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Category Surreality/WuJo
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Created 2010-06-05
Owner Dimitrios
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Description of Dream

This is a very strange dream i had a couple of days ago.

I was getting married with my wife in a church and when everything finished, we had a walk around the area (urban area) where the church was. While walking, a street gang came infront of us, looking for trouble. I took my wifes hand and saying "let's get out of here, is no time for trouble", we turned back just to see the members of another gang this time (as in opposite gangs ready to fight).

At that time, in my dream, i fainted.

When i woke up, (i don't know how much time it took to wake up) i saw huge fenses covering the area, military personnel with the guns on their hands and everyone, including me and my wife which by the way she stood by me, in red uniforms, detained. All i remember asking was (similar to) wtf is going on?

A little explanation about the dream. Where i come from, red means quick, as if the explanation of the dream will come in the days that follow and someone that is "in uniform" like police, military, fire fighter etc. is a protector, sort of an angel protecting you or so.


Another dream that i had VERY often, when i was a kid, was that i saw a think like the "ying yang", but in a liquid version. The white part always on the right (and the black on the left) trying to overspread one another. All i remember is that when i wake up, i was very stressed. This dream is rare nowadays. When i'm very stresses about a situation, i sometimes close my eyes and see it right there.

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