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add to favorites 734 2010-05-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash The beginning of the end? Capri

I find myself in a grocery store with a cart full of canned goods. I feel anxious, and by feel I mean while dreaming I KNOW I'm dreaming,  I stop my cart and take a look around at a very 'Real Life' scene. Suddenly I can see my emotions comming out of my body like heat off hot pavement. I look around to see if my fellow shoppers are having the same experience. I know it's 'Time', but I'm getting ready to call out a warning to the people in the store. Suddenly, nothing matters more than me finding my way home. I am angry for finding myself in a stupid grocery store when I need to be home. The grocery store people are starting to get that it's 'Time' and most of them become wild, running or crying, abandoning their carts, or sweeping armfulls of useless item into them. I look for one person that has not gone wild and see her standing looking back at me. We don't recognize but rather just know one another. It is our mission to get back to our families by working togeather. We hold hands and make our way to her vehicle. We see some men that might be military, but just mostly crazed individuals. I need to push my emotions onto the mass of people, to calm them, let them know they must only have the mission of getting home, not let the idea that it's 'Time' make them crazy.I realize it's no use, they are not going to feel me. The woman and I get in the car and go like hell. All she will say to me is 'I Know' as we try to escape the city and get to our country homes. A rock smashes out her back window, we run up a curb and we both know that is the end of the car helping us. We exit and see people looking at the car, but we cannot understand what they are saying. We know it is time to part ways, and we both say 'Goodbye' as one. I suddenly know that the other woman is me, and watch her(me?) diappear and wish us good luck. I'm not far from home, but all the vivid colors and smells are suddenly becoming mute.I look at a tree that flames the color red and then dulls to beige. I feel my family waiting, they are okay because they are home, but I know I need to keep going and get there before the 'Time" has passed...This is usually where the dream ends. I have been repeat dreaming the above, all or some of it, exactly the same, for six months now. Not every night but at least once weekly. When I wake, I can't separate myself from the dream for hours. In my 'Real Life' I find myself practically running to get my grocery shopping done, so I'm not in the damn store when it's finally 'Time'.Something tells me it dosen't even really matter.

add to favorites 733 2010-05-21 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. A Voice Lunar World Bridge Builder

I was in the state of awakening from sleep, not quite awake and not quite asleep. Lying there I heard a male voice, clear as a bell say, "THE EARTH IS NO LONGER TENABLE" I immediately sat up in bed and looked around my bedroom. Could have been my own voice but it didn't seem to be a spoken voice. Hard to describe, almost like the voice was everywhere and permeated everything. It bothered me later in the day. I wasn't sure if I had even heard the word tenable before, so I looked it up. Feel free yourself.

I have been up on HPH and US since 07. Not sure if George or Cliff ever used that word before. Sure seems like the Earth at this moment is becoming that way.



