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add to favorites 673 2014-11-11 DreamBase 2.0 Psychopaths on the rise NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
10/30/2014 10:22am I am sitting in a waiting room, it looks like a doctors office with magazines on the tables. A woman calls me in and hands me a clip board, she tells me "Do not interrupt the test/session, but you are asked to observe and take notes." I am lead down a hallway and into a small room that looks like the doctors office, with a full library. I am in the room alone, so I walk around and look at the books on the shelves. The first book I see is "American Psychology", the next book is on a table filled with books to be put away and it looks more like a paper handout rather then a book, or maybe even a scientific paper on "How the FBI profile criminals", I wonder over to the desk and the third book on the edge of the desk is called "A Psychopath Test: A Journey through he madness industry". I write at the top of my paper Psychopath/psychology since that what I believe this lesson is going to be about. I find a cozy chair in the corner which looks like it is for reading, and it gives me a great view of the sitting area in the middle of the room. I make myself comfortable and I am still looking around the room, and making a mental measurement of the amount of books that lines the walls. Two men enter the room, and sit in the middle of the room. The first man as Robert, the other man does not introduce himself to me and is instructed by Robert to only speak to him and act as if I am not in the room. I write down Roberts name as the psychologist. Next Robert asks the man, who is in his mid 30s to please describe why he is there, and the man with a smooth relaxing quite emotionless voice says "I have been accused of murdering several woman across the country and I am here to prove I am innocent". The man has short brown hair, and a little bit of facial hair that looks like he has not shaved in a week or so. Robert asks the man "If you want to prove your innocents why not take a lie detector test?" The man sits up in his seat slightly and says, "I offered to do that but they said I had to come and see you first to make sure I was capable of taking a lie detector test, but there is nothing wrong with me, I am not insane if that is what they are implying." Robert picks up his note pad from the table and writes some notes, the man attempts to look at what Robert is writing but looks up at me and sees me watching this behavior, so he smiles at me, and looks around the room. His nature is "Charming and aloof, I make note of this. The questions go on for some time and Robert finally puts down the note pad on the chair next to him and tells the man, "Well looks we are all done". That is it the man says to Robert, yes that is it, he relies. They both exit the room and the man looks down at the paper on his way out. I get up behind them and walk over to the paper and I too take a look, there is only numbers on the paper, and at the bottom Robert has circled a 40+ and below that there are two large red arrows facing up that Robert did not put on the paper. "What I are the arrows for" I asked out loud and a deep male voice behind me said.... They are on the rise! I swing myself around but there is no one there. The woman comes to the open door who lead me into this room, and she lets me know that it is safe for me to leave now. Safe I thought to myself! Do I get an escort to my car now too? Holy cow I didn't know I was unsafe just coming in this room. We walk back down the hall, and I see the man who was just in the room and he is in an Orange jump suit and there are 5 guards in green putting shackles on his ankles which tie to hands and goes around his waist. The man sees me and winks at me. I look forward and exit the doctors office, but I can feel the stressed out look on my face. I woke up feeling worried, and wondering are Psychopaths on the rise, or are the killings from psychopaths on the rise?
add to favorites 672 2012-10-26 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo The horse drawn taxi-car Philistine
I only remember a remarkable scene in this one out of a long dream sequence taking place in another time or alternate timeline. I found myself climbing into a taxi. This was a tall vehicle, shaped like an old VW van, sort of pill shaped, just as wide, but taller. Instead of wheels in front, there were two horses. But they were completely under the body of the taxi. You could just see their large black feet while approaching and getting in. I knew it was horses under there and just saw the feet and climbed in. The driver sat in the cab in front and directly above the horses. The driver was older with wiry grey hair and a little conductor's cap. He sat in the middle and worked some pedals and a giant steering wheel that was about 2 feet across and almost totally horizontal. I sat on a black leather bench seat behind this person which was against the back wall, with about 4 feet of floor between us. We hardly talked. Just the usual "have a seat we'll be there in a while" but not much more. The interior was completely clean, nicely painted in white with red details and some polished wood. I remember this part with unusual clarity. I was bored and looking at all the workmanship of the carriage, which was impeccable. The taxi moved slowly and steadily around dark narrow rainy streets, very much like what you see in old movies about London. It was late and we were the only ones out. I was very impressed with the smoothness of the ride. We arrived without any deviations, just a nice 20 minute ride though dark wet cityscapes. I paid the fellow and climbed down with a bag and made my way towards a large wall and gate with a house behind. Observations: This was unusual in that there was not the usual chaos of a dream. This was a linear, clear, and detailed trip in a strange vehicle. There were modern lights and manufactured goods, such as the tires and body of the cab. Otherwise, it was very much like the 1890's never ended, and everything besides widespread combustion engines just continued in that trajectory. To me this was very much a parallel time line/universe with Earth and humans, only a completely different history had played out.
add to favorites 671 2010-10-22 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Travelling Fire Krys

