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add to favorites 866 2010-09-03 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE They tried to tempt me to come back home deborah

Our bodies and life on Earth is not very important.  I'd decided I'm not going back home to the heavens after this life.  I am escaping the Earth prison and the amnesia we all have.  But I also felt a little sad since I knew I had friends long long ago in that place.  But for all I know they are now  here on Earth with me so I decided even if I don't stay on Earth I am not going back.     

Anyhow shortly after deciding that I had a dream that was profoundly joyful and powerful.  When people die often they say they are going home.  I know what they refer to.  When I rejected home it came to me in a dream to remind me of it's power. 

 I was near the top of a mountain with a friend.  I don't know who the friend was.  We were waiting at a bus stop.  We waited quite a while and saw a regular human city bus pass.  We walked a block to get a longer view down the road.  We turned around and our bus was at the stop.  It was medium green with no markings or signs.  Even the windows were green.  We both ran full speed back to the bus which was starting to turn around. 

 We got to the drivers door which was on the port side.  The driver wore sunglasses and looked at us.  I noticed we both wore sunglasses too.  The driver said "Take off your sunglasses"  We stood silently and made no move to remove our sunglasses.  When he saw this he jerked his chin towards the back and said "Get in."  Strangely enough the door in was not the door he had opened to speak with us.  It was camoflaged on the side of the bus.  We had to stare at the mechanism for a minute to figure out the secret.  Some of the passengers inside giggled when they saw we did not know how to open the bus.   We figured the puzzle out quickly and got in.

  It looked like a normal bus but people from many nationalities were there.  Everyone in the bus gave off a feeling of intense joy and relief.  It was serene and powerful.  Everyone was talking happily and elated.  While we were sitting down I was suddenly overcome with  unimaginable joy.  It was a feeling of succeeding at the one in a million chance of even getting on the bus and now we are safe within  but most important the bus was headed home.  The thought that there was a home and it was a real place was profound and enticing.  Like someone cherished had died and suddenly were standing in front of you happy and safe.  Overwhelming like if a soldier died in battle and suddenly found himself home with his wife and children and all was well and he knew it was real not a delusion.  I had not expected I would be going home ever and suddenly here I was on the only bus that goes there. 

Seconds after sitting down the bus began to move.  It immediately left the vicinity of Earth and just a moment after that was out of this solar system.  Then it began to beeline towards the center of the galaxy.  At that point in the bus the speakers began to fuzzily give instructions to the passengers.  It was all in an understandable language but the instructions were different for each region or population of people.  Each region had lived with different programming and data and the announcements were telling each tribe and race where they needed to report when we arrived and what they needed to do.  I was then a little surprised that the sound system was so poor.  I was listening anxiously for the data for the native americans but I couldn't quite hear it.  Then just as the dream ended I could see how worn and aged the bus was in addition to the speakers on the fritz.  It's like the dream shut off quick as soon as I saw that and I was wide awake.  Afterwards the incredible feeling of joy lingered.  I was so happy to remember I had a home that was real not here on Earth.  It did not change my mind on not returning.  The dream tried to reactivate my obedience by reminding me of where I came from and instead it inadvertently restored another important memory of what is real and where it is.                 


add to favorites 852 2011-03-26 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Large UFO Ship Monster

I was standing with someone looking up at the clouds, the clouds was a thin covering all over the sky, several x"s appeared and I said jokingly to the other person, X markes the spot, as I said that some on the clouds moved and I saw a reflection of the houses and towns ,being reflected in the sky like a very huge almost mirror shinny bottom on a huge craft taking up the hole sky, as the clouds dispursed you could see more of the towns reflection. Thats all I can remember

