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Created 2010-09-21
Owner shamanka
Title of the Dream 800+ point drop in 1 session Dow
Description of Dream

I have 2 kinds of dreams. Regular dreams and true dreams. The difference is qualitative and kinesthetic. They just "feel" different.


On September 16, Thursday morning , about 6:30 am


I dreamed I was in my house working, etc. And I was hearing the news (TV I think, although we don't have a TV in the common room) and getting flashes of the visual image of an anchor man. It looked something like MSNBC. Talking heads.

They looked stricken and he was reporting that the Dow had dropped over 800 points for the days trading.

I think I may have been doing laundry, folding towels...... anyway, I had that anxious feeling in my upper chest, not tight exactly, but like I was not breathing deeply enough. Like when you see someone take a tumble and you don't know if they are hurt or how badly. 

The reporters were discussing panic and chaos in the streets. I don't know if they meant that literally or on the trading floor.

When I woke up a couple of hours later, I checked to see if the day had started off badly.

Often the dreams happen the next day, sometimes it's a few days off. Rarely it's years. I dreamed about the twin towers in 1997 and on the morning of the event. The first dream was me hearing about it on the radio. The second was me watching people "falling" and jumping down between 2 steep walls.

And I don't know if the market can drop that much in one day.... I thought they had stops on it to prevent that sort of thing.

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