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add to favorites 700 2014-09-20 DreamBase 2.0 Run out of money Mike YHWH
I was with my family at a holiday resort, enjoying the sun and walking down the pier. My wife wanted to buy an handbag and my kids had ordered an ice cream. The kids were enjoying their ice cream in the milk bar and I was next door with my wife. At the counter I reached into my pocket to pay the handbag but couldn't find any money. I was irritatedt and started fumbling for my wallet. I opened it an it was empty, no money there. I was feeling embarrassed. I took out a credit card. The clerk swiped it but returned it to me saying it was declined. My wife said, 'oh dear' this is so embarrassing! I tried the last card and it didn't work either. We returned the bag and walked out in total embarrassment and afraid that we couldn't even pay for the ice cream of the kids. When I arrived there, my son had paid for it and I woke up.
add to favorites 699 2010-07-03 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD The Temple or the devil's seal Weird Dreams
This dream is fresh from today July 4,2010. This dream was extremely like weird,I was in this expedition whit some monks or whatever i know they had capes on don't remember the color. I was not invited instead I knock a monk and tock hes stuff he had book whit a language that does not even exist like LVZLI. Like I said I was traspassing, We all went in this boat were it lead to a center were there were alot of rocks, Whit symbols on them. One of the monk just got out of the boat and took out a staff and began to say many strange words this symbols disappear and each time id happen they said shhhhh sshhhhh all the seals were broken this guy just appear and told me everything it was about freeing the um yeah the devil . I WAS SHOCK in the dream one part was funny i began to say: shit, shit, shit no no no no hell no!!. And I woke up I remember everything about the dream and went back to sleep. Still dreaming the same thing this door just open when all the seal were broken .MOnks just entered there was like all extreme girl like seducing you touching their stuff monks went to join them but they died cuss they were all demons except me yes i almost lost control of the dream and went to the trap but no. Guess what devil was almost free only one seal left or temple but all the demon inside were free. So i ran and ran demons following me until i saw this mark in the sky I WOKE UP SCREMING INSIDE OF ME. The mark i search for it on goggle on some site of so many symbol y recognized it and yes it was the devil seal that i was dreaming about and i have never seen it before.
add to favorites 694 2014-09-18 DreamBase 2.0 Skyscraper and cellular pools hereholdthis
I was on the outside of a large skyscraper that was under rennovations or the ends of construction. I could jump incredibly high in the air, and essentially do whatever I wanted. I was creating a pathway along the outside of the building, ramping upward. And having fun with the design of it, it was very abstract. Three construction workers began to yell at me, and this portion of the dream went on with me exchanging with them about letting me make the ramp. I knew the entire time thier will was meaningless, and they could not stop me even if they wanted to. I went to the next portion of the dream as I tried to enter the building, and one of the workers forcefully stopped me. - I was in the same city, but I was slightly more mobile. There were not sidewalkers of streets, just deep, cubular pools about 6x12 feet set up, decending downward as you advanced past each row. There was a party (confusion?) and nobody could retrieve what they needed at the bottom of the pools. I could easily dive and navigate around the perilous terrain, and I dove for many people. The one point I remember is I had my cigarettes in my pocket, and I asked someone to hold them and I never saw him again. No matter, I can jump 70 feet in the air and breathe under water.
add to favorites 693 2012-07-26 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Star star

This dream or lucid vision I had a number of years ago is so clear to me even today... I was standing and I looked up and saw a star falling and the room was shaking and I was being thrown from one wall to another, when it stopped I saw a man standing not far from me and it was then I had this overpowering need to relieve my self it was so strong I asked the man where should I go, he said not here and he pointed to a closed door and said go do it through there, I went through the door and was completely assaulted with such an incredible stench and thought to myself so much death and I no longer felt the need to relieve myself...My feelings in this dream were of shock and my sense of smell very strong..

add to favorites 682 2013-03-14 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Skyscrapers swaying then collapsing 64Twin

EH George, had a dream last night skyscrapers swaying like really bad and then one collapsed just like the twin towers and then another and another so on so forth, the skyline looked like a mixture of Detroit Chicago and New York also one building in the opposite direction of all the others sure looked like a building I know in Toronto that one broke in half and it crashed right in front of me. I do not know what this dream meant but it was in colorful HDTV, full surround sound, people reacting to what was happening around around them and it was at night either late spring or summer but the odd thing was the ground was not shaking like in an earth quake! Weird!! or what?



add to favorites 682 2012-10-31 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash surreptitious food shortage Roberta Bogner

 I was unpacking my can of Jif after having come from the store, and noticed a "streaking" pattern against the side of the glass as if it had already been opened and a knife scraped against the side. After opening the supposed new pristine jar, lots of its contents in the center had been removed in such a way that it had appeared untouched.

