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add to favorites 724 2014-10-05 DreamBase 2.0 P1_06 Sickness, Labor, Useless!?! NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
10/5/2014 10:50am I am standing with my guide at the edge of a lake, beautiful and pristine in this wilderness. Still is the water, not a single ripple. I can see the refelections of the snowcapped mountain tops in the water, the large pine trees, and the clouds above. 'What you don't see is what is below' my guide says to me. He instructs me to get down on my knees and put my face into the water to see what is below. So I do this, and I notice as the scene begin to play out, I am so focused on what my eyes are seeing that I do not notice what is being said around me, I hear faint talking but don't quite understand where it is coming from. In the water this is the movie like pictures that I see: SICKNESS: There is a Sickness of the mind going around, there is also a sickness of the body going around, when someone gets sick with both illnesses, it means their brains stop learning and they become human vegetables, dumbing down the human race, these viruses are man-made, but that fact will not come out for a long time. Until then it is a 'Conspiracy Theory'. LABOR IS WRONG: One man who cannot seem to help, can't figure out what to do even when he has been shown, he has several Pregnant Farm animals, one is a sow and is screaming in pain, she is in trouble, this is not a good labor for her, her neck is contorting and all this man can do is throw up his hands, he can't help the momma sow birth her babies. There is a cow, a cat, and other animals; they all seem to be having the same problem! I don't understand what is making the momma animals have these problems, is there another virus or something like it that is effecting birthing too? Just as I finish asking my questions I realize my guide is talking to someone else behind me, who is not looking into the water like I am, the only thing I am able to pick up on is: 'USELESS' (my guide says) ' like the guy who bought a ticket into outer space but can't use it now because he is dead. (Says the other voice) then a small amount of laughter.' I wake up before I could pull my face from the water and before I could find out who my guide was talking to.
add to favorites 723 2014-11-12 Project Año Pandemic forces ca$hless transactions benefits the ADA ; Pope declares his disapproval over this.action awakeneddreamer
I was actually incubating a couple of important memes, one personal/private and one for NDC so needed to be careful to segregate any residue and overlapping factors. I was void of dreams for two nights as a result. Deciding on one at a time to see what came up; clearly snippets from notes revealed metaphoric images/messages as well as literal. I am back at the international food fest where all dishes are prepared and ready to serve but no one can eat them. People began to sneeze, some coughing, others holding their heads from intense headaches. The ruling officials announce they will only refund those who paid by credit/debit cards as all the cash has been removed (by people wearing hazmat). They were concerned the money changing hands was contaminated by a virus spread through contact- air, touch, secretions. All cash had to be destroyed at CDC controlled centers. Those with digital credit could be refunded easily. Those with cash had to prove what they paid with a receipt yet no one would touch the receipts. Everything became a potential vector for transmission. Government officials and media announced at that food event (which everyone thought odd to be so immediate- was it a planned false flag?) to facilitate payment of the food, the healthcare treatment and any other transactions needed to get home, implants will be available at the door along with a vaccine to prevent further infection - for those who were not sick yet. They announced that ACA had a provision to implant so all was legal and enforceable. The following day the news announced a speech by the Pope that this action was unconscionable and would not be sanctioned by the Vatican or the church. He offered that any catholic who chose not to agree with this would be given sanctuary and fed by the church. Following the Pope's speech attempts were made to blow up the Vatican and close all churches. This felt metaphoric for eradicating beliefs of any kind having to do with survival, or trust in a system/authority/father figure that would give solutions. The food felt metaphoric for sustenance of any kind extending into economic nurturing. Cash was gone, what technology was there to replace exchange? What would happen with people who did not have electronics? Therefore, the comfort of a community based support system (like a church or alternative living) was stripped from the masses, Metaphor- masses, MASS, catholic mass/sacrament- sacrifice. The Pope and another figure like a monk, (Dalai Lama?) announced to all before the attempted destruction that it can change through prayer and meditation.
add to favorites 723 2010-06-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Blue Star Kachina slim2none

Overnight May31 - June 1, 2010 I dreamed I saw the Blue Star Kachina.

With no reference to a known constellation but a underneath a group of stars in roughly a diamond shape, below the bottom white regular star was shining a  smaller but very easily visible bright, brilliant blue star unlike any I've ever really seen.  Very little twinkle, just constant hard blue light.

