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add to favorites 786 2014-10-06 DreamBase 2.0 Stockbroker on Fire Iris
I don't remember too much of this dream, just the main image. A male stockbroker was ascending a ladder, and someone pointed a flame thrower (not sure what you call this) at him and as he was climbing, he burst into flames. He was on fire primarily in his midsection with his feet and his hat-covered head still showing. Main emotion: shock with a dash of suprise as this was unexpected (uneasy was the closest emotion to pick in the list)
add to favorites 781 2010-10-01 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE Greek Dreams for the Non-Greek Krys

One night I dreamed my Aunt Bette was getting married.  My Aunt Bette was middle aged and wasn't even seeing ayone.  The next moring while having coffee with my mom I told her about my dream and she shushed me and crossed herself.  "When you dream of a wedding it means a death.  Don't say anymore."  Two days later my Uncle called to say my mom's (and Aunt Bette's) mother died.  A few months later Aunt Bette got married.  Dreaming about a wedding means death is a Greek thing I'd never known.  I was adopted; a Viking among smallish olive skinned people. 

add to favorites 777 2014-10-31 DreamBase 2.0 Apocalypse of End Follow-up Trapper
Ironic follow-up to my previous 'Apocalypse of End' dream I posted the other day (from 2010). I had not told anyone about it until I posted it, and then hadn't really dwelled on it since. Irony is that I have no had a follow-up to it, that explains a facet of it to me. - - - - - - - - I must preface this dream, in that I am not religious - though not Atheist. I am very secular in general belief. - - - - - - - - I am in an empty auditorium, and while standing in the middle, I can see a large map of the U.S. which appears to be affixed to one of the walls. No one but myself is in the room. Suddenly, a red swastika forms on the map and grows to span the same area as my previous dream, from Canada down into Northern Mexico and across most of the U.S. Then, the swastika is removed, and a giant 'PLUS' sign ('+') is placed where the swastika was. The vertical bar (up and down) runs between the Dakotas and Minnesota, down to Oklahoma City, and on to Houston Texas. The Horizontal Line runs from Virginia Beach Virginia to Las Vegas, and then down to Los Angeles. The color is a deep red once completed. The 'plus' stays now, and slowly, one leg at a time, it grows 'an extension' at the end of each 'arm'. The first 'arm' is from Houston, out into the Gulf to where the BP oil spill was at. Simultaneously, I see '111', then it goes away, then it comes back again '111' (in the middle of the map). Now, it stays, and I see another arm 'growing' from the Virginia Beach area (approximate) up towards D.C., NYC, and almost to Boston. Simultaneously, I see '222' form in the middle of the map. Then, from Yellowstone to Winnepeg, I see a third leg drawn and the number '333' drawn on the map, and much faster now, I see a fourth leg drawn from northern Baja to Los Angeles (and more) and the number '444' flashes for a second, before they all become blood red (they were drawn as black). Once it is complete, it changes to look like a bank vault, where the bars draw back on the big door. Suddenly, the continent begins to shake and split, like a cookie split into four pieces. It is beyond devastation. The word 'END' fades into the middle, and like a projector turned off, it all fades to black (after which, I had what I call 'superficial dreams' of trivial things, like flowers and leaves and water in a peaceful setting - almost like a 'compensation' or 'calming' scene afterwards).
add to favorites 777 2011-03-03 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake Meditational dreams California Kevin

I had two meditational type dreams recently.  One was showing me a massive earthquake..maybe 10+. in or around the himalayas.  That quake completely destroyed part of the mountains.  People and villages could not be found and were missing.  Could not tell the time of the event.  I could not tell whether this was  above Afghan, Pakistan, Kashmir or India.

The other was in California I think in march - April.  I tried my best to zero in on the center.  The best I could see it was in or near Bakersfield.  The picture in my head showed cracks going out from the epicenter.  The cracks also generated quakes.  The words "for two years" appeared above the map I was visioning.  Alot of the cracks went toward Los Angeles through the canyon country, but some went east toward Lake Isabella.  One crack went toward fresno and some went down the san andreas toward Victorville.