add to favorites 726 2014-09-05 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD Woman is about to disappear in the woods. NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
6:50pm 9/4/2014 I am at a camp site location where there is a large bolder that splits two roads or two towns. I am with my husband and my son (I don’t have any sons this is how I know I am in someone else’s body) Something happens to our campsite bathroom, so I have to walk on this long dirt road through the mountains in order to get a ranger cabin where I can use the bathroom to take a shower. Before heading out on this road, I use my phone and I look through it like FLIR camera, it has a special button on it that can take regular pictures and FLIR pictures. I saw something next to a tree with my eyes, and I want to capture it on camera so I can zoom in on the photo and see what it is. When I look at the photo there is nothing there, yet with my eyes I saw an upright shape. I am carrying my towel and a shower bag; it is mid-afternoon, around 3pm. I notice where the shadows are on the ground which helps me to determine this time frame. There are people walking all around me in this mini-camping town, and there are people walking around down by the ranger cabin, but they are moving north and south up the mounting, not east to west on this long dirt road which I have to cross to get to. My husband decides to walk me to the showers, because I am exhausted. He leaves our son with another family member who was there camping in another location. We do not speak as we walk down this path. There is an awkward silence between us. I not very happy with him, but I do not know why. Once I get to the showers and go inside and lock the door, I notice there is a camera inside that looks out, so you can see who is at the door. As I am taking a shower I see a woman at the door, and she is using the rug and a rock to lock me in. I do not see my husband anywhere outside waiting for me, as if he just wandered off. I freak out, and get out of the shower and get dressed. I try to push the door open but I am locked inside this bathroom. When I turn around it is not the bathroom any more, but a weird doctor’s office. It has a small bed like in the nurse’s station of an elementary school. It is so small if I lay on it, my knees will hang off the bottom. There is a toilet next to the bed, and a counter with a small sink. The camera is still there so I am watching the camera, when suddenly I notice a big hair man (Bigfoot style, which I have never seen in real life) standing outside of the door, trying to get in! I run up and make sure the door is locked. The creature gets mad and pounds on the door. I rush back against the far wall and slide down between the wall and the web/table thingy. I can’t get myself out; I am stuck back here and not strong enough to move the table to free myself. I think I feel asleep or lost consciousness out of fear. Either way I wake up by a tall white man with a short beard pulling me out of the stuck position I was in, he was really struggling to get me out because I was in an awkward position. Once he frees me I look around the room, and it has changed again, now I am in his daughter’s private patio and the ranger cabin is his home. I am very confused by my surroundings, and I thank him for helping me. I gather all of my stuff and after I walk out of the door which is now a gate to a private yard, I realize where I am. It is now dark outside and I am afraid of walking back to my camp, I am afraid that whatever I saw on the camera in the bathroom was still out there. I got the feeling that the red haired woman who locked me in the bathroom was somehow helping these beasts to take people. I stood there in the light from the front porch of his cabin, wondering where the HELL my husband was, did he not give a crap about me at all. Did he really leave me here to be taken and possibly eaten by a wild beast? I turn to the man and ask him, if he could please walk me back to my camp. No he said, I can’t leave my teenage daughter here alone, I am very sorry your life is so messed up. I woke up in a sweat…. Feeling like I had trespassed onto this man’s land, invaded his home. But worse, this woman is going to go missing in the woods, while her family is camping. There will be high strangeness around her disappearance; no one will be able to get to the bottom of what happened to her. She has no choice but to walk this dark road and her Spidy man sense is telling her she is going to disappear and be killed and she is right.
add to favorites 726 2010-05-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE message from the other side Annie Mouse

I must preface by stating I have a severely broken wrist & arm with tons of hardware in it right now including 7 pins and external fixator. 

I awoke at 4am after having friendly conversation with "Ann Doner" she wears a 40ish hair style and is of the same physical genre as Nicole Kidman. we talk of schools for children, and other pleasantries.. she lends me her computer to look up a phone number and instead of finding the number, I find hundreds of medical abstract articles. I awake thinking that she must of been a physician. google search reveals that "ann doner vaughan" was the president of kappa delta during  the 40's and was instrumental in setting up an alliance with the american  orthopedic association to award grants for abstracts and research work in the field of orthopedics.    pretty strange huh..... see oref.org

I still dont know what Ann wants me to know....   you couldnt make this up !!

add to favorites 721 2010-10-01 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE Aunt Chris Krys

I was named after my Aunt Chris.  I loved her dearly.  After she died I found myself next to her.  She turned to me and smiled in surprise, "What are you doing here?"  My Aunt Chris looked younger; her hair was black again, her skin was flawless, all the colors were sharp and clear but strange.  The vision of her, looking at her, was comprised of millions and millions of tiny dots - are they called pixels???  At any rate, it just occurred to me in this moment, geez, is death a hologram too, a matrix too?  I had asked my Aunt Chris if I was going to die and she smiled confidently and said yes.  I woke up.

add to favorites 715 2014-08-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. War on Feb 15, 2015 Graystar

I was a mother with three children. I left them home and went to the store. I know the date was the day after Valentine's day, Feb 15, 2015. I bought some groceries and added day old on sale valentines cookies to my cart. Money was very tight. I was very worried about world events, jobs, money, not having things we were used to. I got home and my kids rushed outside shouting about breaking news Russia had bombed somewhere, Alaska or west coast??, a formation of USA Air Force planes, 8-12, flew over head right then and my oldest boy, 14, said Mom does this mean we are at war? I said yes son I'm afraid it does.

