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add to favorites 800 2014-10-05 DreamBase 2.0 P1_06 Sickness, Labor, Useless!?! NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
10/5/2014 10:50am I am standing with my guide at the edge of a lake, beautiful and pristine in this wilderness. Still is the water, not a single ripple. I can see the refelections of the snowcapped mountain tops in the water, the large pine trees, and the clouds above. 'What you don't see is what is below' my guide says to me. He instructs me to get down on my knees and put my face into the water to see what is below. So I do this, and I notice as the scene begin to play out, I am so focused on what my eyes are seeing that I do not notice what is being said around me, I hear faint talking but don't quite understand where it is coming from. In the water this is the movie like pictures that I see: SICKNESS: There is a Sickness of the mind going around, there is also a sickness of the body going around, when someone gets sick with both illnesses, it means their brains stop learning and they become human vegetables, dumbing down the human race, these viruses are man-made, but that fact will not come out for a long time. Until then it is a 'Conspiracy Theory'. LABOR IS WRONG: One man who cannot seem to help, can't figure out what to do even when he has been shown, he has several Pregnant Farm animals, one is a sow and is screaming in pain, she is in trouble, this is not a good labor for her, her neck is contorting and all this man can do is throw up his hands, he can't help the momma sow birth her babies. There is a cow, a cat, and other animals; they all seem to be having the same problem! I don't understand what is making the momma animals have these problems, is there another virus or something like it that is effecting birthing too? Just as I finish asking my questions I realize my guide is talking to someone else behind me, who is not looking into the water like I am, the only thing I am able to pick up on is: 'USELESS' (my guide says) ' like the guy who bought a ticket into outer space but can't use it now because he is dead. (Says the other voice) then a small amount of laughter.' I wake up before I could pull my face from the water and before I could find out who my guide was talking to.
add to favorites 799 2015-01-27 DreamBase 2.0 The Devil wants the children awakeneddreamer
I am walking down a familiar path through formal gardens to the deep dark recesses of a cellar where the beloved dogs (pets) are kept. Turning on all the path lights as it was getting dark I sense something dark and different than usual. I turn on the last light and step down to go into the dark portal but cannot. I am frozen. there is something very dark and evil in there. I feel deep cold breeze coming out of the void of the portal. Turning to go back as I sensed there were no longer any beloved dogs left as something ate them, I here a whooosh. "It' appeared in front of me. Like a jinn, genie from a bottle is was homely but not as ugly or horrific as I would imagine. this creatrue has the typical horns on its forehead, muscluarly built, a bit slimey, with a dusky odor. The Jinn almost resembled Churchill. Balding head, jowls, non-descriptive with large lower lip much like Hitchcock's profile. He was actually polite in a British sort of manner. it didn't fool me. He looked me square in the eye and asked, " I want your children, may I have them"? I laughed. "You're kidding me right? YOU are asking ME to give YOU my children. Not on your life. No way. don't ask again." To wit: " I will not harm them, I need them in order to complete my destiny. Won't you help me to do this and then I shall stop?" He/IT was quite pathetic in his plea. No power really as he had to get consent to do this. I was not about to give it. Then some young girls and a boy in a car that just drove up, got our to unload some gear to which I yelled, Get back in your car and leave now if you want to remain safe!" They thought I was nuts. The mother driving the car thought I was crazy. I told them this Jinn was possessing anyone who would have access to her children or mine. Get out now before its too late. It will find a way to get them. The remainder of the dream was going from country to country to warn the parents of the children lost this Jinn was on the loose in any disguise that would elicit illusory legit ways to get their kids for its pleasures.
add to favorites 796 2014-08-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. War on Feb 15, 2015 Graystar

I was a mother with three children. I left them home and went to the store. I know the date was the day after Valentine's day, Feb 15, 2015. I bought some groceries and added day old on sale valentines cookies to my cart. Money was very tight. I was very worried about world events, jobs, money, not having things we were used to. I got home and my kids rushed outside shouting about breaking news Russia had bombed somewhere, Alaska or west coast??, a formation of USA Air Force planes, 8-12, flew over head right then and my oldest boy, 14, said Mom does this mean we are at war? I said yes son I'm afraid it does.

add to favorites 795 2015-01-12 DreamBase 2.0 Interrupted awards ceremony DLP
I'm observing a huge ornate theater/auditorium which is filled with elegantly dressed people. The stage is brightly lit. There are a few props but it's not set up like for a play. There are several people standing around on the stage, not really doing anything. I don't hear any sound but know there's music being played. Suddenly there's a bright flash of light, followed by a bright light falling from the ceiling over the stage. The light fixture crashes to the stage. Pandemonium follows. The scene jiggles violently. Then everything goes black.
add to favorites 790 2010-05-21 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. A Voice Lunar World Bridge Builder

I was in the state of awakening from sleep, not quite awake and not quite asleep. Lying there I heard a male voice, clear as a bell say, "THE EARTH IS NO LONGER TENABLE" I immediately sat up in bed and looked around my bedroom. Could have been my own voice but it didn't seem to be a spoken voice. Hard to describe, almost like the voice was everywhere and permeated everything. It bothered me later in the day. I wasn't sure if I had even heard the word tenable before, so I looked it up. Feel free yourself.