add to favorites 850 2014-09-09 DreamBase 2.0 Missing woman return home – years later. NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
8:20am 9/5/14 I am a mother searching for my daughter, retracing her steps, always one step behind. I lost her when she went away to college. My daughter fell in love with a thug. After the school was raided by the police, and the body of the young man who loved my daughter was found in a pool of blood on the campus, the man she fell in love with ended up in prison for the crime. My daughter fell in love with the wrong man; he was working for the cartel/mafia/gang. He was angry, hot temper, and abusive, good thing he is locked away. She didn’t know he was only at the college to do dirty work for cartel/mafia/gang. There is an airport style bar on the campus, she worked there, and it was dirty, dim, and run down. The bar was run by an illegal gambling ring, underground, and owned by another business, but it was hidden in an LLC or Corporation so the cops never closed the bar. She was fired, and framed to make it look like she stole a lot of money, but this was the cartel/mafia/gang. My daughter thought she would be in trouble with the law and go to prison so she fled. The guy, who ran the bar, is telling me about my daughter and trying to help me locate her. He grabs my laptop because he is trying to show me how to find my daughter. He tries to log in to the internet using my computer, but I have a special Wi-Fi attachment on my laptop that looks like a magic jack, he says “What in the hell is this” so I explain that I can use this to bypass how I get online. The young man using my laptop shuts down the entire network in the bar and brings up a hologram screen above the work station, he is using a special map program, to track and locate my daughter. He is a hacker, 30 something white male. He is a Good guy working for bad people. The people that he works for no longer come around, and he has not gotten marching orders for over 10 years, so he doesn’t know if they are even still around. (Flash Forward 3 years later) May daughter went out on a date with a guy, he was an undercover cop. He took her out to a salon to get her nails done, and pamper her, but didn’t know how to do it himself. The salon employees were too busy, she ended up with a plant looking thing on her toes, and he kept knocking stuff over. He tried desperately to make her happy, but she was unhappy. The man gives her some old papers that look like travel brochures, there are messages hidden in the brochures he gives her, and then the man disappears. (Flash forward 13 years later) She ended up in a house with a Lesbian gang, they also were gambling, but on ponies, rigging bets. She can’t leave in her car, mustang is still sitting in the driveway, they will see and hear her leaving, she finds the brochures in the glove compartment, and she realizes they are pony bets that are going to win, just in time too, because they were preset many years in advance. She walks down to the corner store, and places her bets with money she stole from the gang. She wins, and hides the money in the park down the street. The leader of the Lesbian gang is very unhappy that she left even for a little while. She feels like she is being held prisoner. They threaten to hurt her two beautiful daughters if she sneaks away again. She doesn’t tell them about the money she won. That night she finds a letter from the man on the date which reads, “I am in love with you, if you feel the same way, meet me here, and we can elope.” There is a map, in the brochure; it is a tourist spot in the city. (I believe San Francisco, CA.) Her heart drops, because she realizes she missed out on meeting up with him and running away years ago. She decides she is going to leave and will have to leave in the middle of the night to escape, but she has to wake her two daughters without them making noise, and sneak them out to the car, she cannot tell them anything in advance, her two daughters around 10 & 12 years old. She is thinking about where she can hide, in the park down the street maybe, she has to go there to get the money she hid anyways. She is making her plans, ready to act but before she can leave the police/swat team raids the gang and finds the girl who has been missing for years. It turns out all of these years she was never in trouble with the law. It was her own fear that led her to believe this was the life she had to lead. Now she can be re-united with her family, she has missed them for so long. But the first thing she does is go to the place on the map. But he isn’t there. The undercover cop has moved on. I can see the man; he is sitting in a dark apartment watching through a telescope, he is still a cop, still working on sting operations. He knows she is free, but how does he approach her. He will wait; he is still in love with her. This will be a happy ending, after years of suffering and pain, bad mistakes. Fairy tells do come true. There is a light at the end of the tunnel; she just doesn’t know it yet.