Just before I woke up this morning I had a dream of being outside, other people around, some kind of social disorder as there was underlying anger, tension, arguing, general strife.  Then, out of nowhere, flames started hitting the gound and moving toward us.  The fires weren't spreading, it was like small flames were being spit down on the ground but no object(s) were causing them as they crashed, and it was moving in a path.  It was a mini verion of the solar destruction in the film KNOWING. Then a voice stated, "Sunday, May 31st."  Then I woke up.  I googled Sunday, May 31st and found the next time May 31st falls on a Sunday is 2015.

add to favorites 670 2014-11-01 DreamBase 2.0 WHAT AM I DOING WRONG, God? GUENQUOISA
Intention: Went to bed begging God for an answer. I was in such despair at the time due to the multitude of close and afar off people living, dying, doing business; and the decisions they made during their life had no thought nor care as to how their decisions while they were alive and after their death affected my life during my life on earth here. Third person perspective: It was pitch black, I zoomed in on a Grand Cemetery where the well to do had costly and eerily beautiful Tombstones, Monuments, and Mausoleum’s for their own lost loved ones. As The Camera drew into Center Cemetery I saw ONE enormous circular grave, deep and freshly dug out of the earth. Atop the hole I looked down and saw my naked body standing inside that hole with nothing more than a Green Salad in my own hands. My perspective became first person. I knew I WAS DYING, and I knew The Green Salad was the only sustenance I had to extend my own life. I looked up from the grave and all of a sudden a well to do successful man carrying a black briefcase peered down into the hole where I was. He pointed directly AT MY SALAD and said, “Can I have that?” I replied, “Are You Hungry?” With a smirk and a shrug of his shoulders he looked me straight in the eyes and said “Sure Am.” I handed him my green salad, he took it and walked away. I woke up, sat up and declared aloud, “Well, God, you could not have possible made it more clear, MY PROBLEM IS THAT I AM QUITE LITERALLY GIVING MYSELF TO DEATH.”
add to favorites 669 2010-12-25 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams Money futures wendlo

This dream is a work dream. I am in bed and I have this dream where people are busy buying stocks and bonds. everyone is happy. then as they shove money into their pockets and walk proudly about, Yet when they go to get some money to buy something they pull out lint and feathers.

add to favorites 668 2012-10-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo Revelations / double dream within dream Toby

Dream began while I was walking down a blacktop highway road outside of a major metropolitan city with a number of refugees including my family and me. I immediately noticed the rolling hills of a dessert like environment but the freshly laid pavement, crisp white road lines freshly painted and pedestrian signs every 100 meters or so. A large fog horn like sounds echoes from the heavens and immediately I think of revelations from the bible as a feeling of hopelessness and armageddon takes over my consciousness. I fear for my family walking beside me my mother, father, brother and girlfriend. I remember something about seven horns before the end comes for some reason and know by some weird way that the most recent horn although the first heard in my dream was the fifth. The pace of everybody’s walk becomes faster and faster as the 6th horn sounds, echoing from the heavens with no apparent source. looking back from where we've come I see a city scape with large buildings. Bright blue skies and stratus like clouds fill the sky so vivid and surreal. Just then the seventh horn blares and I know that this is the time, if something was to happen it was surely going to happen now. With everyone sharing a mutual conscious a uncomfortable moment of silence ensues before a loud rumbling generates in the distance ahead past the horizon. The rumble becomes a loud growl and piercing whistle as if to indicate something extremely fast is approaching. looking up I see a white trailing cloud shooting across the sky above to compliment the rumble and whistling, a woman screams and creates a frenzy amongst the crowd of people now looking mesmerized by the scene above. A commotion of panic now ensues as everyone drops their belongings and begins to run franticly with their loved ones at side. As I began to run with my girlfriends hand in mine, I feel a flash of heat and my peripheral vision radiates with a bright glow. knowing in my mind it had hit miles away but indeed we were in extreme danger and the world would never be the same again. I glance at my mother, the concern in her eyes heightens my awareness and I can tell she is in dire duress. she moves her lips as if to say i love you as my father grabs her and yanks her as he runs. I glance back to see what’s happening and see a wall of bright white, dust and death screaming our way faster than I could ever imagine. As it is about to reach us I accept my inevitable death and with a moments breath both my girlfriend and I look at one another simultaneously saying "I love you" with haste, forcing it out of our mouths quickly knowing these were our dying words. We kiss. I close my eyes and the blast hits us and I feel the warmth, expecting the experience of death the warmth overwhelms and encompasses my body with what felt like an appendage going to sleep, as it awakens it begins to furiously tingle exponentiously until the blood flow returns to normal. My whole body felt like that and as the tingles peaked I feel weird because I know I’m dead but I can still think subconsciously. The voice within me quanders and I am confused, but even more so I feel scared and worried for my family and their inevitable loss, I wonder if they too can still think and feel as I can and how they must feel given their loss of loved ones as well. I then awake...

