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Category Just Plain WEIRD
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Created 2010-06-15
Owner Lorien
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream Hyperchronism??
Description of Dream In this dream I'm watching a species called the Beijel Creidex. Actually a very nice looking species. Physically they appear bipedal and wasplike with small folded wings on their backs. Having an exoskeleton, health can be determined by how vibrant the color of the exoskeleton is. They're highly technologically advanced. The way they travel is by using ships outside normal space-time. If an aquarium is filled with rocks and water..the rocks would be normal space-time..the water between the rocks would be the area outside the normal rules of space-time which they can plot and navigate. They're headed to a planet they call "Cloob" to investigate a "time wash". This is when localized bits of timeflow gets disrupted. This seems to occur due to energy interactions between a sun and nickel-iron planets.?? (hyperchronism in web bot?)



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