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Category Just Plain WEIRD
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Created 2011-01-18
Owner Nicoll
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream Sitchen is Right??
Description of Dream This is an odd one for sure. I am vaguely familiar with Zecharia Sitchen's theory. I have never researched/read any of his books, but was intrigued about the one Sumarian tablet that shows 10 planets. I had stumbled across a video last summer (2010).

At any rate, I had this short dream a few months back, and again I'm in this grand library, but off in a little room to the side meant for privacy. I know this library well, but in real life I have no idea; just seems like I frequent this place quite a bit when I'm dreaming. Someone (I don't remember seeing this person, but I know they were there) is showing me videos on Zecharia Sitchen on a computer monitor only it's holographic. The tone is educational/instructional in this setting. I couldn't tell you what any of the images were that I was being shown, but I KNEW it was all about Sitchen's theory. The jaw dropping moment in the dream is when I realize his theory is correct and I actually say, "OH, MY GOD! He's right?! His theory is correct?!". I was utterly shocked in my dream. I had a WTH moment upon waking and couldn't help but giggle. Seriously?? Why would I dream about Sitchen lol? Interesting theory, but a little far fetched for me.

I had this dream the same week where I happened to be staying the night at a friend's house. She was watching Shark Week while I was engrossed with an assignment in the other room. She woke me up at 6:00 a.m. the next morning and I asked her who is Charles Van Sant? I wasn't even fully awake yet. She had no idea who I was referring to. So I searched the name. Low and behold, Charles Van Sant is the man whose 1916 shark attack inspired the movie Jaws.
Keep in mind, I have no interest in sharks, have never watched shark week nor the movie Jaws so why would I dream about this seed of inspiration? I asked my friend if perhaps I overheard them talking about the incident on the show she was watching the night before and she said they never mentioned it. Funny, right?



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