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Category Money Dreams
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Created 2010-09-25
Owner scipio
Title of the Dream U.S. Government Holds Fake Gold
Description of Dream

Dream night of 9/22/10.  It had vivid detail unlike my regular dreams and I remembered it, which is unusual for me.

As it started I was standing next to a waist high glass covered display case.  I was with a worker, who I did not know, who was removing the glass cover with an electric drill.  Inside was a gold coin on display, which I understood was a gold plated fake.  I was holding in my hand a genuine gold coin, which I owned, that we were going to swap into the case.  A guard walked by and looked at us, but we seemed to be just workers doing our job, so he nodded and walked off.  The case was in the open space of what seemed like maybe the Smithsonian Museum, but more likely the Federal Reserve building in Washington, but I understood it to be the Federal Government.

We swapped the coin; in effect making things right, correcting the error, by taking out the fake coin and putting in a genuine gold coin.  The worker sealed the case, and as he picked up his tools and started walking off, I looked down at my coin in the case, turned on my heel and started walking out.  As I stepped away the image of my coin in the case was still in my mind’s eye, and I suddenly realized that my replacement coin was the wrong date of the fake coin.  Too late now to do anything, I continued walking out but in my head I realized the higher-ups would spot the change in date on the coin, open the case to check it out, that my fingerprints were on my coin and there would be repercussions for me -- I would be in trouble for breaking in and swapping the coin, I would be in trouble for having gold coins in my own possession, and because of my crimes, I would lose my Federal pension.  I am very law abiding and would NEVER do anything illegal, but felt right about what I had done.  The dream ended.


When I awoke, I tried to figure what the dream meant.  Is the gold held by the Federal Government gold plated fakes, or a false total on their inventory?  Will it be illegal for citizens to hold physical gold?  Will withholding Federal pensions be used as punishment to control behavior of citizens?  Will the higher-ups cause the trouble but the lower level guards/government workers be more likely to turn their heads and not cause trouble?  Was the dream manifesting my desire that the Federal Government fix its overspending/deficit ways, or was the dream the result of the pizza I had for dinner???

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