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Category Just Plain WEIRD
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Created 2011-01-10
Owner downrodeo
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream moon skull puzzle
Description of Dream As I was falling asleep, I had the strangest vision. I was thinking to myself, that the most important and first thing you have to do when your dreaming is realize that you’re dreaming. As I had this thought, I realized I was actually asleep and then the moon materialized in front of me against a pitch black background. Gradually, a face appeared on the moon as I was staring at it, and then the face quickly decayed and turned into the face of a skull or a skeleton, shooting an evil smile at me. Then abruptly, black lines began to form on the surface of the moon-skull. The lines rapidly traced out a jigsaw puzzle on the moon. The luminosity of the moon-skull increased and burned with a very white light, with the jigsaw pattern overlaid on top of it. Suddenly, the pieces exploded out and apart from each other. The dramatic effect kicked me into a state of quasi-wakefulness, and I found myself back in my bed.



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