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Created 2010-06-03
Owner ablelba
Title of the Dream Mind-Controlled Workers
Description of Dream

Date Dreamed: 7/27/2008

I dreamed that there was a 'Spirit of the Antichrist Kickoff Event' at the Mall in Columbia (Maryland).  Attendance was mandatory--Every employee of 'the company' had to go.  The Mall had been redecorated.  I went because I had to go, and went cautiously knowing the danger, although most people went without any knowledge of danger.  There were 'free gifts' attached to all the walls, and guests were urged to take them.  But the 'gifts' would enslave you if you took them.  There were work kits and tools that all were forced to take.  The tools were badly made-- and if you lost them or damaged them, you were forced to pay an exorbitant price.

In the new world of the antichrist, each laborer had infinite responsibility, but no rights at all.

There was Artificial Intelligence (AI) monitoring of thoughts, feelings, desires and preferences, as well as whereabouts and 24/7 recording of all actions--everything recorded and continuously analyzed.  For each person, 'vices' were discovered, and 'hooks' were inserted and used to drive performance.

Everywhere there were bright colors, particularly pink, and jolly slogans wherever you went.  There was bad food--yet we _must_ eat it.  Nothing else was available, but even had there been, you were driven by the hooks to want and to do what antichrist wanted you to do.  

24/7 AI monitoring of job performance.  If the continuous monitoring detected any slackening of pace, a robot would tell you 'back to work!' All free time was sucked up by work.  It felt like they were inside your head, making you want to do work that you hate.  And through the endless days and the relentless pace, you were constantly terrified, bored, and yet driven to go and go and go.  Artificial feelings of happiness and interest were forcibly overlaid on the true emotions.

The dream ends with me at never-ending work, my weary body driven by forced happiness.  The small part of my true self does not know how to escape.


Three months after this dream, I was forced to transfer to a new division of my employer where computer tools are used extensively to continuously monitor everything that each employee does at work. 

They have not figured out how to control us by our own emotions (so far as I know!), but in case that's coming, I thought I'd better post this dream too...

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