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add to favorites 922 2010-06-18 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such 9/11 Premonitory Dream NeptuneMC

This is of course ancient history by now, but I would like to record officially a dream which I had about 3 weeks prior to 9/11/2001. In the dream, which was in black and white and grey tones, and silent, I was standing in front of a large building, and a plane flew in low behind it and disappeared into it.  This filled me with a sense of dread, and then another plane appeared flying in low and the same thing happened. It disappeared into the building.  I had had similar plane-crash dreams in the past, but never one in which two planes were involved.  And the grey-tone quality made it seem as if the dream-event occurred at night.  Only after 9/11 did I realize the significance of this dream.

add to favorites 921 2011-01-13 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Whirlpool Sky Nicoll

In this dream, I was standing on the balcony with my daughter in the morning. In real life, we can see for miles from this balcony in every direction except North because of the Grand Mesa. We were just chatting while looking south when all of a sudden (this is really hard to describe) HUGE squares started coming down from the sky in various/multiple places. Almost as if someone was playing with a shape sorter toy on the other side. Then the sky turned into a swirling mass and whirlpool as if it was going down a drain. My daughter was panicing and I told her not to worry...this is EXACTLY, what is supposed to happen and that we have been planning this for a very long time.

add to favorites 916 2014-09-23 DreamBase 2.0 The Blue Man Finite Statist Machine
Laid down for a nap today, wasn't quite asleep, saw a blue light in my periphery of my minds eye, said "Clarity now!", "Center into frame!" Then saw a man of blue light. Wasn't sure what it was, but as I moved my hands its hands moved, and I seemed to have his eye view and saw myself on the mattress below while the blue man was standing... A fractal of myself / soul in this universe? My energy body? Helicopters were going over while this happening... I took the blue man of light for walk down the highway and I seemed to grow 30 feet tall and I walked to the local store and back. Pretty cool stuff.... kind of waking dream (theta state?) Was kind of an electric blue.
add to favorites 912 2014-10-10 DreamBase 2.0 BAY AREA FLASHER NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
10/10/2014 12:14am BAY AREA FLASHER Layered dream 1 of 4 I am a 45 year old white male wearing large dark sunglass and I am being a sexual deviant. I want rich white woman to see me masterbate in public. This is a thrill for me, I drive around doing this. I am in a white car (sports model) and I am driving on a main street looking for woman to expose myself to, I do not want to expose myself to children though, that to me is sick, so I stick to the 20-40ish white woman. I feel these are the woman that should want me, and want to give me pleasure I think to myself. I wonder how many of us men out there are seen as deprived sexual deviants because I know that is what I will be called, woman are so judgmental. All of these BI@%HES need to suck my C@%K. I am wearing sweat pants and no under ware so I can show myself to these whores. The longer I do this, the more aggressive towards woman I become.
add to favorites 906 2010-10-10 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR The Raelians magickj

I had this dream the night of 10/8.

I was with two women that I know. We were aboard a spaceship and entered a hall with a long table with high back chairs. The floor was a black white checkerboard pattern. There were many women there -- no men. I'd estimate that the table was 12 to 15 feet long with about a dozen women on each side.

We were instructed where to sit. In front of us was a hexagonal ball of white crystal. Once we were seated -- the two women I know were directly across from me. We were told to place our hands around the crystal. When we did, the Raelian women sitting behind our chairs appeared. I could see who was sitting behind my friends and vice versa. 

One friend kept jerking her head as if to say "Look over there behind you." I turned around and said, "Oh, yes. That's so and so." (In my dream, I knew their names, but I can't remember them now.) I said, "These are the Raelians."

I kept repeating "the Raelians" so I'd remember it when I woke up. Very lucid dream and I wanted to not forget.

It seemed that they thought a lot of the problems on the earth were because of the energy and power women had given up to the men. They had removed all men from political power by making them completely and obviously insane. We laughed about it with the Raelians. And now it was up to us (and all other women) to select women for positions of power so that the earth could heal. 

I didn't want to do the job I was given to do, but I was willing to give it a go. I was afraid, but I knew the Raelians were there to help me.

add to favorites 902 2010-09-21 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Stocks & Co.'s 800+ point drop in 1 session Dow shamanka

I have 2 kinds of dreams. Regular dreams and true dreams. The difference is qualitative and kinesthetic. They just "feel" different.


On September 16, Thursday morning , about 6:30 am


I dreamed I was in my house working, etc. And I was hearing the news (TV I think, although we don't have a TV in the common room) and getting flashes of the visual image of an anchor man. It looked something like MSNBC. Talking heads.

They looked stricken and he was reporting that the Dow had dropped over 800 points for the days trading.

I think I may have been doing laundry, folding towels...... anyway, I had that anxious feeling in my upper chest, not tight exactly, but like I was not breathing deeply enough. Like when you see someone take a tumble and you don't know if they are hurt or how badly. 

The reporters were discussing panic and chaos in the streets. I don't know if they meant that literally or on the trading floor.

When I woke up a couple of hours later, I checked to see if the day had started off badly.

Often the dreams happen the next day, sometimes it's a few days off. Rarely it's years. I dreamed about the twin towers in 1997 and on the morning of the event. The first dream was me hearing about it on the radio. The second was me watching people "falling" and jumping down between 2 steep walls.

