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Category Surreality/WuJo
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Created 2011-01-25
Owner Dougie B
Title of the Dream time stoping
Description of Dream

Okay so I was standing on this gental slope looking out across a vast valley and on the other side of the valley was a large mountian, it was summer and very warm I remember being very comfortable.. the sun was shining bright and then all of a sudden it started to rain large drops of water and no clouds  in the sky..then all of a sudden the rain drops just froze in mid air and thats when I realized that I had done it... caused the rain to stay suppended in the air, and even the gentle breeze that was blowing had stopped, and everthing was very quiet...thats when I put my finger to one of the drops of rain and gently pushed it to another close by letting go to watch it float and hit the other drop that was suspended in mid air, when it hit both splashed out in all directions...then I say a white bird flying in real time, flying right up to me and I put out my hand and it landed in the palm of my hand..and was churping like craizy and very happy...thats when I started to pet it and noticed that it had black on the tips of the tail feathers and a black beak, but the inside of its mouth was bright yellow and had a black tong..then it flew off and I woke up...

I would like to know what it means if anyone knows that sort of thing..

thanks for reading..

Dougie B

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