add to favorites 709 2014-09-09 DreamBase 2.0 Breakthrough NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
Meditation Dallas - 8/20/2014 12:00 noon I am in a room with a group of other people; they are all soldiers or warriors for a cause, we are dressed in a white hard uniform like storm troopers for star wars, I get the feeling from the uniforms this is not a real group of soldiers, but are freedom fighters, or religious fighters, like the new knights Templar. They people are all white, three men and two women. We feel bonded together, like a group of old friends. There is one guy that I hate though. He is short maybe 5’3, blonde hair, blue eyes, napoleon complex, a real bad attitude, and he has the worse personality, even though he is kind of good looking, there is something attractive about him, he can be charming when he wants to be, devilish grin and pretends to be genuine really well, a seducer of woman’s hearts . I want to avoid him, and he doesn’t like me either and is trying to push me out of the group. I pass him later on in an office setting or a grocery store; the two scenes are blended together because I keep going from my thoughts to the current situation. Clearly I am seeing through someone else, I am in their body so I can see their thoughts. When we look at each other we are both disgusted that we slept together. I am trying to take a new assignment to get myself away from him. I am reminded of a time we once fought together; we were in a basement, the room was filled with water, and furniture was floating all around us. I feel like I am in a video game, until I realize the room isn’t a room at all, it is a womb, the hallway I just came down in an umbilical cord, I am nano size, I am life. Strangest dream ever, I can’t quite tell if this is to prepare for the birth of someone very special, or signifies the battle of when conscious life begins, or if my mind is trying to make its own movies to see to Hollywood.
add to favorites 709 2010-06-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Blue Star Kachina slim2none

Overnight May31 - June 1, 2010 I dreamed I saw the Blue Star Kachina.

With no reference to a known constellation but a underneath a group of stars in roughly a diamond shape, below the bottom white regular star was shining a  smaller but very easily visible bright, brilliant blue star unlike any I've ever really seen.  Very little twinkle, just constant hard blue light.

I turned to others and said "hey, look, it's the blue star Kachina!"  Several others looked where I was pointing and said "It IS the Blue Star Kachina"  with no great excitement (as if I had just pointed out the Big Dipper). 

I have little familiarity with the Hopi legends but no great interest or research into them.  I rarely remember dreams.  Not only did I remember this the next morning, but I soon forgot about it and then re-remembered this dream that afternoon.  Seems that I was supposed to remember it.

add to favorites 707 2010-05-22 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Beneath Earth Magma bubbling in Tennessee LBishop

I was in a wedding chapel that I felt was well known in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee as being a place that people go to get married as a 'special' place but not as a big formal wedding.  As I was walking around the chapel (which was much larger than should have been as happens in dreams), I noticed that something was bubbling up under the carpet of the room.  The proprietor says something like, 'oh yeah that just started happening. don't worry about it'.  Then as I looked around further, I was in a cave (still in the chapel house) and I could see native americans (but they were from hundreds of years ago) and they were huddling in the cave and were afraid of the magma bubbling up around them.   Then the dream moved on to another topic.

Tennessee was never really mentioned as the place in the dream but based on the feeling that I got and the dream context, I felt that it was around the Cave Run, Gatlinburg area.  There are alot of caves in this areas and Gatlinburg is a place that many folks go to get married and have a weekend honeymoon. 

add to favorites 702 2014-09-15 DreamBase 2.0 Husband Impaled NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
My husband and I are sitting in a row of white chairs under a canopy. This feels like a wedding ceremony. Our old apartment manager is here and is running the hotel. She believes that her friends helping her can do a better job then the vendors did at fixing things. There is a commotion under the canopy and a large marchine is going back and forth spray white paint, and then black paint onto a second isle of chairs next to ours. I am sprayed in the face with small droplets of black and white paint. There are people all around us fixing things. I tell my husband, "I will be right back" and I go into the hotel lobby to complain! When I walk through the lobby door, I get hit with water drops on my face, i look up and see the lobby of the hotel has a major flood or leak coming from the upstairs. Water is pouring down in some area's, and the ceiling tiles are all soft and falling apart. I walk through a double door entry into the main lobby, and there are workers in their trying to fix things as well. People are everywhere, management has shown up and they move everyone to the back lawn and setup the office outside in the back. I finally get to speak with someone and it is the head management. The Manager has been fired and the new manager is someone i know, and she doesnt like me. There is another woman i used to know standing next to me. I am reassured everything will be fixed quickly, and not to panic. These woman are very cold and mean. I suck up my complaints, and let them the problem out at the wedding ceremony. I leave to back to the wedding ceremony and I see several gurnys, there has been some kind of accident with the paint machine, several people take me the gurney where my husband is. I get to his side lean down over him and begin to push his hair from his face. I asked him what happened, he tells me, the information is in the car. In the Car? but i am here right now... it cant be that bad right? He lifts the blanket, and opens his legs and to my horror he has been impaled by several objects. those objects were removed from his leg and bandaged up but he is now loosing a lot of blood. Give me your phone, i tell him. I will call your family. Panic has now set in, and i feel so helpless. Where are all the ambulances? I yell out.... Then i woke up.



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