I turned to others and said "hey, look, it's the blue star Kachina!"  Several others looked where I was pointing and said "It IS the Blue Star Kachina"  with no great excitement (as if I had just pointed out the Big Dipper). 

I have little familiarity with the Hopi legends but no great interest or research into them.  I rarely remember dreams.  Not only did I remember this the next morning, but I soon forgot about it and then re-remembered this dream that afternoon.  Seems that I was supposed to remember it.

add to favorites 716 2014-04-19 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Breakthrough! Change Your Destiny ablelba
Dream – Change Your Destiny 3/12/14, 9 AM DST, 18:58 LST I had parked my car, and was looking at a tiny scrap of newspaper from 150 years ago. “See the amazing Iron Fortune Teller! New from the Far East. Change Your Destiny! On display now at Bynum's Pharmacy, 121 East Falco Street.” I was parked on East Falco. Out of curiosity, I decided to walk past it to see what was now at that location. There was a sign at 121, pointing down a staircase to a basement entrance. Bynum's Pharmacy. It was still in business. I went down the stairs and in the door. It looked like nothing had changed there in 150 years. Yellow lights shone on ancient tile floors and hardwood shelves and counters. There were modern medicines, and a fat, old, balding pharmacist behind the counter in a white jacket. There were also a couple of tables. Some old men were eating lunch at one of them. Feeling foolish, I told the Pharmacist, “I came to see the 'Iron Fortune Teller.' Do you know anything about it?” “Sure. Why not?” he said with an annoyed look. He reached under the counter and pulled out a squarish iron thing, wrapped in newspapers. It made a heavy clunk when it hit the counter. He unwrapped it. It was made of black pig iron with 12 cups, like antique muffin tins. One of them held an iron cannon ball. He opened the top on silent hinges, and unfolded a flume. It looked something like a skee-ball chute that went downhill to the muffin tins. “Just put the cannonball at the top of the flume, and let it go.” he said, with the air of someone who had said this many times before. “The ball will roll around a bit, then it lands in one of the cups. Then you find out your first destiny.” The cannonball moved very slowly down the chute to the cups, as if it was rolling through syrup. It slowly went back and forth for a while before settling into one of the cups in the middle. As I was staring at the cannonball, a woman's hand picked it out of the cup. “Choose the first destiny, please.” I looked up. The fat old pharmacist was gone. It was now a middle-aged chinese woman in a black silk dress. Behind her, the Iron Fortune Teller had expanded to displace most of the pharmacy. In the cup where the bowling ball had been, there were grey tokens like dominoes with red lines and marks in them. I hadn't seen them before either. I picked one and handed it to the woman. She put the token into the top of an iron quincunx, mounted on the wall. It bounced from one pin to the next, sometimes twirling, and had not reached the bottom when it shot out like a bullet into the model city. It hit a wall of dark green jade blocks, like dominoes. The wall stood, but it was tilting to one side and blocks were falling off the top. Dead chinese soldiers in Medieval dress lay around the other side. I had not noticed the city either. It was a model of a medieval Chinese city made of dark green jade blocks, with iron structures and doll-like Chinese figurines of iron, clay, and cloth. I did not have long to look, because another structure began to move. On the wall, next to the quincunx, there was an iron wheel made of two sets of fibonacci spirals. The two spirals went opposite ways and were overlaid on each other, so the iron wheel looked something like the seeds at the center of a sunflower, except there were diamond-shaped gaps between the spirals where the seeds would be. The spirals began to turn slowly, and the diamond-shaped spaces moved from its center. Inside a space at the center/top, the number “2” appeared on a yellow background, then faded away. “Your first destiny is two--” “...two dollars for that dessert.” The chinese lady and the waitress at the dining table said the word “two” at exactly the same time. It hung in the air. All conversation stopped, and the diners, waitress, and chinese lady turned their heads to stare at me. “Roll the ball for the next part of your destiny,” said the chinese lady, and handed me the cannonball again. I rolled it as before, and it landed on a different cup. Lifting the ball, only that cup had the grey and red tokens. The token shot out from the quincunx again, and this time hit a medieval chinese cavalryman on a rearing iron horse outside the damaged jade wall, and riding towards it (Horse and rider both looked alarmed). The flower/wheel began to turn. A red background. “Your next destiny is eight.” Conversation stopped again, and everyone stared again. But this time, there was no waitress. The diners were now heavyset men playing cards. At the word “eight,” they set their cards down, and turned in their chairs, smoking cigars and staring at me with murderous looks. “Roll the ball for the next part of your destiny,” said the lady. I took the cannonball automatically, and rolled it down the chute. Another cup, another grey and red token. When it shot out from the quincunx, it hit something, but I became frightened and ran out of Bynum's, up the stairs and into the street. The street looked completely different. It was very clean, wider, and had more modern buildings. My car was gone, and where it had been there was a very flat sports car that appeared to have no doors or even door handles. I took out my keys and clicked the “unlock” button. Yellow tail lights flashed on the flat sports car, and a hatch slid open in the top. Apparently, this was my car. It was the most disorienting, poorly-designed car I had ever driven. It looked like a cellphone with large-rimmed wheels. If I sat up and craned my neck upward, I could barely see through the two-inch windshield, mounted on the top. When my back got tired, I settled down into the seat to figure out how to start it up. The car started when I buckled the seat belt. A screen lit up on the inside. Apparently I was supposed to drive it with instruments only, like flying a large plane. It had foot pedals but they were behind fabric. I could not see my feet. There were joy sticks on the left and right, but these were also covered with pale nylon-like fabric. “More like driving a coffin,” I grumbled. The street was empty, and I was worried that the card players (or whoever they had become with my third destiny) would come after me. So