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add to favorites 643 2012-02-25 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR This dream still disturbs me. Deazzling

I was traveling across the state of Arizona with two friends of mine, we were heading West.  I was in the back seat, it had gotten dark, so I layed down and fell asleep.  I dreamt that I woke up in the back seat, turned around and looked out the back window of the car.   What I saw was this huge reddish orange planet.  The planet was so massive, the circumference was way beyond that of the earth.  It looked as if it was close enough to almost be touching the earth.  Then I noticed the earth was on fire.  From where the planet looked like it was touching, everything on the ground was burning.  There was a wall of fire as far as the eye could see North to South coming up behind us from the East.  It was terrifying.  Then I woke up in the back seat, turned and looked out the back window of the car.  There was only darkness.  I had this dream about 15 years ago.  It wasn't a very long dream but it seemed so real and was so vivid. I will never forget it.  It still disturbs me.   

add to favorites 639 2010-12-25 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams Money futures wendlo

This dream is a work dream. I am in bed and I have this dream where people are busy buying stocks and bonds. everyone is happy. then as they shove money into their pockets and walk proudly about, Yet when they go to get some money to buy something they pull out lint and feathers.

add to favorites 637 2010-09-28 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR UFO Decption Grace

I was dreaming that there was this man, and he was terrified by a UFO he was seeing. But it seemed like there was more behind the scenes, so I took it upon myself to go find out. What I found was a military guy faking the scene, and smirking because the other man thought it was real and was fearful, when he knew darn well it was all faked. He did this by shining a bright light through a waterfall of some sort, and the image looked real on the other side...woke up.

add to favorites 635 2012-02-25 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH California Earthquake Backenstein

Really not sure if this even happened.  I'm confused about this afterthought from what would have been ~7AM PST +/- 2 hours.

Radio/or TV announcer:  something like, "Earthquake was centered north of Monterrey."

Full disclosure:  I just looked at the USGS and saw a 4.3 far north of there at Petrolia before writing this.

In analysis, that seems too far north and too small to be related to this dream blip, one would think.

add to favorites 635 2012-02-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH Paradise Lost William

On President’s Day, 2/20/2012, just after midnight I had what I believe to be a dream from God involving a room in which there is a wall mural of a tropical island paradise. Here is how I remember it; a man came running into the room where the tropical island paradise wall mural is. He was an average build man, with medium to light complexion and a short beard. He looked scared to death; he had a look of stark terror and fear on his face and was in a panic, but did not or could not say anything. I think I called to him a couple of times loudly and asked; “what is wrong?”  He did not answer. The next thing I saw was the wall mural of the tropical island but I could not see any of the scene, it had turned a smoky--cloudy black and gray. 

Later the same night I had another dream; I remember seeing a Google Earth picture of a city and I heard “check the distance from Oklahoma City.” My response was; “Why Oklahoma City, what does that have to do with anything?

Two days later i did check the distance from Oklahoma City and found some truly amazing things in relation to these dreams which I have written up at this link http://endtimesforecaster.blogspot.com/2012/02/dreams-of-paradise-lost.html

add to favorites 634 2012-09-13 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH My 2nd Earthquake Dream Unami

Sometime on Sept 11th 2012 I had my 2nd Earthquake dream just as vivid from the earthquake dream I had posted a couple of years ago here. Only this time it lasts only about 5 seconds. This time I'm in bead sleeping on my stomach being shaken a wake because of a violent Roar and side to side shaking. Then it suddenly stops. At first I wasnt sure if it was real or if I dreamt it. So I asked others, aparently it was dream. Now 2 days later a light bulb went off in my head. The shaking from both dreams was identical only in the second there was the sound of a violent roar. Reminds me of the 1994 Northridge quake to those that lived through that. 2 key differences though. The Northridge quake happened when it was still very dark outside with an eary blue glow from the moon, and it was a violent up and down shaker. But based on this 2nd dream and the past dream this quake is during the day possibly in the mid morning hours with thick overcast. And 2nd this quake has a violent side to side motion not up and down. My eureka moment came when direction of the shaking was identical with both dreams via flying objects in my room and stuff. So I pulled out my lensatic compass and based on this if i'm reading it right, the shaking motion goes from the 8degrees NE to 40degreesSW violent side to side. Im still in Newhall southern California area code 91321 which is the same for both dreams, for those enterprising individuals who want use this info with an overlay of known faultlines in the area. Plus theres been a strong sulfer smell in the area and according to Stevequayle.com this is from gas releases from faultlines preluding the BIGONE. So I suggest to anyone living in the area should stock quickly on food and at least 1 to 2 weeks worth of water cant count on Fema why should you. Interesting tid bit also. The main water pipe that feeds the San Fernando Valley and the Greater LA basin passes through Newhall. Its very big and looks similar to the Alaska pipeline only this one feeds water. I hope it doesnt break cause man o man LA will be in a lot of trouble if it does.

add to favorites 630 2010-11-17 DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Fires on Land Russian barbeque Finite Statist Machine

November 11, 2010

I dreamed I was back in college in 1982 sitting in the weekly Thursday student forum.  This was spring time and the school was announcing which students would be sent to various humanitarian projects around the world, like teaching English to refugees, working at various archeological digs etc,  and that kind of thing.

I lean over to a friend and tell him "They never pick me for these silly things" as it was always the politically connected students who seemed to get in on these junkets for the summer.  Then suddenly they call my name to come on stage.  So I march up the steps to the stage and the school administrator is handing out 1 meter long barbeque sauce brushes, and I am just amazed at the length of these things and he says "these will be your tools for the summer of 2015 in Russia" and he hands me two of them!