I pray for none of the events to happen unless needed to reach the higher age!

add to favorites 777 2010-09-03 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE They tried to tempt me to come back home deborah

Our bodies and life on Earth is not very important.  I'd decided I'm not going back home to the heavens after this life.  I am escaping the Earth prison and the amnesia we all have.  But I also felt a little sad since I knew I had friends long long ago in that place.  But for all I know they are now  here on Earth with me so I decided even if I don't stay on Earth I am not going back.     

Anyhow shortly after deciding that I had a dream that was profoundly joyful and powerful.  When people die often they say they are going home.  I know what they refer to.  When I rejected home it came to me in a dream to remind me of it's power. 

 I was near the top of a mountain with a friend.  I don't know who the friend was.  We were waiting at a bus stop.  We waited quite a while and saw a regular human city bus pass.  We walked a block to get a longer view down the road.  We turned around and our bus was at the stop.  It was medium green with no markings or signs.  Even the windows were green.  We both ran full speed back to the bus which was starting to turn around. 

 We got to the drivers door which was on the port side.  The driver wore sunglasses and looked at us.  I noticed we both wore sunglasses too.  The driver said "Take off your sunglasses"  We stood silently and made no move to remove our sunglasses.  When he saw this he jerked his chin towards the back and said "Get in."  Strangely enough the door in was not the door he had opened to speak with us.  It was camoflaged on the side of the bus.  We had to stare at the mechanism for a minute to figure out the secret.  Some of the passengers inside giggled when they saw we did not know how to open the bus.   We figured the puzzle out quickly and got in.

  It looked like a normal bus but people from many nationalities were there.  Everyone in the bus gave off a feeling of intense joy and relief.  It was serene and powerful.  Everyone was talking happily and elated.  While we were sitting down I was suddenly overcome with  unimaginable joy.  It was a feeling of succeeding at the one in a million chance of even getting on the bus and now we are safe within  but most important the bus was headed home.  The thought that there was a home and it was a real place was profound and enticing.  Like someone cherished had died and suddenly were standing in front of you happy and safe.  Overwhelming like if a soldier died in battle and suddenly found himself home with his wife and children and all was well and he knew it was real not a delusion.  I had not expected I would be going home ever and suddenly here I was on the only bus that goes there. 

Seconds after sitting down the bus began to move.  It immediately left the vicinity of Earth and just a moment after that was out of this solar system.  Then it began to beeline towards the center of the galaxy.  At that point in the bus the speakers began to fuzzily give instructions to the passengers.  It was all in an understandable language but the instructions were different for each region or population of people.  Each region had lived with different programming and data and the announcements were telling each tribe and race where they needed to report when we arrived and what they needed to do.  I was then a little surprised that the sound system was so poor.  I was listening anxiously for the data for the native americans but I couldn't quite hear it.  Then just as the dream ended I could see how worn and aged the bus was in addition to the speakers on the fritz.  It's like the dream shut off quick as soon as I saw that and I was wide awake.  Afterwards the incredible feeling of joy lingered.  I was so happy to remember I had a home that was real not here on Earth.  It did not change my mind on not returning.  The dream tried to reactivate my obedience by reminding me of where I came from and instead it inadvertently restored another important memory of what is real and where it is.                 


add to favorites 776 2011-03-26 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Large UFO Ship Monster

I was standing with someone looking up at the clouds, the clouds was a thin covering all over the sky, several x"s appeared and I said jokingly to the other person, X markes the spot, as I said that some on the clouds moved and I saw a reflection of the houses and towns ,being reflected in the sky like a very huge almost mirror shinny bottom on a huge craft taking up the hole sky, as the clouds dispursed you could see more of the towns reflection. Thats all I can remember