I worked the joy sticks and somehow got the car moving. The streets of East Baltimore had changed. I looked for the 695 beltway to the Key Bridge, or route 95 South through the harbor tunnel, but the highway signs had changed. There was an interstate Route 65. Odd numbers go North and South, so I decided to try 65. Route 65 went South, but where the 95 toll plaza and tunnel should have been, there was a pier for an auto ferry-- No tunnel. The gate was down, and a ferry was tied up at the pier, but no motors. A sign in English and Russian said, “Line up your cars and turn off your engines.” No one else was there. Everyone else knew the ferry was not running that day. With a lot of trouble, I drove back to Bynum's. Card players or not, I needed to find out where I was and how to get out of there. There was a Falco Street, and a building marked '121,' but it was a glass and steel structure. No basement entrance. As I approached it, a young man in a grey suit was leaving the building, holding his suit coat over one shoulder. “Excuse me,” I said, “Do you know anything about the Iron Fortune Teller?” He laughed a bit, and said, “Sure, we still have it somewhere in the basement. Did you want to give it a try?” “No thanks. I already tried it, and ended up here. I'm trying to go back where I came from.” He gave me a sympathetic look. “Then this must be your changed destiny. You might be able to find another new destiny, but you can never go back to the old one.” He gave me his business card. “Come see me in the morning, if you like.” The business logo on the card had three letters, the last one was a “K” (CRK? CPK? LSK?). Dream ends here. Comments; This was a series of dreams. I kept waking up, but when I went back to sleep the dream resumed pretty much where it left off. It may not be precognitive; may be more a commentary on my own life-- A lot of elements from ordinary life here. In real life I am a pharmacist working in community pharmacy. The quincunx is a device for demonstrating probability distributions, with metal pins arranged like the “5” face on dice. Pour metal bearings down the top of a large quincunx, and they will arrange themselves into a pile that resembles the Gaussian Distribution, the “bell curve.” that is often used to describe probability. Dominoes are used in games (and maybe gambling). The iron flower of Fibonacci curves is like the orderliness of the universe ("no doubt the Universe is unfolding, as it should"). The numbers and the changes are mysterious. The iron ball, chute and cups are choice and randomness; When you choose to roll the ball, everything else is set in motion. The chinese city of dominoes symbolizes the world. Choices set loose in it (like the chosen grey/red domino) can break down walls or stop armies. Whether this is for better or worse is not clear. The changed car may be my ever-changing workplace. Work is harder and harder. One location has gone to an all-video method of checking prescriptions. It's possible now to 'check' drugs going out the door without actually ever seeing them or touching them. It's all done on screen (ie., pharmacist never sees or touches the medications). This makes me very nervous. The new and strange Baltimore is the future. We are planning to relocate far away, for a number of reasons. Lots of opportunities, but also loss of all that we now know. Financially, it is an irreversible step. Once we have left, it is unlikely we will be able to afford to return.
add to favorites 715 2014-10-26 DreamBase 2.0 Total CEO Dreamerofdreams
I dreamed myself and a friend/close family member were flying (astroplane) into an airport. It was industrial around it, but not new industry, more like cargo and storage around the airport. I got scolded for flying in the wrong way because it had not been approved by the tower and was not a flight path. Once we got there I had to submit my pilot papers to be able to fly a cargo plane a man that was rotund with a white mustache had gotten for me to use. I was familiar with him. He as a grandfather or uncle, but it felt more like grandfather. He was proud of me. I was a young blonde woman in her med twenties and the other woman with me was a brunette about the same age. we were related either sisters or cousins. There were some questions about my documents because of the path I flew in but I had 6000 flying hours so my Grandfather told me not to worry about it. He also had influence and people were accommodating because of his influence. He said he was staying behind because he had business to take care of and he knew we could pick up the cargo and bring it back. We were flying south across a large continent to a southern island. They took us to the plane we were to use and we went inside. The plane was luxurious in the front behind the cabin, but it hadn’t been used in along time. There were cobwebs on the seats on the lounge area. There was a river by the airport as well and electrical lines crossed the river at different points. This was bothersome but I felt I could maneuver the plane throughout them. We took off and started to climb, there seemed to be a problem with the plane and I turned it around and came back in. Once I landed there was a heavyset woman there along with some airport officials. She told me she was a Cabinet Member of the county we were in and had to interrupt what she was doing to come there because of what happened. After going through conversation with her and the airport officials they said it was just as well I had turned around because the weather was bad where I was going and I wouldn’t have made it. I woke up and remembered the dream vividly, still do after a week. The thing that stood out to me was the old man, grandfather./uncle. I kept trying to figure out how he was in my dream. I hadn’t seen anyone or know anyone that fit that description. I went about my morning started reading the news. Then I saw the CEO of TOTAL was killed in a plane accident taxiing the runway leaving Moscow. He was the man in my dream.
add to favorites 714 2015-01-12 DreamBase 2.0 Interrupted awards ceremony DLP
I'm observing a huge ornate theater/auditorium which is filled with elegantly dressed people. The stage is brightly lit. There are a few props but it's not set up like for a play. There are several people standing around on the stage, not really doing anything. I don't hear any sound but know there's music being played. Suddenly there's a bright flash of light, followed by a bright light falling from the ceiling over the stage. The light fixture crashes to the stage. Pandemonium follows. The scene jiggles violently. Then everything goes black.
add to favorites 714 2010-05-22 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Beneath Earth Magma bubbling in Tennessee LBishop

