 2010-05-22
Owner Dustynuke
Title of the Dream Missive
Description of Dream

My Wife had this dream. It was a massive one for her. Vivid in every detail. She could recall the majority of the dream except for the ending, which she felt was the most important part. She couldn't recall the "missive" that was given to her at the end, so we had dream recall hypnosis done soon after. I transcribed what she remembered under hypnosis about the dream:

"I am upstairs with a hot cup of coffee. I go into our daughter's room and find my friend Melinda asleep in the bed. Our daughter is in the room as well. I touch Melinda's shoulder to wake her and walk over towards the window behind the bed. I look out down the hill towards the valley below and take notice of something weird happening through the cedar trees. I try to focus.

I see a large circular tube, with a spindle through the axis. The tube is connected to the axis with spokes like a bicycle tire. It is spinning in the air right above the trees on the other side of the property. It's spinning like a wheel. There is sound coming from it, it's 'whirring'. I have a hard time telling how far away it is.

As I am watching, it stops spinning with a loud 'click'. There are metalic scales cladding the outside of the circular tube that i can see when it stops spinning. The scales all 'click' open, they all open up. It's suspended in the air for a split second. The top part of the axis keels over and the wheel tumbles from the air behind the trees.

I hear myself saying, 'You gotta see this'. My Daughter and Melinda and I are on the porch now. We see another one, and another one, and another. I hear 'poof' noises and more 'whirring'. One of them stops spinning in the air, there is a click the scales shoot out, it falls to the ground with a large red shower of sparks! I say 'I wish you (husband) are there to see this' I think you are out of town. I'm holding our daughter's hand. We aren't afraid but cautious, ready to act. I look around and as far as i can see they are in the air. They are not as big as i thought. They are the size of a large generator.

There are people now, starting to gather in our field, down the 2nd ridge. There aren't any brush piles now, People are wandering and more are starting to come. I see Axxx Lxxxx. Weird. Only met him once a long time ago at a work function, I dont know why he is here. He is wearing ritual robes. They are white and heavy with gold and navy 'runes?' embroidered. He has something in his hand and raises his arms to the sky. He looks at me and says 'hi'. He smiles and looks back into the sky with his arms still raised. Two men are standing off to the side towards the fence. They are in suits and have sunglasses on. I think they have ear pieces. They look official.

I walk over to them and ask 'what is going on here?'.

'Nothing is going on here' they say.

'What are all these things?'

'What are all what things.' they say.

I turn to Melinda and start laughing. I hear whirring directly overhead. It is very loud over us. I start to back up. I watch the wheel spinning so fast. Then 'click' it stops spinning! Its not moving at all. Just stationary in the sky for a second. It starts to fall out of the sky in slow motion. When it hits the ground thousands of red sparks are in the air. Every where!

Everything is slow and thick feeling. A voice in everything coming from everywhere. It vibrates. The ground is vibrating, the grass, the trees are vibrating with this voice. It gives me a missive:

"From this point forward.    There will be no turning back.   Change or perish.   Your purpose is love."



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