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Category Just Plain WEIRD
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Created 2011-01-15
Owner justbob
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream We were being visited
Description of Dream All I could interpret is the planet was being visited by an intelligence that was here to stop us.They have been observing us for a long time. We were ruining the planet.I was somehow meant to know their intentions. They stopped all forms of communication. They stopped all forms of mobility, no machines worked but left functioning what we needed to stay alive. I remember in the dream telling myself that it seemed just like the movie (the day the earth stood still) I saw a great circular something that was light brown I don't know if I was supposed to see it or what. I don't know why but I saw ex pres Bush walking around by himself as if confused or terrified people were grouped together and some groups were "gathered" for something but were returned unharmed (I think) and the people were looking forward to going! Whoever "they" are, they weren't here to harm us just to stop us. I had the overwhelming feeling of reverence as if they were, please forgive this connection, Jesus coming back! They were so much more advanced than we are that we can't even comprehend it. The dream ended while the gathering was going on and people were trying to be the 1st to go!!



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