add to favorites 772 2014-05-30 Proj Aug - Closed Rescues From A Sink Hole sherriann
Project August 2014 Dream May 29/30, 2014 (12:30 AM) Rescues from a Sinkhole People gathered on a wide paved path in a public city park were sucked down by a sink hole that reminded me of a crevice because it was long and narrow. 'Crevice' is what I wrote in the dark of the night but in daylight, I realized that normally a crevice has no bottom. I didn't see the sinking part but it was obvious that this is what happened. In my dream, there is a rescue mission in operation, manned by ordinary people as opposed to a paid rescue team, where the people in the sink hole are thrown ropes to tie themselves to before being lifted to safety. They were being pulled up from about 10 feet down in three groups of three attached one below the other (a little help with climbing the dirt wall). Other people were gathered around, watching the event; some sitting on park benches. Beyond the sink hole to the right was a short black fence, like a guardrail, a strip of grass, maybe a side walk and then a street. In the background to the left were regular leafy trees. At the end of the dream, I became a rescuer myself when I pulled the last man, who was tied to a rope, out of the hole. All the other rescuing was being done on the opposite side of the hole from where I was. I don't know how the rope ended up on my side of the hole unless the lone man threw it topside. This man had dark hair and was wearing a dark brown fuzzy vest. I crouched down and had a short face-to-face conversation with him while he lay on the ground. I think I was just asking him if he was OK. BIGGEST HEADLINE ON AUGUST 1ST, 2014 WILL BE: NINE [or TEN] PEOPLE WITH MINOR INJURIES RESCUED FROM SINK HOLE IN [unknown]
add to favorites 762 2010-06-04 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Spinning Spirals awake1

Dream on 5/25/2010:  I saw two, orange/red spinning spirals in the night sky, next to each other - similar to the "Norway Spiral."  I don't recall where I was, but at that instant, I had a knowing that a great cataclysm would happen soon.  

add to favorites 750 2010-08-15 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE Grandpa says, "It's almost time." Vicky

I had this dream a little over a year ago (early 2009).  My grandfather died when I was five years old (I'm 51 now).  I hadn't thought of him in years.  He came to me in a dream and we sat on a park bench holding hands for several minutes.  He was just looking at me and smiling.  I could feel a sense of love all around me.  Then he said, "It's almost time."  I panicked because I didn't know what he meant.  I said, "Not yet, I don't have things prepared for my family yet. I need more time."  Then he was gone.  I wish I had not panicked, so I could have asked him more specifically what he meant.  At the time I was trying to get situated to move out of California, and was afraid this was what the dream was referring to.  I had a dream about Los Angeles in ruin a year earlier that was prompting me to consider moving.  He may have been referring to my grandmother's health, as she is now in a nursing home in very bad shape.

add to favorites 744 2012-06-07 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Surreality/WuJo Ex Girlfriend and the Cupboard Portal Philistine

Finally after a long period of non-rememberable dreams I had a striking love dream.

It had three parts: the finding, the portal, and the alternate reality.

I was in a strange house. I sensed my first real girlfriend. (It's been 20 years, I don't think about her very often and we haven't spoken in all this time). I could feel our energy touch and there was an embrace, but it was all just feelings. No visual or anything. I longed to see her.

I then heard a girl crying in a cabinet on the wall. Like a kitchen cabinet, about level with my upper body, but it was in a bedroom or laundry room. I opened the door to the cabinet and could see a figure about as big as a barbie doll hiding and crying behind some cups and office supplies. I asked her to come out of the cabinet. I considered this the portal through which she came to me after we made mind contact.

Then we were together and hugged like old friends. I could feel all my old feelings and love for her. It was emotionally painful and still is even now typing it. We talked for a while and I could feel all the what if questions about our lives just hanging in the air. 

Next she said she had to go with other people somewhere and I asked if we could meet up again later. She said sure. Some time later I found her again on the street, it was evening and in San Jose, where she still lives. She got out of a van along with some strangers who all wanted to meet me. We spoke for a few minutes alone, she left with the people. I've never dreamed of her in my love dreams, it's always a stranger when I have lost love dreams of longing for another. I felt strongly towards her in this dream, but not like my other longing dreams. We both knew there was nothing to do but say hi, embrace again, and part.



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