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Category Surreality/WuJo
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Created 2011-01-26
Owner Krys
Title of the Dream Nothing but Consciousness
Description of Dream

Lincoln, NE 6PM

I fell asleep on the couch after work.  As I was waking up I was disembodied consciousness with no form or understanding of what form was.  I saw a block of 6 letters and didn't understand that they were even letters or that the combined letters made a name.  Then I understood that the letters were a name but didn't know who this person was.  How strange that these symbols represent some One.  Then I saw each letter individually like a countdown, and as each letter counted down to the last I awoke to the understanding that this was me, and I thought how very odd.  And then I was awake wondering if I'd stroked out or something but, no, I was this person.  And then I thought, how?  How does a blank consciousness become something or some One?  Did I have help?  Did it just emerge from itself?  There was no will, no thought, no direction.  Just a conscious limbo.  An old Star Trek: Next Generation was on  with Moriarity and the Countess where they had become self aware within the holodeck program and now demanded to be free and real.     They were told it was impossible.  They ended up being trapped within a free and real holodeck program to live out their lives totally content, unaware that they were still just a program.  This made me smile, a little sadly, and realize there really is no such thing as science fiction. 

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