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add to favorites 836 2015-01-12 DreamBase 2.0 Interrupted awards ceremony DLP
I'm observing a huge ornate theater/auditorium which is filled with elegantly dressed people. The stage is brightly lit. There are a few props but it's not set up like for a play. There are several people standing around on the stage, not really doing anything. I don't hear any sound but know there's music being played. Suddenly there's a bright flash of light, followed by a bright light falling from the ceiling over the stage. The light fixture crashes to the stage. Pandemonium follows. The scene jiggles violently. Then everything goes black.
add to favorites 834 2011-03-19 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR A rider on a roan horse came to rescue me from death Mariel

I had a very short dream a couple of months ago.  I dreamed that Jesus came riding a roan horse (beige colored

with reddish highlights, not the "red horse" of the Apocalypse).  He was wearing a dark colored cloak which I

thought was probably 18th century vintage.  I knew who it was even though he was not presented in typical garb.

He scooped me up to carry me off, and communicated the thought "I have come to rescue you from death".

This action was preceded by a brief realization that I was in a dangerous situation which might result in death,

but the realization was so brief that I did not record any details from that part of the dream. The dream was

wholly positive; most of my dreams are anxiety-dreams, although I dream very little now.




add to favorites 832 2010-05-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash The beginning of the end? Capri

I find myself in a grocery store with a cart full of canned goods. I feel anxious, and by feel I mean while dreaming I KNOW I'm dreaming,  I stop my cart and take a look around at a very 'Real Life' scene. Suddenly I can see my emotions comming out of my body like heat off hot pavement. I look around to see if my fellow shoppers are having the same experience. I know it's 'Time', but I'm getting ready to call out a warning to the people in the store. Suddenly, nothing matters more than me finding my way home. I am angry for finding myself in a stupid grocery store when I need to be home. The grocery store people are starting to get that it's 'Time' and most of them become wild, running or crying, abandoning their carts, or sweeping armfulls of useless item into them. I look for one person that has not gone wild and see her standing looking back at me. We don't recognize but rather just know one another. It is our mission to get back to our families by working togeather. We hold hands and make our way to her vehicle. We see some men that might be military, but just mostly crazed individuals. I need to push my emotions onto the mass of people, to calm them, let them know they must only have the mission of getting home, not let the idea that it's 'Time' make them crazy.I realize it's no use, they are not going to feel me. The woman and I get in the car and go like hell. All she will say to me is 'I Know' as we try to escape the city and get to our country homes. A rock smashes out her back window, we run up a curb and we both know that is the end of the car helping us. We exit and see people looking at the car, but we cannot understand what they are saying. We know it is time to part ways, and we both say 'Goodbye' as one. I suddenly know that the other woman is me, and watch her(me?) diappear and wish us good luck. I'm not far from home, but all the vivid colors and smells are suddenly becoming mute.I look at a tree that flames the color red and then dulls to beige. I feel my family waiting, they are okay because they are home, but I know I need to keep going and get there before the 'Time" has passed...This is usually where the dream ends. I have been repeat dreaming the above, all or some of it, exactly the same, for six months now. Not every night but at least once weekly. When I wake, I can't separate myself from the dream for hours. In my 'Real Life' I find myself practically running to get my grocery shopping done, so I'm not in the damn store when it's finally 'Time'.Something tells me it dosen't even really matter.

add to favorites 824 2014-08-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. War on Feb 15, 2015 Graystar

I was a mother with three children. I left them home and went to the store. I know the date was the day after Valentine's day, Feb 15, 2015. I bought some groceries and added day old on sale valentines cookies to my cart. Money was very tight. I was very worried about world events, jobs, money, not having things we were used to. I got home and my kids rushed outside shouting about breaking news Russia had bombed somewhere, Alaska or west coast??, a formation of USA Air Force planes, 8-12, flew over head right then and my oldest boy, 14, said Mom does this mean we are at war? I said yes son I'm afraid it does.

add to favorites 821 2012-06-07 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo Ex Girlfriend and the Cupboard Portal Philistine

Finally after a long period of non-rememberable dreams I had a striking love dream.

It had three parts: the finding, the portal, and the alternate reality.

I was in a strange house. I sensed my first real girlfriend. (It's been 20 years, I don't think about her very often and we haven't spoken in all this time). I could feel our energy touch and there was an embrace, but it was all just feelings. No visual or anything. I longed to see her.

I then heard a girl crying in a cabinet on the wall. Like a kitchen cabinet, about level with my upper body, but it was in a bedroom or laundry room. I opened the door to the cabinet and could see a figure about as big as a barbie doll hiding and crying behind some cups and office supplies. I asked her to come out of the cabinet. I considered this the portal through which she came to me after we made mind contact.

Then we were together and hugged like old friends. I could feel all my old feelings and love for her. It was emotionally painful and still is even now typing it. We talked for a while and I could feel all the what if questions about our lives just hanging in the air. 

