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Category Just Plain WEIRD
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Created 2011-01-26
Owner The Anchorite
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream The unveiling of a new world
Description of Dream I went to bed lastnight with an overwhelming feeling that the energy of the planet has shifted in the favour of the people! Now this may be subtle as yet, but it will continue to grow and more of the powers that were will fall by the wayside. With that being said, I had a very intense and coherent dream early this morning.

I and a few others, were being tried in an outdoor court by a jury of our peers. The peers I saw were all NWO types, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs etc, these were on name tags they were wearing and the leader seemed to be Ben Bernanke. At one point I turned to the other members of the group on trial and said, "I feel it's time for the nuclear option". They all seemed to agree with this assessment and we then took hands and formed a circle. I looked at Bernanke and said, "We have chosen the nuclear option". He gasped along with the other jurors and turned very pale.

Bernanke said "Have you fully considered the extreme ramifications of your decision".

"Yes we have", I replied and began to speak, "People of the world, you have been lied to and sold a most disingenous dream. The time has
come to bare the deceit, accept the ramifications and allow each individual to live and relish the power of themselves. By wanting the best for
our neighbour, unselfishly, we will begin to see a world we were all meant to live on."

I woke up at this point of the dream and began telling my partner, who was also now awake and she was as amazed as I was.

It's time!



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