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add to favorites 846 2014-11-12 Project Año Pandemic forces ca$hless transactions benefits the ADA ; Pope declares his disapproval over this.action awakeneddreamer
I was actually incubating a couple of important memes, one personal/private and one for NDC so needed to be careful to segregate any residue and overlapping factors. I was void of dreams for two nights as a result. Deciding on one at a time to see what came up; clearly snippets from notes revealed metaphoric images/messages as well as literal. I am back at the international food fest where all dishes are prepared and ready to serve but no one can eat them. People began to sneeze, some coughing, others holding their heads from intense headaches. The ruling officials announce they will only refund those who paid by credit/debit cards as all the cash has been removed (by people wearing hazmat). They were concerned the money changing hands was contaminated by a virus spread through contact- air, touch, secretions. All cash had to be destroyed at CDC controlled centers. Those with digital credit could be refunded easily. Those with cash had to prove what they paid with a receipt yet no one would touch the receipts. Everything became a potential vector for transmission. Government officials and media announced at that food event (which everyone thought odd to be so immediate- was it a planned false flag?) to facilitate payment of the food, the healthcare treatment and any other transactions needed to get home, implants will be available at the door along with a vaccine to prevent further infection - for those who were not sick yet. They announced that ACA had a provision to implant so all was legal and enforceable. The following day the news announced a speech by the Pope that this action was unconscionable and would not be sanctioned by the Vatican or the church. He offered that any catholic who chose not to agree with this would be given sanctuary and fed by the church. Following the Pope's speech attempts were made to blow up the Vatican and close all churches. This felt metaphoric for eradicating beliefs of any kind having to do with survival, or trust in a system/authority/father figure that would give solutions. The food felt metaphoric for sustenance of any kind extending into economic nurturing. Cash was gone, what technology was there to replace exchange? What would happen with people who did not have electronics? Therefore, the comfort of a community based support system (like a church or alternative living) was stripped from the masses, Metaphor- masses, MASS, catholic mass/sacrament- sacrifice. The Pope and another figure like a monk, (Dalai Lama?) announced to all before the attempted destruction that it can change through prayer and meditation.
add to favorites 843 2011-01-14 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Stocks & Co.'s Gold Plummets Krys

Lincoln, NE 4am

I had a dream where gold starts to fall and then very suddenly drops to $50.00 and ounce.

add to favorites 842 2014-09-15 DreamBase 2.0 Husband Impaled NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
My husband and I are sitting in a row of white chairs under a canopy. This feels like a wedding ceremony. Our old apartment manager is here and is running the hotel. She believes that her friends helping her can do a better job then the vendors did at fixing things. There is a commotion under the canopy and a large marchine is going back and forth spray white paint, and then black paint onto a second isle of chairs next to ours. I am sprayed in the face with small droplets of black and white paint. There are people all around us fixing things. I tell my husband, "I will be right back" and I go into the hotel lobby to complain! When I walk through the lobby door, I get hit with water drops on my face, i look up and see the lobby of the hotel has a major flood or leak coming from the upstairs. Water is pouring down in some area's, and the ceiling tiles are all soft and falling apart. I walk through a double door entry into the main lobby, and there are workers in their trying to fix things as well. People are everywhere, management has shown up and they move everyone to the back lawn and setup the office outside in the back. I finally get to speak with someone and it is the head management. The Manager has been fired and the new manager is someone i know, and she doesnt like me. There is another woman i used to know standing next to me. I am reassured everything will be fixed quickly, and not to panic. These woman are very cold and mean. I suck up my complaints, and let them the problem out at the wedding ceremony. I leave to back to the wedding ceremony and I see several gurnys, there has been some kind of accident with the paint machine, several people take me the gurney where my husband is. I get to his side lean down over him and begin to push his hair from his face. I asked him what happened, he tells me, the information is in the car. In the Car? but i am here right now... it cant be that bad right? He lifts the blanket, and opens his legs and to my horror he has been impaled by several objects. those objects were removed from his leg and bandaged up but he is now loosing a lot of blood. Give me your phone, i tell him. I will call your family. Panic has now set in, and i feel so helpless. Where are all the ambulances? I yell out.... Then i woke up.
add to favorites 836 2014-06-08 DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Fires on Land Melting JamieW

This dream actually came from my 5-year-old daughter, so I don’t have as many details as I might if it were me, but she honestly has had many instances of talking about things before the happen, etc, that I take her little thoughts & dreams very seriously. (For example, a few weeks ago she randomly said “God needs more people in heaven,” and then a week later my grandpa unexpectedly fell down the stairs and passed away.)

