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Category Project Año
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Created 2014-12-14
Intention I only intended the default intention
Title of the Dream Strange New Medical Equipment
Description of Dream A man is courting me. In a tower with some type of equipment, an alternative type of medical equipment which I am supposed to use to treat people, this man wants me to try. He had found it somewhere and thought I could learn to use it. It is something with multiple level trays with each succeeding elevation of tray level a smaller size than the lower one, with cups set into the levels all around the rim in a circle. Every level the same except smaller than the lower one, sort of like it might be a fancy buffet serving thing, only I haven't really seen something exactly like this.
The man is both courting me and trying to help me treat people more effectively. He is a tall and well-built man, sort a clean mountain-man. He is a bit of a loner but rugged and good-looking and rather sweetly attentive to me. At first I feel nothing but how am I going to turn him down gently but effectively? But then some of his charm starts to work on me, and it confuses me. I wasn't looking for this and what am I going to do with it? All of this sort of feels out of order, a bit distracting from something else I am trying to do. I am in this circular tower. It is crowded with people. I think originally I was in there doing my medical stuff (whatever it is) and then they came and are doing technology stuff. Everything feels very unusual—all the equipment is unfamiliar as are our objectives medically and technologically, and the way we are trying to do things. In this hubbub, this man is trying to ignite a romance—it is a really strange side note.
Earlier I had been cutting through neighborhoods where trouble had erupted. I talked to a woman who was worried and afraid. She'd put everything into buying her house and now there had been riots and she felt unsafe. There was spaghetti (pasta) all over the lawn and street. I tried to reassure her and listen to her fears. Then I moved on.
The world felt very different, turbulent and busy with people trying to respond to unpredictable events.
Top Emotion attraction
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