I was in a wedding chapel that I felt was well known in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee as being a place that people go to get married as a 'special' place but not as a big formal wedding.  As I was walking around the chapel (which was much larger than should have been as happens in dreams), I noticed that something was bubbling up under the carpet of the room.  The proprietor says something like, 'oh yeah that just started happening. don't worry about it'.  Then as I looked around further, I was in a cave (still in the chapel house) and I could see native americans (but they were from hundreds of years ago) and they were huddling in the cave and were afraid of the magma bubbling up around them.   Then the dream moved on to another topic.

Tennessee was never really mentioned as the place in the dream but based on the feeling that I got and the dream context, I felt that it was around the Cave Run, Gatlinburg area.  There are alot of caves in this areas and Gatlinburg is a place that many folks go to get married and have a weekend honeymoon. 

add to favorites 705 2014-10-17 DreamBase 2.0 Get into the flow Wanji
Deaming of the Law of Attraction and how it is affecting what is going on in my present moments. Saw picture of myself standing on the Earth with the heavens above. Energy, in the form of a river was flowing across my body. Kept thinking that something was wrong with the river because I knew it was energy and it wasn't flowing from the heavens through my crown chakra and out of my root chakra into the Earth. No matter what I did or thought, the picture stayed the same and I kept trying to make the river flow the right way. Suddenly, I realized that the river of energy was flowing correctly and all that it was me that was not in the correct alignment. All I had to do was lay my body down and relax into the flow of the river and I began to swiftly move with the energy instead of being stuck with the energy bouncing up against me.
add to favorites 705 2011-05-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE ghost? dreamweaver

January 3, 2011

Woke at 3:30am again and then tried to sleep on the couch. I dreamt of  a man on an iphone in our house and he peaked out from behind somewhere and then walked right through my husband. I then yelled at him and others I saw and they didn’t hear me. I believe I was seeing another Universe or something, don’t know. 

add to favorites 701 2011-04-08 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Stocks & Co.'s Silver Collapse GT


I had re-occurring dreams last night that the price of silver collapsed to $10 an ounce from its current levels. It took 2-3 weeks for this collapse to occur, which is crazy.




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