This morning she came stumbling groggily in to my office after waking and said, ”In three weeks this whole place is gonna melt!”

I asked her what she meant, and she repeated it again. I asked her if it was from a dream and she said, “Yes, that’s what they were all saying.” I asked her who, and at that point all she could remember was her brother, but it was clear there were many people involved.

We do live in Phoenix, so it is entirely possible that we will “melt” here in three weeks, but the tone of her voice made me feel it was necessary to report. I’m a daily UrbanSurvival/Peoplenomics reader, and I really enjoy hearing about the work you do here.

add to favorites 833 2014-10-23 DreamBase 2.0 answers Edna
A vocal message. I had no visual dream just a voice. Everyone already knows everything. They just don’t know that they know. Certain words or events will cause them to “just know”. It is the understanding or the lack of understanding of their knowledge that causes them trouble. You must continue your inner search for the “knowing”.
add to favorites 831 2015-01-27 DreamBase 2.0 The Devil wants the children awakeneddreamer
I am walking down a familiar path through formal gardens to the deep dark recesses of a cellar where the beloved dogs (pets) are kept. Turning on all the path lights as it was getting dark I sense something dark and different than usual. I turn on the last light and step down to go into the dark portal but cannot. I am frozen. there is something very dark and evil in there. I feel deep cold breeze coming out of the void of the portal. Turning to go back as I sensed there were no longer any beloved dogs left as something ate them, I here a whooosh. "It' appeared in front of me. Like a jinn, genie from a bottle is was homely but not as ugly or horrific as I would imagine. this creatrue has the typical horns on its forehead, muscluarly built, a bit slimey, with a dusky odor. The Jinn almost resembled Churchill. Balding head, jowls, non-descriptive with large lower lip much like Hitchcock's profile. He was actually polite in a British sort of manner. it didn't fool me. He looked me square in the eye and asked, " I want your children, may I have them"? I laughed. "You're kidding me right? YOU are asking ME to give YOU my children. Not on your life. No way. don't ask again." To wit: " I will not harm them, I need them in order to complete my destiny. Won't you help me to do this and then I shall stop?" He/IT was quite pathetic in his plea. No power really as he had to get consent to do this. I was not about to give it. Then some young girls and a boy in a car that just drove up, got our to unload some gear to which I yelled, Get back in your car and leave now if you want to remain safe!" They thought I was nuts. The mother driving the car thought I was crazy. I told them this Jinn was possessing anyone who would have access to her children or mine. Get out now before its too late. It will find a way to get them. The remainder of the dream was going from country to country to warn the parents of the children lost this Jinn was on the loose in any disguise that would elicit illusory legit ways to get their kids for its pleasures.
add to favorites 830 2014-09-09 DreamBase 2.0 Breakthrough NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
Meditation Dallas - 8/20/2014 12:00 noon I am in a room with a group of other people; they are all soldiers or warriors for a cause, we are dressed in a white hard uniform like storm troopers for star wars, I get the feeling from the uniforms this is not a real group of soldiers, but are freedom fighters, or religious fighters, like the new knights Templar. They people are all white, three men and two women. We feel bonded together, like a group of old friends. There is one guy that I hate though. He is short maybe 5’3, blonde hair, blue eyes, napoleon complex, a real bad attitude, and he has the worse personality, even though he is kind of good looking, there is something attractive about him, he can be charming when he wants to be, devilish grin and pretends to be genuine really well, a seducer of woman’s hearts . I want to avoid him, and he doesn’t like me either and is trying to push me out of the group. I pass him later on in an office setting or a grocery store; the two scenes are blended together because I keep going from my thoughts to the current situation. Clearly I am seeing through someone else, I am in their body so I can see their thoughts. When we look at each other we are both disgusted that we slept together. I am trying to take a new assignment to get myself away from him. I am reminded of a time we once fought together; we were in a basement, the room was filled with water, and furniture was floating all around us. I feel like I am in a video game, until I realize the room isn’t a room at all, it is a womb, the hallway I just came down in an umbilical cord, I am nano size, I am life. Strangest dream ever, I can’t quite tell if this is to prepare for the birth of someone very special, or signifies the battle of when conscious life begins, or if my mind is trying to make its own movies to see to Hollywood.
add to favorites 828 2014-10-26 DreamBase 2.0 Total CEO Dreamerofdreams
I dreamed myself and a friend/close family member were flying (astroplane) into an airport. It was industrial around it, but not new industry, more like cargo and storage around the airport. I got scolded for flying in the wrong way because it had not been approved by the tower and was not a flight path. Once we got there I had to submit my pilot papers to be able to fly a cargo plane a man that was rotund with a white mustache had gotten for me to use. I was familiar with him. He as a grandfather or uncle, but it felt more like grandfather. He was proud of me. I was a young blonde woman in her med twenties and the other woman with me was a brunette about the same age. we were related either sisters or cousins. There were some questions about my documents because of the path I flew in but I had 6000 flying hours so my Grandfather told me not to worry about it. He also had influence and people were accommodating because of his influence. He said he was staying behind because he had business to take care of and he knew we could pick up the cargo and bring it back. We were flying south across a large continent to a southern island. They took us to the plane we were to use and we went inside. The plane was luxurious in the front behind the cabin, but it hadn’t been used in along time. There were cobwebs on the seats on the lounge area. There was a river by the airport as well and electrical lines crossed the river at different points. This was bothersome but I felt I could maneuver the plane throughout them. We took off and started to climb, there seemed to be a problem with the plane and I turned it around and came back in. Once I landed there was a heavyset woman there along with some airport officials. She told me she was a Cabinet Member of the county we were in and had to interrupt what she was doing to come there because of what happened. After going through conversation with her and the airport officials they said it was just as well I had turned around because the weather was bad where I was going and I wouldn’t have made it. I woke up and remembered the dream vividly, still do after a week. The thing that stood out to me was the old man, grandfather./uncle. I kept trying to figure out how he was in my dream. I hadn’t seen anyone or know anyone that fit that description. I went about my morning started reading the news. Then I saw the CEO of TOTAL was killed in a plane accident taxiing the runway leaving Moscow. He was the man in my dream.
add to favorites 823 2010-05-23 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash The beginning of the end? Capri