I have been up on HPH and US since 07. Not sure if George or Cliff ever used that word before. Sure seems like the Earth at this moment is becoming that way.



add to favorites 788 2014-10-17 DreamBase 2.0 Get into the flow Wanji
Deaming of the Law of Attraction and how it is affecting what is going on in my present moments. Saw picture of myself standing on the Earth with the heavens above. Energy, in the form of a river was flowing across my body. Kept thinking that something was wrong with the river because I knew it was energy and it wasn't flowing from the heavens through my crown chakra and out of my root chakra into the Earth. No matter what I did or thought, the picture stayed the same and I kept trying to make the river flow the right way. Suddenly, I realized that the river of energy was flowing correctly and all that it was me that was not in the correct alignment. All I had to do was lay my body down and relax into the flow of the river and I began to swiftly move with the energy instead of being stuck with the energy bouncing up against me.
add to favorites 788 2014-09-20 DreamBase 2.0 Run out of money Mike YHWH
I was with my family at a holiday resort, enjoying the sun and walking down the pier. My wife wanted to buy an handbag and my kids had ordered an ice cream. The kids were enjoying their ice cream in the milk bar and I was next door with my wife. At the counter I reached into my pocket to pay the handbag but couldn't find any money. I was irritatedt and started fumbling for my wallet. I opened it an it was empty, no money there. I was feeling embarrassed. I took out a credit card. The clerk swiped it but returned it to me saying it was declined. My wife said, 'oh dear' this is so embarrassing! I tried the last card and it didn't work either. We returned the bag and walked out in total embarrassment and afraid that we couldn't even pay for the ice cream of the kids. When I arrived there, my son had paid for it and I woke up.
add to favorites 779 2010-05-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE message from the other side Annie Mouse

I must preface by stating I have a severely broken wrist & arm with tons of hardware in it right now including 7 pins and external fixator. 

I awoke at 4am after having friendly conversation with "Ann Doner" she wears a 40ish hair style and is of the same physical genre as Nicole Kidman. we talk of schools for children, and other pleasantries.. she lends me her computer to look up a phone number and instead of finding the number, I find hundreds of medical abstract articles. I awake thinking that she must of been a physician. google search reveals that "ann doner vaughan" was the president of kappa delta during  the 40's and was instrumental in setting up an alliance with the american  orthopedic association to award grants for abstracts and research work in the field of orthopedics.    pretty strange huh..... see oref.org

I still dont know what Ann wants me to know....   you couldnt make this up !!

add to favorites 777 2010-10-01 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE Aunt Chris Krys

I was named after my Aunt Chris.  I loved her dearly.  After she died I found myself next to her.  She turned to me and smiled in surprise, "What are you doing here?"  My Aunt Chris looked younger; her hair was black again, her skin was flawless, all the colors were sharp and clear but strange.  The vision of her, looking at her, was comprised of millions and millions of tiny dots - are they called pixels???  At any rate, it just occurred to me in this moment, geez, is death a hologram too, a matrix too?  I had asked my Aunt Chris if I was going to die and she smiled confidently and said yes.  I woke up.

add to favorites 764 2010-06-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Blue Star Kachina slim2none

Overnight May31 - June 1, 2010 I dreamed I saw the Blue Star Kachina.

With no reference to a known constellation but a underneath a group of stars in roughly a diamond shape, below the bottom white regular star was shining a  smaller but very easily visible bright, brilliant blue star unlike any I've ever really seen.  Very little twinkle, just constant hard blue light.

I turned to others and said "hey, look, it's the blue star Kachina!"  Several others looked where I was pointing and said "It IS the Blue Star Kachina"  with no great excitement (as if I had just pointed out the Big Dipper). 

I have little familiarity with the Hopi legends but no great interest or research into them.  I rarely remember dreams.  Not only did I remember this the next morning, but I soon forgot about it and then re-remembered this dream that afternoon.  Seems that I was supposed to remember it.



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