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add to favorites 649 2014-05-14 Proj Aug - Closed Holigram Wheel NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
5/13/2014 9:22am I am walking in a wooded area on a small game trail, I can hear the sound of hooves but the sound is echoing in the trees so I can not tell where it is coming from. I stop in my path and listen, the hoof sounds stop as well. I turn around and see a giant buffalo is standing behind me. He says my name, my eyes go wide, but I grin, because I know this is a dream. "Tutank (Buffalo) what is your name?" I asked... "My name is the sound of thunder" he said. I asked him, "are you following me", "no" he replied, " am on my way to the medicine wheel, would you care to join me?" Sure I said... We walked down the path him following slowly behind me until we came to a clearing. I don't know quite how to describe what I saw in the middle of the clearing, it was like a merry-go-round or a carousel but instead of fake horses it had giant cards that were hologram pictures. As I walked closed I realized the pictures moved but only slightly, like the old cracker jack box hologram toys only much bigger. The first one was of man smiling, when I moved to walk around the hologram wheel he changed into an angry man yelling. His face is one I have seen before but I cannot place him, he is a movie star or TV star or something like that. I move to second card and it is of yellow stone, in the first picture you can see old faithful, in the second you can see people standing in front of old faithful. As I walk to the third card I realize there is a small space between the cards, something that is hidden. The buffalo laughs as I try to peek in-between the cards. "They will not let you see that" he said, but you can feel what is coming if you put your ear to the earth you will feel her wheezing." I laid down on the ground and put my ear to the earth, the buffalo started stammering his hooves and laughing... "Can you feel the vibrations?" I got up off the ground very upset with him for tricking me, but I knew he was right... I exhaled and walked towards the third card again when suddenly the earth shook so hard I feel to the ground. The shock of the sudden jolt woke me up, I thought there was a real earth quake. Note: I was at home alone for 2 hours before I woke from this dream.
add to favorites 644 2012-10-26 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Time Warps/WuJo The horse drawn taxi-car Philistine
I only remember a remarkable scene in this one out of a long dream sequence taking place in another time or alternate timeline. I found myself climbing into a taxi. This was a tall vehicle, shaped like an old VW van, sort of pill shaped, just as wide, but taller. Instead of wheels in front, there were two horses. But they were completely under the body of the taxi. You could just see their large black feet while approaching and getting in. I knew it was horses under there and just saw the feet and climbed in. The driver sat in the cab in front and directly above the horses. The driver was older with wiry grey hair and a little conductor's cap. He sat in the middle and worked some pedals and a giant steering wheel that was about 2 feet across and almost totally horizontal. I sat on a black leather bench seat behind this person which was against the back wall, with about 4 feet of floor between us. We hardly talked. Just the usual "have a seat we'll be there in a while" but not much more. The interior was completely clean, nicely painted in white with red details and some polished wood. I remember this part with unusual clarity. I was bored and looking at all the workmanship of the carriage, which was impeccable. The taxi moved slowly and steadily around dark narrow rainy streets, very much like what you see in old movies about London. It was late and we were the only ones out. I was very impressed with the smoothness of the ride. We arrived without any deviations, just a nice 20 minute ride though dark wet cityscapes. I paid the fellow and climbed down with a bag and made my way towards a large wall and gate with a house behind. Observations: This was unusual in that there was not the usual chaos of a dream. This was a linear, clear, and detailed trip in a strange vehicle. There were modern lights and manufactured goods, such as the tires and body of the cab. Otherwise, it was very much like the 1890's never ended, and everything besides widespread combustion engines just continued in that trajectory. To me this was very much a parallel time line/universe with Earth and humans, only a completely different history had played out.
add to favorites 640 2010-09-28 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR UFO/Alien T's and 7's Grace

A few years ago I was dreaming...that I was observing people who had gathered on a loading dock of an old red brick warehouse and they were watching the horizon. Curious, I went over and asked, "Watcha watching for?" They said the U.F.O.s were about to come. So I went toward the back of the group to see what was about to happen. That's when some saucer shaped space craft arrived, stopped mid air and doors opened. Out floated these flat looking T's with flat circular heads on them, as well as flat 7's. They floated toward the people standing on the dock, and just before they reached the people, I heard a mechanical click. That's when the T's and 7's started whirling really fast, and when the reached the people it was just awful, they were being mutilated by them. I thought to myself this is not good, not good at all, so I turned around, ran down a stairway, entered a room and slammed the door shut. After some time had passed, I didn''t hear any commotion, so I slowly opened the door and all was clear, the T's and 7's hadn't followed me. It was then I knew the T's and 7's weren't intelligent...whew! and woke up...

add to favorites 638 2014-10-17 DreamBase 2.0 Get into the flow Wanji
Deaming of the Law of Attraction and how it is affecting what is going on in my present moments. Saw picture of myself standing on the Earth with the heavens above. Energy, in the form of a river was flowing across my body. Kept thinking that something was wrong with the river because I knew it was energy and it wasn't flowing from the heavens through my crown chakra and out of my root chakra into the Earth. No matter what I did or thought, the picture stayed the same and I kept trying to make the river flow the right way. Suddenly, I realized that the river of energy was flowing correctly and all that it was me that was not in the correct alignment. All I had to do was lay my body down and relax into the flow of the river and I began to swiftly move with the energy instead of being stuck with the energy bouncing up against me.
add to favorites 638 2011-04-10 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams The world's largest diamond Jean-Claude Duclos