I find myself in a grocery store with a cart full of canned goods. I feel anxious, and by feel I mean while dreaming I KNOW I'm dreaming,  I stop my cart and take a look around at a very 'Real Life' scene. Suddenly I can see my emotions comming out of my body like heat off hot pavement. I look around to see if my fellow shoppers are having the same experience. I know it's 'Time', but I'm getting ready to call out a warning to the people in the store. Suddenly, nothing matters more than me finding my way home. I am angry for finding myself in a stupid grocery store when I need to be home. The grocery store people are starting to get that it's 'Time' and most of them become wild, running or crying, abandoning their carts, or sweeping armfulls of useless item into them. I look for one person that has not gone wild and see her standing looking back at me. We don't recognize but rather just know one another. It is our mission to get back to our families by working togeather. We hold hands and make our way to her vehicle. We see some men that might be military, but just mostly crazed individuals. I need to push my emotions onto the mass of people, to calm them, let them know they must only have the mission of getting home, not let the idea that it's 'Time' make them crazy.I realize it's no use, they are not going to feel me. The woman and I get in the car and go like hell. All she will say to me is 'I Know' as we try to escape the city and get to our country homes. A rock smashes out her back window, we run up a curb and we both know that is the end of the car helping us. We exit and see people looking at the car, but we cannot understand what they are saying. We know it is time to part ways, and we both say 'Goodbye' as one. I suddenly know that the other woman is me, and watch her(me?) diappear and wish us good luck. I'm not far from home, but all the vivid colors and smells are suddenly becoming mute.I look at a tree that flames the color red and then dulls to beige. I feel my family waiting, they are okay because they are home, but I know I need to keep going and get there before the 'Time" has passed...This is usually where the dream ends. I have been repeat dreaming the above, all or some of it, exactly the same, for six months now. Not every night but at least once weekly. When I wake, I can't separate myself from the dream for hours. In my 'Real Life' I find myself practically running to get my grocery shopping done, so I'm not in the damn store when it's finally 'Time'.Something tells me it dosen't even really matter.

add to favorites 819 2011-03-19 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR A rider on a roan horse came to rescue me from death Mariel

I had a very short dream a couple of months ago.  I dreamed that Jesus came riding a roan horse (beige colored

with reddish highlights, not the "red horse" of the Apocalypse).  He was wearing a dark colored cloak which I

thought was probably 18th century vintage.  I knew who it was even though he was not presented in typical garb.

He scooped me up to carry me off, and communicated the thought "I have come to rescue you from death".

This action was preceded by a brief realization that I was in a dangerous situation which might result in death,

but the realization was so brief that I did not record any details from that part of the dream. The dream was

wholly positive; most of my dreams are anxiety-dreams, although I dream very little now.






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