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Category Surreality/WuJo
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Created 2010-11-15
Owner Tfin70
Title of the Dream My Epic Dream.....I'll Never Forget It
Description of Dream
My wife and I were each driving a truck down a snow covered road.  We came to a turn and she went around fine but I rolled mine.  I was fine and flipped it back over.
The road ended at a train station and we went inside.  There were lots of people, some ariving and some departing.  We looked at the front of my truck and could see the grill had come off.  I said I should go back and try to find it.  My wife was upset and said I should hurry or I'd miss our train that was departing at 10:25.
Before I left I noticed two women in the area that had just arrived.  I spoke to one of them, then headed down the road.  Now its summer and very hot.  I get back where I rolled the truck but couldn't find anything, so I head back.  I notice the woman I had spoken to at the station walking towards me.  She stops and we talk.  We exchange pleastries.  I tell her I've been doing a lot of research lately.  I ask her if she's ever heard of David Icke.  She said yes.  I said I've been reading his newest book   She suddenly seems very interested.
Then her friend from the station catches up and seems upset that I'm speaking to her and says they need to be going.  I tell her that I'm sorry, we were just having a cordial conversation.  I say I'm happily married.  They then leave and I continue back towards the train station.
My watch now says 10:40.  I look in the distance and see my train leaving and knew I missed it and my wife was on it.  I kept heading back to the station when suddenly I turned around and saw both of them running towards me.
The lady who was upset with me says she's sorry and didn't initially recognize me.  They were both smiling and had looks of relief on their faces.  The one lady says "You don't even know who you are do you?" as she smiles at me.  I said I didn't know what she was talking about.  She says I had said the same things to them back in 1995 and they didn't remember until after we parted ways.  She then says to her friend "Go ahead, this is what you've been searching for all your life.  Her friend then steps towards me and places her hands on the sides of my shoulders.  I do the same to her, I don't know why.  She has her eyes closed, and nothing happens at first.  Then in increasing intensity I begin to feel this tingling sensation all over my body, like when your hair stands up on the back of your neck.
I then hear/feel this strange energy/buzzing sound reverberating louder and quieter, but building in intensity.  I begin to feel fluid/disconnected from a solid state and can sense the same thing is happening to the lady.  She still has her eyes closed, but I start to see an energy field around her and it looks like she's becoming transparent.  I hear her friend say that she's so happy for her and has tears in her eyes.  The feeling is extremely powerful and fluid now, very strange but not frightening.  Suddenly the light, sound and energy stop and the lady I'm touching has changed.  She's like a doll something.  I notice that one of my thumbs is touching one of her eyes, and its like glass.  Then I hear a voice say "Dead.....Dead......Dead".  I instantly wake up, I mean boom, its gone and I was wide awake.
I was left with this strange feeling that it actually happened.  My body was still tingling and "buzzy".
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