add to favorites 841 2014-09-05 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Just Plain WEIRD Woman is about to disappear in the woods. NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
6:50pm 9/4/2014 I am at a camp site location where there is a large bolder that splits two roads or two towns. I am with my husband and my son (I don’t have any sons this is how I know I am in someone else’s body) Something happens to our campsite bathroom, so I have to walk on this long dirt road through the mountains in order to get a ranger cabin where I can use the bathroom to take a shower. Before heading out on this road, I use my phone and I look through it like FLIR camera, it has a special button on it that can take regular pictures and FLIR pictures. I saw something next to a tree with my eyes, and I want to capture it on camera so I can zoom in on the photo and see what it is. When I look at the photo there is nothing there, yet with my eyes I saw an upright shape. I am carrying my towel and a shower bag; it is mid-afternoon, around 3pm. I notice where the shadows are on the ground which helps me to determine this time frame. There are people walking all around me in this mini-camping town, and there are people walking around down by the ranger cabin, but they are moving north and south up the mounting, not east to west on this long dirt road which I have to cross to get to. My husband decides to walk me to the showers, because I am exhausted. He leaves our son with another family member who was there camping in another location. We do not speak as we walk down this path. There is an awkward silence between us. I not very happy with him, but I do not know why. Once I get to the showers and go inside and lock the door, I notice there is a camera inside that looks out, so you can see who is at the door. As I am taking a shower I see a woman at the door, and she is using the rug and a rock to lock me in. I do not see my husband anywhere outside waiting for me, as if he just wandered off. I freak out, and get out of the shower and get dressed. I try to push the door open but I am locked inside this bathroom. When I turn around it is not the bathroom any more, but a weird doctor’s office. It has a small bed like in the nurse’s station of an elementary school. It is so small if I lay on it, my knees will hang off the bottom. There is a toilet next to the bed, and a counter with a small sink. The camera is still there so I am watching the camera, when suddenly I notice a big hair man (Bigfoot style, which I have never seen in real life) standing outside of the door, trying to get in! I run up and make sure the door is locked. The creature gets mad and pounds on the door. I rush back against the far wall and slide down between the wall and the web/table thingy. I can’t get myself out; I am stuck back here and not strong enough to move the table to free myself. I think I feel asleep or lost consciousness out of fear. Either way I wake up by a tall white man with a short beard pulling me out of the stuck position I was in, he was really struggling to get me out because I was in an awkward position. Once he frees me I look around the room, and it has changed again, now I am in his daughter’s private patio and the ranger cabin is his home. I am very confused by my surroundings, and I thank him for helping me. I gather all of my stuff and after I walk out of the door which is now a gate to a private yard, I realize where I am. It is now dark outside and I am afraid of walking back to my camp, I am afraid that whatever I saw on the camera in the bathroom was still out there. I got the feeling that the red haired woman who locked me in the bathroom was somehow helping these beasts to take people. I stood there in the light from the front porch of his cabin, wondering where the HELL my husband was, did he not give a crap about me at all. Did he really leave me here to be taken and possibly eaten by a wild beast? I turn to the man and ask him, if he could please walk me back to my camp. No he said, I can’t leave my teenage daughter here alone, I am very sorry your life is so messed up. I woke up in a sweat…. Feeling like I had trespassed onto this man’s land, invaded his home. But worse, this woman is going to go missing in the woods, while her family is camping. There will be high strangeness around her disappearance; no one will be able to get to the bottom of what happened to her. She has no choice but to walk this dark road and her Spidy man sense is telling her she is going to disappear and be killed and she is right.
add to favorites 838 2010-06-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Spinning Spirals awake1

