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Category Project Año
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Created 2014-11-15
Intention I only intended the default intention
Title of the Dream Riproaring Tantrum
Description of Dream I am in a large first floor apartment with my family including my mother-in-law and my daughter (maybe).
I have a riproaring tantrum—I am late for work for my first appointment of the day, I can't find my coat and cell phone. I am frantic, panicked and furious, and my sisters are not helping me at all and are getting in the way, and wanting to talk to me about Dad. Dad comes through dressed in a bathrobe, but standing and walking on his own, very lucid and I note this in the midst of my fury about everything else.
I have done something nice for my mother-in-law, given her flowers or something. So part of my experience is occupied with positive occurences in the midst of yelling at people and utter fury and frustration. I look at the clocks, it is 10:30 AM and I realize I am supposed to be starting with my first client RIGHT NOW! And I am not even dressed. GRRR!! What to do?!
I wake up and it IS 10:30, but it is Wednesday and I don't have to go in. (Yay)
Top Emotion furious
Has this dream come true? Has Not Come True
Extra Notes positive feelings in the midst of a tantrum
stress over everyday life, family

Note: a good number of dreams with extended families living together, kitchens aka: survival



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