 It’s a brisk cold but fresh morning and I have awoken in a park on a bench, dew is on the grass. As I shake the sleep from my eyes I immediately become concerned given my recent dream. For some weird reason my father is at my side and we both look at one another with angst. silently communicating to one another we wonder what just happened and if perhaps we just had the same dream? Am I dead....? Are we both dead? If so, where are the others!?! Where is my mother!!? Where the hell are we?!? We don’t speak a word as we begin to walk. There is a hill atop sits a neighborhood of houses with a road that switchbacks twice to the top of the hill. We start to walk, silently not one word is spoken. I can see the breath as it comes out of my mouth in a surreal fog as we begin the climb to the top of the hill, "Am I only dreaming" I think to myself as I begin to panic and look to my side, my father gone and nowhere in sight. As the panic gets worse I try to put together the events that happened in detail and it is at this point that I awake. Thankful that my life is as it was and all of this was only a dream.

add to favorites 668 2010-09-28 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR UFO Decption Grace

I was dreaming that there was this man, and he was terrified by a UFO he was seeing. But it seemed like there was more behind the scenes, so I took it upon myself to go find out. What I found was a military guy faking the scene, and smirking because the other man thought it was real and was fearful, when he knew darn well it was all faked. He did this by shining a bright light through a waterfall of some sort, and the image looked real on the other side...woke up.

add to favorites 666 2014-09-02 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash Canibals in the Hotel NativeAmericanDreamWeaver

9/2/2014 10:00am

I am a young boy; I am standing in a storage facility next to a large hotel, people are still rummaging through the storage units for a bite to eat or a mouse that also came in search of food.

There is no food here; people have been starving to death. I hide as much as I can, because some of the people have turned to eating each other. My parents were both celebrities, and I was once important, now all of my family is dead, I have no idea how I have managed to survive this long. Yet I cannot leave, because the horrors that await me outside of this place are worse than the horrors here.

I am scavenging through garbage trying to find something to eat. My clothes are rags, my khaki pants are shredded at the bottom and so dirty they look like dark brown marble.  Water is a rare commodity here, so I have not cleaned up in a very long time. There is no power and this feels like the worst place on earth to be.

Night is coming and we are all scrambling to get back into the hotel. Night is when the large hairy humans come to feed on us. It isn’t dark yet but I am moving as fast as I can to a secret entrance that only I know about and use, I am still small enough. In front of me comes a hairy beast, he snatches two men in front of me, people are now screaming and running in all directions as other hairy beasts come in behind the first one. I slip into the side of the hotel through the open hole in the side of the building. I turn around and look out.

I watch in horror as one of the hairy beasts rips off a man’s head and drags the body away. The hairy beast is almost twice as tall as the man was; his strength is far beyond anything of a human man. He is truly a monster in my eyes! I can hear the people in the hotel yelling, we have to get the power back on, they are only coming here because there are no lights at night. These groups of hairy beasts are increasing in numbers while the human race is going extinct.

I have never been so relieved to wake up in all my life!

add to favorites 666 2011-04-10 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams The world's largest diamond Jean-Claude Duclos

I had this scheme to go to steal the world's largest diamond.  Apparently some jungle tribe in Haiti had it, so I went to Haiti and when I got there, I had to bust this guy out of a prison because he was an expert jewel theif and I needed his help.  I get to the prison, and it's this big fancy looking building with white stucco and red clay roof tiles and whatnot... It looks more like a rich person's villa than a prison.  So I start climbing the side of it.  Then I get to the top, look over, and see the jewel theif, looking at me from a window of a neighboring building and I was like, "Oh shit, I climbed the wrong building!" So I jumped over to the correct one, and got him out of there.  We go into the jungle, and find the village where the diamond is.  Apparently, the entire tribe went out to run some errands or something because the whole village is empty.  So we just grab the diamond and run away.  But when we're on the way to the boat that will take us home, some guy starts yelling at us to stop, and the guy gets caught, but I have the diamond, so I just get on the boat and start pushing it out to sea, then jump in.  And as I'm sailing back to the US, it seems like the ocean is unusually crowded... There are people travelling on every possible method: boats, jetskis, swimming, submarines, etc.  I decide to take a break at some island where there is a giant frat house with a party going on.  I go inside, and the entire house is filled with protein powder, like, waist-deep.  Everyone is drunk and riding sleds through the mounds of protein powder.  It turns out that Tara Reid is at this party, so I pull her aside into an empty bedroom.  We talk for a while, then I show her the diamond I had just stolen.  She is impressed, so we make out.

add to favorites 665 2012-10-21 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH In Coming Asteroid Newscast albey

I had a dream that started with a newsflash of a large incoming asteroid that was going to impact the earth.  The Newscast seemed to have a red aura in the screen,  then there was as second newscast with the same red aura with the newscaster stating that the asteroid would  was projected to strike off a location showing a map which looked like southern Mexico;/the Balize area For some reason I could see the image of the asteroid, it was oval/elongated in shape.  I had a sense of calm and panic at t he same time in the dream.  In the next part of the dream I was standing on a shore type location with a co-worker and I explained that the news stated there was an incoming asteroid within 24 hours.  He was next pointing out to the ocean and stating look.  There was a quick image of a black item in the sky that was unclear, but more important there was a stream of ships, one after the other leaving the shore locations going out to sea.



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