And I don't know if the market can drop that much in one day.... I thought they had stops on it to prevent that sort of thing.

add to favorites 896 2010-12-14 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE My Grandmother Anya

I lost my grandmother 5 yrs. ago this month. She is missed terribly. I had a very vivid dream that she came to my bed and woke me up (I'm actually not sure if I was dreaming, or if this really happened). I was so happy to see her and told her how beautiful she looked. She looked the same (she was 89 when she died), but did not look old and was just radiant and almost shiney. She told me that she wanted me to come with her because she wanted to show heaven to me. I went and all of a sudden, we were in this wonderfully beautiful place. There were trees everywhere and a stream running very swiftly. I noticed that the water was so clear that I could see to the bottom of it. I remarked to her that it smelled wonderful there. She smiled. Then I saw a road, this appeared to be a rural setting. I looked at it and said, "Oh my God, the streets really are gold!" She said, "Yes, they are". The streets were so very shiney that they looked as if they were made of glass. I was amazed that they really were gold. She took my hand and said that we needed to hurry, she wanted to show me something. When she took my hand, I noticed that her hands were beautiful. My grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis and her fingers were turned very badly. In the dream her hands were perfect. I said to her, "Your hands are normal. They look beautiful!" She just giggled. We walked for a few minutes and off in the distance was a huge tree. Nothing else, just the tree. It was so beautiful. All white. All the leaves were so white that it looked like snow. As we got closer we stopped and she said, "Look". I looked at the tree and all of a sudden, the leaves started falling off and flying. I was in total awe that the "leaves" were actually doves. Millions of them. They all took off flying at the same time. Beautiful. I said, "So beautiful". My grandmother said, "I knew you would love that".  That was all there was to it. I woke up and was so very peaceful and felt so happy to have been where we were and to have seen my grandmother again.

add to favorites 877 2011-03-03 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake Meditational dreams California Kevin

I had two meditational type dreams recently.  One was showing me a massive earthquake..maybe 10+. in or around the himalayas.  That quake completely destroyed part of the mountains.  People and villages could not be found and were missing.  Could not tell the time of the event.  I could not tell whether this was  above Afghan, Pakistan, Kashmir or India.

The other was in California I think in march - April.  I tried my best to zero in on the center.  The best I could see it was in or near Bakersfield.  The picture in my head showed cracks going out from the epicenter.  The cracks also generated quakes.  The words "for two years" appeared above the map I was visioning.  Alot of the cracks went toward Los Angeles through the canyon country, but some went east toward Lake Isabella.  One crack went toward fresno and some went down the san andreas toward Victorville.

I pray for none of the events to happen unless needed to reach the higher age!

add to favorites 875 2014-10-31 DreamBase 2.0 Apocalypse of End Follow-up Trapper
Ironic follow-up to my previous 'Apocalypse of End' dream I posted the other day (from 2010). I had not told anyone about it until I posted it, and then hadn't really dwelled on it since. Irony is that I have no had a follow-up to it, that explains a facet of it to me. - - - - - - - - I must preface this dream, in that I am not religious - though not Atheist. I am very secular in general belief. - - - - - - - - I am in an empty auditorium, and while standing in the middle, I can see a large map of the U.S. which appears to be affixed to one of the walls. No one but myself is in the room. Suddenly, a red swastika forms on the map and grows to span the same area as my previous dream, from Canada down into Northern Mexico and across most of the U.S. Then, the swastika is removed, and a giant 'PLUS' sign ('+') is placed where the swastika was. The vertical bar (up and down) runs between the Dakotas and Minnesota, down to Oklahoma City, and on to Houston Texas. The Horizontal Line runs from Virginia Beach Virginia to Las Vegas, and then down to Los Angeles. The color is a deep red once completed. The 'plus' stays now, and slowly, one leg at a time, it grows 'an extension' at the end of each 'arm'. The first 'arm' is from Houston, out into the Gulf to where the BP oil spill was at. Simultaneously, I see '111', then it goes away, then it comes back again '111' (in the middle of the map). Now, it stays, and I see another arm 'growing' from the Virginia Beach area (approximate) up towards D.C., NYC, and almost to Boston. Simultaneously, I see '222' form in the middle of the map. Then, from Yellowstone to Winnepeg, I see a third leg drawn and the number '333' drawn on the map, and much faster now, I see a fourth leg drawn from northern Baja to Los Angeles (and more) and the number '444' flashes for a second, before they all become blood red (they were drawn as black). Once it is complete, it changes to look like a bank vault, where the bars draw back on the big door. Suddenly, the continent begins to shake and split, like a cookie split into four pieces. It is beyond devastation. The word 'END' fades into the middle, and like a projector turned off, it all fades to black (after which, I had what I call 'superficial dreams' of trivial things, like flowers and leaves and water in a peaceful setting - almost like a 'compensation' or 'calming' scene afterwards).
add to favorites 874 2010-10-01 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE Greek Dreams for the Non-Greek Krys

One night I dreamed my Aunt Bette was getting married.  My Aunt Bette was middle aged and wasn't even seeing ayone.  The next moring while having coffee with my mom I told her about my dream and she shushed me and crossed herself.  "When you dream of a wedding it means a death.  Don't say anymore."  Two days later my Uncle called to say my mom's (and Aunt Bette's) mother died.  A few months later Aunt Bette got married.  Dreaming about a wedding means death is a Greek thing I'd never known.  I was adopted; a Viking among smallish olive skinned people. 



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