I had this scheme to go to steal the world's largest diamond.  Apparently some jungle tribe in Haiti had it, so I went to Haiti and when I got there, I had to bust this guy out of a prison because he was an expert jewel theif and I needed his help.  I get to the prison, and it's this big fancy looking building with white stucco and red clay roof tiles and whatnot... It looks more like a rich person's villa than a prison.  So I start climbing the side of it.  Then I get to the top, look over, and see the jewel theif, looking at me from a window of a neighboring building and I was like, "Oh shit, I climbed the wrong building!" So I jumped over to the correct one, and got him out of there.  We go into the jungle, and find the village where the diamond is.  Apparently, the entire tribe went out to run some errands or something because the whole village is empty.  So we just grab the diamond and run away.  But when we're on the way to the boat that will take us home, some guy starts yelling at us to stop, and the guy gets caught, but I have the diamond, so I just get on the boat and start pushing it out to sea, then jump in.  And as I'm sailing back to the US, it seems like the ocean is unusually crowded... There are people travelling on every possible method: boats, jetskis, swimming, submarines, etc.  I decide to take a break at some island where there is a giant frat house with a party going on.  I go inside, and the entire house is filled with protein powder, like, waist-deep.  Everyone is drunk and riding sleds through the mounds of protein powder.  It turns out that Tara Reid is at this party, so I pull her aside into an empty bedroom.  We talk for a while, then I show her the diamond I had just stolen.  She is impressed, so we make out.

add to favorites 634 2012-02-25 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR This dream still disturbs me. Deazzling

I was traveling across the state of Arizona with two friends of mine, we were heading West.  I was in the back seat, it had gotten dark, so I layed down and fell asleep.  I dreamt that I woke up in the back seat, turned around and looked out the back window of the car.   What I saw was this huge reddish orange planet.  The planet was so massive, the circumference was way beyond that of the earth.  It looked as if it was close enough to almost be touching the earth.  Then I noticed the earth was on fire.  From where the planet looked like it was touching, everything on the ground was burning.  There was a wall of fire as far as the eye could see North to South coming up behind us from the East.  It was terrifying.  Then I woke up in the back seat, turned and looked out the back window of the car.  There was only darkness.  I had this dream about 15 years ago.  It wasn't a very long dream but it seemed so real and was so vivid. I will never forget it.  It still disturbs me.   

add to favorites 631 2014-09-20 DreamBase 2.0 Run out of money Mike YHWH
I was with my family at a holiday resort, enjoying the sun and walking down the pier. My wife wanted to buy an handbag and my kids had ordered an ice cream. The kids were enjoying their ice cream in the milk bar and I was next door with my wife. At the counter I reached into my pocket to pay the handbag but couldn't find any money. I was irritatedt and started fumbling for my wallet. I opened it an it was empty, no money there. I was feeling embarrassed. I took out a credit card. The clerk swiped it but returned it to me saying it was declined. My wife said, 'oh dear' this is so embarrassing! I tried the last card and it didn't work either. We returned the bag and walked out in total embarrassment and afraid that we couldn't even pay for the ice cream of the kids. When I arrived there, my son had paid for it and I woke up.
add to favorites 628 2014-09-18 DreamBase 2.0 Skyscraper and cellular pools hereholdthis
I was on the outside of a large skyscraper that was under rennovations or the ends of construction. I could jump incredibly high in the air, and essentially do whatever I wanted. I was creating a pathway along the outside of the building, ramping upward. And having fun with the design of it, it was very abstract. Three construction workers began to yell at me, and this portion of the dream went on with me exchanging with them about letting me make the ramp. I knew the entire time thier will was meaningless, and they could not stop me even if they wanted to. I went to the next portion of the dream as I tried to enter the building, and one of the workers forcefully stopped me. - I was in the same city, but I was slightly more mobile. There were not sidewalkers of streets, just deep, cubular pools about 6x12 feet set up, decending downward as you advanced past each row. There was a party (confusion?) and nobody could retrieve what they needed at the bottom of the pools. I could easily dive and navigate around the perilous terrain, and I dove for many people. The one point I remember is I had my cigarettes in my pocket, and I asked someone to hold them and I never saw him again. No matter, I can jump 70 feet in the air and breathe under water.
add to favorites 628 2010-12-25 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Money Dreams Money futures wendlo

This dream is a work dream. I am in bed and I have this dream where people are busy buying stocks and bonds. everyone is happy. then as they shove money into their pockets and walk proudly about, Yet when they go to get some money to buy something they pull out lint and feathers.

add to favorites 628 2010-09-28 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR UFO Decption Grace

I was dreaming that there was this man, and he was terrified by a UFO he was seeing. But it seemed like there was more behind the scenes, so I took it upon myself to go find out. What I found was a military guy faking the scene, and smirking because the other man thought it was real and was fearful, when he knew darn well it was all faked. He did this by shining a bright light through a waterfall of some sort, and the image looked real on the other side...woke up.



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