I was somehow made aware that the Pope had decreed that we must give our food to others in other countries, and they were taking from Americans.

add to favorites 678 2015-01-27 DreamBase 2.0 The Devil wants the children awakeneddreamer
I am walking down a familiar path through formal gardens to the deep dark recesses of a cellar where the beloved dogs (pets) are kept. Turning on all the path lights as it was getting dark I sense something dark and different than usual. I turn on the last light and step down to go into the dark portal but cannot. I am frozen. there is something very dark and evil in there. I feel deep cold breeze coming out of the void of the portal. Turning to go back as I sensed there were no longer any beloved dogs left as something ate them, I here a whooosh. "It' appeared in front of me. Like a jinn, genie from a bottle is was homely but not as ugly or horrific as I would imagine. this creatrue has the typical horns on its forehead, muscluarly built, a bit slimey, with a dusky odor. The Jinn almost resembled Churchill. Balding head, jowls, non-descriptive with large lower lip much like Hitchcock's profile. He was actually polite in a British sort of manner. it didn't fool me. He looked me square in the eye and asked, " I want your children, may I have them"? I laughed. "You're kidding me right? YOU are asking ME to give YOU my children. Not on your life. No way. don't ask again." To wit: " I will not harm them, I need them in order to complete my destiny. Won't you help me to do this and then I shall stop?" He/IT was quite pathetic in his plea. No power really as he had to get consent to do this. I was not about to give it. Then some young girls and a boy in a car that just drove up, got our to unload some gear to which I yelled, Get back in your car and leave now if you want to remain safe!" They thought I was nuts. The mother driving the car thought I was crazy. I told them this Jinn was possessing anyone who would have access to her children or mine. Get out now before its too late. It will find a way to get them. The remainder of the dream was going from country to country to warn the parents of the children lost this Jinn was on the loose in any disguise that would elicit illusory legit ways to get their kids for its pleasures.
add to favorites 678 2010-09-28 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR UFO/Alien T's and 7's Grace

A few years ago I was dreaming...that I was observing people who had gathered on a loading dock of an old red brick warehouse and they were watching the horizon. Curious, I went over and asked, "Watcha watching for?" They said the U.F.O.s were about to come. So I went toward the back of the group to see what was about to happen. That's when some saucer shaped space craft arrived, stopped mid air and doors opened. Out floated these flat looking T's with flat circular heads on them, as well as flat 7's. They floated toward the people standing on the dock, and just before they reached the people, I heard a mechanical click. That's when the T's and 7's started whirling really fast, and when the reached the people it was just awful, they were being mutilated by them. I thought to myself this is not good, not good at all, so I turned around, ran down a stairway, entered a room and slammed the door shut. After some time had passed, I didn''t hear any commotion, so I slowly opened the door and all was clear, the T's and 7's hadn't followed me. It was then I knew the T's and 7's weren't intelligent...whew! and woke up...

add to favorites 676 2012-02-25 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR This dream still disturbs me. Deazzling

I was traveling across the state of Arizona with two friends of mine, we were heading West.  I was in the back seat, it had gotten dark, so I layed down and fell asleep.  I dreamt that I woke up in the back seat, turned around and looked out the back window of the car.   What I saw was this huge reddish orange planet.  The planet was so massive, the circumference was way beyond that of the earth.  It looked as if it was close enough to almost be touching the earth.  Then I noticed the earth was on fire.  From where the planet looked like it was touching, everything on the ground was burning.  There was a wall of fire as far as the eye could see North to South coming up behind us from the East.  It was terrifying.  Then I woke up in the back seat, turned and looked out the back window of the car.  There was only darkness.  I had this dream about 15 years ago.  It wasn't a very long dream but it seemed so real and was so vivid. I will never forget it.  It still disturbs me.   

add to favorites 675 2010-11-13 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams Two Tier monitary system Ed Gagnon

I was at a international meeting with heads of state  (G-8..?)   the room was tense and there were arguings going on ..the Chinesse were the ones pissed off... someone says  in a loud voice " how are we going to fix this problem"  ?   in a loud voice again  " the USA is going to have to go to  a Two tiered money system "   End of Dream    the voice was so loud it woke me up cuz i thought voice was in my room.. Im some what clairaudiate and when I have this kind of dream it usually comes to pass!!.......same thing happend when i was told to sell all my realestate in 2005



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