Dream on 5/25/2010:  I saw two, orange/red spinning spirals in the night sky, next to each other - similar to the "Norway Spiral."  I don't recall where I was, but at that instant, I had a knowing that a great cataclysm would happen soon.  

add to favorites 835 2010-08-15 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE Grandpa says, "It's almost time." Vicky

I had this dream a little over a year ago (early 2009).  My grandfather died when I was five years old (I'm 51 now).  I hadn't thought of him in years.  He came to me in a dream and we sat on a park bench holding hands for several minutes.  He was just looking at me and smiling.  I could feel a sense of love all around me.  Then he said, "It's almost time."  I panicked because I didn't know what he meant.  I said, "Not yet, I don't have things prepared for my family yet. I need more time."  Then he was gone.  I wish I had not panicked, so I could have asked him more specifically what he meant.  At the time I was trying to get situated to move out of California, and was afraid this was what the dream was referring to.  I had a dream about Los Angeles in ruin a year earlier that was prompting me to consider moving.  He may have been referring to my grandmother's health, as she is now in a nursing home in very bad shape.

add to favorites 821 2011-01-14 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Stocks & Co.'s Gold Plummets Krys

Lincoln, NE 4am

I had a dream where gold starts to fall and then very suddenly drops to $50.00 and ounce.

add to favorites 815 2014-06-08 DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE - Fires on Land Melting JamieW

This dream actually came from my 5-year-old daughter, so I don’t have as many details as I might if it were me, but she honestly has had many instances of talking about things before the happen, etc, that I take her little thoughts & dreams very seriously. (For example, a few weeks ago she randomly said “God needs more people in heaven,” and then a week later my grandpa unexpectedly fell down the stairs and passed away.)

This morning she came stumbling groggily in to my office after waking and said, ”In three weeks this whole place is gonna melt!”

I asked her what she meant, and she repeated it again. I asked her if it was from a dream and she said, “Yes, that’s what they were all saying.” I asked her who, and at that point all she could remember was her brother, but it was clear there were many people involved.

We do live in Phoenix, so it is entirely possible that we will “melt” here in three weeks, but the tone of her voice made me feel it was necessary to report. I’m a daily UrbanSurvival/Peoplenomics reader, and I really enjoy hearing about the work you do here.

add to favorites 810 2014-05-14 Proj Aug - Closed Holigram Wheel NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
5/13/2014 9:22am I am walking in a wooded area on a small game trail, I can hear the sound of hooves but the sound is echoing in the trees so I can not tell where it is coming from. I stop in my path and listen, the hoof sounds stop as well. I turn around and see a giant buffalo is standing behind me. He says my name, my eyes go wide, but I grin, because I know this is a dream. "Tutank (Buffalo) what is your name?" I asked... "My name is the sound of thunder" he said. I asked him, "are you following me", "no" he replied, " am on my way to the medicine wheel, would you care to join me?" Sure I said... We walked down the path him following slowly behind me until we came to a clearing. I don't know quite how to describe what I saw in the middle of the clearing, it was like a merry-go-round or a carousel but instead of fake horses it had giant cards that were hologram pictures. As I walked closed I realized the pictures moved but only slightly, like the old cracker jack box hologram toys only much bigger. The first one was of man smiling, when I moved to walk around the hologram wheel he changed into an angry man yelling. His face is one I have seen before but I cannot place him, he is a movie star or TV star or something like that. I move to second card and it is of yellow stone, in the first picture you can see old faithful, in the second you can see people standing in front of old faithful. As I walk to the third card I realize there is a small space between the cards, something that is hidden. The buffalo laughs as I try to peek in-between the cards. "They will not let you see that" he said, but you can feel what is coming if you put your ear to the earth you will feel her wheezing." I laid down on the ground and put my ear to the earth, the buffalo started stammering his hooves and laughing... "Can you feel the vibrations?" I got up off the ground very upset with him for tricking me, but I knew he was right... I exhaled and walked towards the third card again when suddenly the earth shook so hard I feel to the ground. The shock of the sudden jolt woke me up, I thought there was a real earth quake. Note: I was at home alone for 2 hours before I woke from this dream.
add to favorites 807 2014-10-23 DreamBase 2.0 answers Edna
A vocal message. I had no visual dream just a voice. Everyone already knows everything. They just don’t know that they know. Certain words or events will cause them to “just know”. It is the understanding or the lack of understanding of their knowledge that causes them trouble. You must continue your inner search for the “knowing”.



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