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Category Money Dreams
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Created 2010-10-04
Owner Alaira1
Title of the Dream It's the numbers that stand out.
Description of Dream

Much of this dream I do not remember. Here is what I do remember:  I am on an Island city. I meet a woman, she looks like she works in a service type position. She is wearing a white button down shirt, black pants & her hair is brown & pulled back in a ponytail. As I meet her we move from being outside to a somewhat indoor office window and she is upset because she is not getting paid until after a time that was set forth in an agreement.  The office window person is the, sort of, go between. Kind of like a Temp Service of Contractor of Services.  The woman behind the window is actress Laura San Giacomo but quickly changes to actor Matthew McConaughey. I speak to him on her behalf, telling him that he dropped the ball on this as she had made a request to be paid at this time and it was agreed upon. In my dream mind I can see the face of the man that she worked for and is to be paying her/the contractor later that day. The woman is supposed to meet with her ailing mother and this is why she made a request to be paid early. She is understandably upset. Again I make a plea to the window person. As I turn to speak with him I see a large piece of paper with numbers and lines.  All the numbers begin with 0. The other numbers I remember are 2, 5, 7, 8, and 9. Not in that exact order.  They are are a data processing type paper. The lines I spoke about are similar to a division symbol, but they have two straight verticle lines and one long horizontal line above the numbers. (∏) This symbol is the closest thing I could find to what I saw. This difference is the two verticle lines were not covered and the horizontal line came right after the verticle lines and was longer to accomodate the numbers below.  002957 025897 and so on. All numbers were the same number of digits and all began with zero. That's all I remember.

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