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Category Just Plain WEIRD
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Created 2010-06-08
Owner Disastercat
Promotion level None
Title of the Dream Man Thrown Off Statue of Liberty
Description of Dream Very powerful dream, I am partly watching events and partly a participate. Starts out with a man being "executed" by being "thrown off the Statue of Liberty" into New York Harbor, but I don't know his crime. I am watching many boats and news crews filming this and his friend/lover swimming in the waves trying to catch him or save him when he falls.

Fast forward, the attempt to save him fails and the man's friend is running through a sub-division naked and dripping with water.

Me-I'm sitting with in a car with a friend back in the States (I live in Ireland now) and I say, "you know that situation with the gay guy being thrown off the Statue of Liberty, I just know I'm going to be mixed up in it somehow," and my friend says, "yes you will, get going."

Boom, I am now in a car with two young women who I don't know in waking life but I know in the dream. Also in the car is the young man who tried to save his friend, we are trying to comfort him and give him a towel to wipe off with. We also notice that there are three cars near us full of paperazzi trying to take his picture.

I try to comfort him and say something like "I'm so sorry you could not save your lover, but you tried very hard, here put this on to cover yourself and we will try to hide you from the press."

Then we try to drive the car away, my husband comes in to wake me up in real time so I don't know if anything further would have happened.

I am what my Native Elder friend calls "A Dreamer" with a lot of experience. I have had many dreams that were powerful or what I think of as "true" dreams, not always things that come true, but they have a certain "message" feel about them.

I also know that 90 percent of dreams are just message to one's self or for one-self. This dream, weird and strange as it was felt like a message dream which is why I am posting it. Obviously, since I don't think it is even possible to throw people off the Statue of Liberty into the harbor, much less catch them when they fall, events in the dream must be partly symbolic.

However, I am as stumped as the next person as to what they signify, so I'm posting in case this means something to someone, somewhere.

Disaster Cat June 8, 2010 from rural Ireland



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