Next she said she had to go with other people somewhere and I asked if we could meet up again later. She said sure. Some time later I found her again on the street, it was evening and in San Jose, where she still lives. She got out of a van along with some strangers who all wanted to meet me. We spoke for a few minutes alone, she left with the people. I've never dreamed of her in my love dreams, it's always a stranger when I have lost love dreams of longing for another. I felt strongly towards her in this dream, but not like my other longing dreams. We both knew there was nothing to do but say hi, embrace again, and part.

add to favorites 819 2014-10-17 DreamBase 2.0 Get into the flow Wanji
Deaming of the Law of Attraction and how it is affecting what is going on in my present moments. Saw picture of myself standing on the Earth with the heavens above. Energy, in the form of a river was flowing across my body. Kept thinking that something was wrong with the river because I knew it was energy and it wasn't flowing from the heavens through my crown chakra and out of my root chakra into the Earth. No matter what I did or thought, the picture stayed the same and I kept trying to make the river flow the right way. Suddenly, I realized that the river of energy was flowing correctly and all that it was me that was not in the correct alignment. All I had to do was lay my body down and relax into the flow of the river and I began to swiftly move with the energy instead of being stuck with the energy bouncing up against me.
add to favorites 817 2014-09-20 DreamBase 2.0 Run out of money Mike YHWH
I was with my family at a holiday resort, enjoying the sun and walking down the pier. My wife wanted to buy an handbag and my kids had ordered an ice cream. The kids were enjoying their ice cream in the milk bar and I was next door with my wife. At the counter I reached into my pocket to pay the handbag but couldn't find any money. I was irritatedt and started fumbling for my wallet. I opened it an it was empty, no money there. I was feeling embarrassed. I took out a credit card. The clerk swiped it but returned it to me saying it was declined. My wife said, 'oh dear' this is so embarrassing! I tried the last card and it didn't work either. We returned the bag and walked out in total embarrassment and afraid that we couldn't even pay for the ice cream of the kids. When I arrived there, my son had paid for it and I woke up.
add to favorites 810 2010-05-21 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. A Voice Lunar World Bridge Builder

I was in the state of awakening from sleep, not quite awake and not quite asleep. Lying there I heard a male voice, clear as a bell say, "THE EARTH IS NO LONGER TENABLE" I immediately sat up in bed and looked around my bedroom. Could have been my own voice but it didn't seem to be a spoken voice. Hard to describe, almost like the voice was everywhere and permeated everything. It bothered me later in the day. I wasn't sure if I had even heard the word tenable before, so I looked it up. Feel free yourself.

I have been up on HPH and US since 07. Not sure if George or Cliff ever used that word before. Sure seems like the Earth at this moment is becoming that way.



add to favorites 806 2010-05-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE message from the other side Annie Mouse

I must preface by stating I have a severely broken wrist & arm with tons of hardware in it right now including 7 pins and external fixator. 

I awoke at 4am after having friendly conversation with "Ann Doner" she wears a 40ish hair style and is of the same physical genre as Nicole Kidman. we talk of schools for children, and other pleasantries.. she lends me her computer to look up a phone number and instead of finding the number, I find hundreds of medical abstract articles. I awake thinking that she must of been a physician. google search reveals that "ann doner vaughan" was the president of kappa delta during  the 40's and was instrumental in setting up an alliance with the american  orthopedic association to award grants for abstracts and research work in the field of orthopedics.    pretty strange huh..... see oref.org

I still dont know what Ann wants me to know....   you couldnt make this up !!

add to favorites 805 2014-11-01 DreamBase 2.0 WHAT AM I DOING WRONG, God? GUENQUOISA
Intention: Went to bed begging God for an answer. I was in such despair at the time due to the multitude of close and afar off people living, dying, doing business; and the decisions they made during their life had no thought nor care as to how their decisions while they were alive and after their death affected my life during my life on earth here. Third person perspective: It was pitch black, I zoomed in on a Grand Cemetery where the well to do had costly and eerily beautiful Tombstones, Monuments, and Mausoleum’s for their own lost loved ones. As The Camera drew into Center Cemetery I saw ONE enormous circular grave, deep and freshly dug out of the earth. Atop the hole I looked down and saw my naked body standing inside that hole with nothing more than a Green Salad in my own hands. My perspective became first person. I knew I WAS DYING, and I knew The Green Salad was the only sustenance I had to extend my own life. I looked up from the grave and all of a sudden a well to do successful man carrying a black briefcase peered down into the hole where I was. He pointed directly AT MY SALAD and said, “Can I have that?” I replied, “Are You Hungry?” With a smirk and a shrug of his shoulders he looked me straight in the eyes and said “Sure Am.” I handed him my green salad, he took it and walked away. I woke up, sat up and declared aloud, “Well, God, you could not have possible made it more clear, MY PROBLEM IS THAT I AM QUITE LITERALLY GIVING MYSELF TO DEATH.”



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