I am not sure what barbeque in Russia I am going to in 2015, but I am heartened by the thought that I might be around to be at one.

PS: I've always been good at predicting trends and kind of seeing what's on cusp ahead of everyone else, which served me very well in early in my career.   I haven't been able to do that since 2001, I don't seem to be able to see past 2012, its like a wall for me that has been very disconcerting.   This is the first dream I have had in ages of something that is past that date.

add to favorites 630 2010-10-22 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Travelling Fire Krys

Just before I woke up this morning I had a dream of being outside, other people around, some kind of social disorder as there was underlying anger, tension, arguing, general strife.  Then, out of nowhere, flames started hitting the gound and moving toward us.  The fires weren't spreading, it was like small flames were being spit down on the ground but no object(s) were causing them as they crashed, and it was moving in a path.  It was a mini verion of the solar destruction in the film KNOWING. Then a voice stated, "Sunday, May 31st."  Then I woke up.  I googled Sunday, May 31st and found the next time May 31st falls on a Sunday is 2015.

add to favorites 629 2011-09-19 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Everything goes dark Carlie

I was in a large parking lot. Lots of people everwhere. I believe it was the fourth of July. Some large man was arguing about Religion and how everyone was going to hell...blah blah. I was really annoyed and sort of ignoring his drama. I looked up into the sky at a full moon. Around the moon there were many white moving lights. They looked about the size of a bright planet. Way to bright to be planes and way to high to be planes. I didn't count them but I would say their were 10 +/-. I had started to point and try to get people to look when some fireworks exploded. I did not see them but turned my attention to search the sky for them when the lights went out. I mean not just the lights in the parking lot, but the moon the stars everything was pitch black. People were screaming and freaked out. Then I was awoken and my dream abruptly ended.

PS I just looked up full moons and July 3rd next year is the full moon so thinking the 4th was a full is highly reasonable since it is hard to tell the difference in one days change. Kinda of eerie

add to favorites 628 2012-10-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo Revelations / double dream within dream Toby

Dream began while I was walking down a blacktop highway road outside of a major metropolitan city with a number of refugees including my family and me. I immediately noticed the rolling hills of a dessert like environment but the freshly laid pavement, crisp white road lines freshly painted and pedestrian signs every 100 meters or so. A large fog horn like sounds echoes from the heavens and immediately I think of revelations from the bible as a feeling of hopelessness and armageddon takes over my consciousness. I fear for my family walking beside me my mother, father, brother and girlfriend. I remember something about seven horns before the end comes for some reason and know by some weird way that the most recent horn although the first heard in my dream was the fifth. The pace of everybody’s walk becomes faster and faster as the 6th horn sounds, echoing from the heavens with no apparent source. looking back from where we've come I see a city scape with large buildings. Bright blue skies and stratus like clouds fill the sky so vivid and surreal. Just then the seventh horn blares and I know that this is the time, if something was to happen it was surely going to happen now. With everyone sharing a mutual conscious a uncomfortable moment of silence ensues before a loud rumbling generates in the distance ahead past the horizon. The rumble becomes a loud growl and piercing whistle as if to indicate something extremely fast is approaching. looking up I see a white trailing cloud shooting across the sky above to compliment the rumble and whistling, a woman screams and creates a frenzy amongst the crowd of people now looking mesmerized by the scene above. A commotion of panic now ensues as everyone drops their belongings and begins to run franticly with their loved ones at side. As I began to run with my girlfriends hand in mine, I feel a flash of heat and my peripheral vision radiates with a bright glow. knowing in my mind it had hit miles away but indeed we were in extreme danger and the world would never be the same again. I glance at my mother, the concern in her eyes heightens my awareness and I can tell she is in dire duress. she moves her lips as if to say i love you as my father grabs her and yanks her as he runs. I glance back to see what’s happening and see a wall of bright white, dust and death screaming our way faster than I could ever imagine. As it is about to reach us I accept my inevitable death and with a moments breath both my girlfriend and I look at one another simultaneously saying "I love you" with haste, forcing it out of our mouths quickly knowing these were our dying words. We kiss. I close my eyes and the blast hits us and I feel the warmth, expecting the experience of death the warmth overwhelms and encompasses my body with what felt like an appendage going to sleep, as it awakens it begins to furiously tingle exponentiously until the blood flow returns to normal. My whole body felt like that and as the tingles peaked I feel weird because I know I’m dead but I can still think subconsciously. The voice within me quanders and I am confused, but even more so I feel scared and worried for my family and their inevitable loss, I wonder if they too can still think and feel as I can and how they must feel given their loss of loved ones as well. I then awake...

 It’s a brisk cold but fresh morning and I have awoken in a park on a bench, dew is on the grass. As I shake the sleep from my eyes I immediately become concerned given my recent dream. For some weird reason my father is at my side and we both look at one another with angst. silently communicating to one another we wonder what just happened and if perhaps we just had the same dream? Am I dead....? Are we both dead? If so, where are the others!?! Where is my mother!!? Where the hell are we?!? We don’t speak a word as we begin to walk. There is a hill atop sits a neighborhood of houses with a road that switchbacks twice to the top of the hill. We start to walk, silently not one word is spoken. I can see the breath as it comes out of my mouth in a surreal fog as we begin the climb to the top of the hill, "Am I only dreaming" I think to myself as I begin to panic and look to my side, my father gone and nowhere in sight. As the panic gets worse I try to put together the events that happened in detail and it is at this point that I awake. Thankful that my life is as it was and all of this was only a dream.



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