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Category Surreality/WuJo
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Created 2011-01-14
Owner 1d1a1n1
Title of the Dream Checking out an alternate reality / dimension
Description of Dream

I think I had this dream on Jan 9, 2011 but I have been very busy so I did not get a chance to enter it into the DreamBase until now...

In the dream, there was some sort of global power outage.  The dream was taking place quite some time after this big power outage but I knew that it happened and that society had adapted to the "new life after electricity".  In the dream I was in a small community which reverted to rural life.  Apparently there were many communities like this as urban life decayed after the "outage".  There was no running water, limited machines due to scarcity of fuel, and people were living life like it was 1811 instead of 2011.  It was overall peaceful but difficult life.  A true community.  People would talk about "when things turn back on" and how good it will be but most didn't think it would happen anytime soon.

While I was in this dream, things apparently did turn back on.  Everybody in this small rural town was very excited that things would possibly return to normal soon.  A shuttle bus arrived in the town and picked me up so I could go to the airport and head 'home' wherever that was.  I was on this shuttle bus with about 20 other people that were planning on going to an airport which just started functioning.

As we approached the airport, we looked out the window and noticed something strange.  There were other shuttle busses and utility vehicles but they were all very advanced and could hover and fly around.  Everybody on the bus (except for one) was shocked because we did not remember this kind of technology existing before the "outage".  The one person that was not surprised told us that we were new and we had to understand that things did not turn back on - we just entered a new world.  The man pulled out a DVD type disk and told us that this disc contained all the information that would help transition us and that we were welcome to this new world.

We watched the disc and it explained that this new world is just like the world we came from except it was an alternate reality.  Instead of so many wars and corruption, this world had always been built on different principles.  This world valued innovation, creativity and progress but shunned greed, lies and corruption.  They showed how the country which was the analog to the United States had elected different presidents through the 19th and 20th centuries and that technology had progressed so much faster than our old world.  That is also why the old world was "turned off".  This alternate world would only accept those that fit the profile and could adapt to this selfless place.  They explained that it is not exactly a utopia, but progress was fast and people worked hard because everybody believed in making things continuously better.  That is why we were seeing things like flying cars and/or hovercraft, and we were told that medicine, science, technology were all so much more advanced that our old world.  Famine and poverty simply did not exist because they did not have to exist.  This world existed in the same "time" but did not exist in the same plane, so to speak.

Emotionally, I felt so excited to be able to take part in such a positive thinking world.  I knew that it would take me a little time to adapt to the place, but the community I lived in and worked with when the power went out in the old world had helped me make the transition.

That was the end of the dream.  I woke up and was a bit disappointed to find myself here in a world full of selfishness, greed and hatred.  It does help me try to be a better person though, and since this dream I am becoming much more aware of when I act poorly.

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