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Category Surreality/WuJo
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Created 2011-01-24
Owner Sam
Title of the Dream Lucid Dream Breakthrough
Description of Dream

Just wondering if anyone here has had a recent lucid dream experience.

I can count on one hand the number of times I have had the brief and incredible experience of realizing in a dream that I am dreaming.

The first couple of experiences would end up with me looking at my hands or trying to crystallize my surroundings and stay grounded, only to abruptly wake up.

There would be a sort of buzzing sensation through my entire body that would follow this.

Last night was incredible.

I was in some sort of ornate looking Spanish style mansion,and I could see that I was wearing a bright yellow shirt and Khaki pants.

I became aware of the fact I was dreaming, and was able to really stay grounded. A thought crossed my mind that I needed to prove this was a dream as I suddenly wasn't so sure. I willed myself to float towards the top of this massive room, and was able to see my reflection in the mirror.

I floated back down to the floor level and walked out side, where a group of people were leaning against the side of a brick building.

There was a dark haired woman in a blue dress standing with a group of friends near the building , they all had there backs turned, so I called out and asked there names.

The woman in the dress turned and looked at me and said her name was "Sunset" at which I expressed incredulity at how that was an unusual name.

I then looked at her and said you and your friends do realize we are dreaming don't you?

Then I took my hand and inserted it through the side of the brick building to prove this. This woman and he friends all followed suit and were looking at each other in surprise and shock.

I gradually came back to consciousness instead of abruptly waking up as I usually do.

Anyway, this seemed to take a half hour or so in "dreamtime" and was quite unusual.

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