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add to favorites 941 2011-01-24 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Circle of Fire Sandra Lee

In this dream, I'm standing on a porch in a trailer park. The feeling was that something big had already happened. Outside was winter stormy. I looked up into the sky and the clouds were roiling and there was lightning. The lightning was different, not white light but more yellow lightning bolts cracking. As I was watching, the lightning started forming a circle, then it was a circle of fire in the sky. I heard a voice behind me say, "We are SO fucked..." 

add to favorites 936 2010-08-13 DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE Volcano Rebecca

Aug 11

A volcano erupts and I am in Colorado. Although the volcano is far away, smoke and ash are in the air. We tape windows and doorways in the building we are in with duct tape so the contaminated air doesn't get in the building. I remember hearing about the bunkers underneath Denver Airport and thinking that no one will have time to get to them, as this event was totally unexpected.


add to favorites 933 2014-05-13 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such flight MH370 Sandy

On the morning of Mar 11 2014, I awoke at 0230 in the am as I would always do for work.

I was in a panic like I had been running and all sweaty and wiping sand out of my eyes. I had a towel beside mme on the bed?

I dreamt that I was in the desert where a sign had read "kasiikstan" it was windy and I was dressed in a long robe with a rope for a belt

I was told by a "local" that I was here on work assignment and that the plane is not in the water like those "fools think.m it's here and he pointed to a "bunker" looking shelter. I could hardly see for the sand blowing very hard around me. 

I remember saying, the families have to know! 

I felt as if I was running awaay from this man.

Next thing you know, im awake and in my bed with a towel in my hands?? 

add to favorites 919 2014-09-09 DreamBase 2.0 Pit Bull NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
8/4/2014 9:04pm Layered dream 2 of 2 I am at home and a friend comes to visit me and asks if I can watch her dog, her dog is a red nose pit, I tell her I cannot because I have a cat. I go to the bathroom and the dog follows me, she is as sweet as can be. When I come out of the bathroom my friend is gone, the pit bull see’s my Diabetic cat. My cat see’s the dog, and runs and hides behind the refrigerator. I run into the kitchen and grab the dog by the thin color and wish the dog had a larger collar on. As I am holding the dog trying to decide what to do, my cat runs past the dog and under the kitchen table. I try to push the dog against the cabinets, but the dog is pulling me along with her. I woke up panicked about my cat being hurt.
add to favorites 907 2010-05-24 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AFTER LIFE TWO GOLD TRUMPETS d

dream dated 5/19/2010

didn't know where else to place this dream.  the principal player was Hugh, a childhood friend.  Hugh passed away in 1991  Up until that year I had not seen or spoken to him since graduating highschool.

hugh was practicing his trumpet for a very important concert in which he had two solo performances.  i was thrilled to see him again but also to hear the beautiful melodies he was practicing as he was always "first chair" my fiercest competitor and friend in the music world since grade 5.  i exclaimed, "hugh, how wonderful it is to hear your music after all these years."  i remember the first trumpet solo he performed with a "gold toned trumpet" being famiiar, something we had performed in our youth.  the second solo however, was totally unfamiliar to me.   upon asking hugh about the two solos hugh said "the first piece/peace is old, the second is new/knew.  the concert of the year in which hugh was to peform with the golden trumpet was in 7 days "one week/weak" he said.  i was dissapointed to find out that i would be unabe to attend at that time but swore to myself i would find a way to be there.

now, one week from last wednesday would be 5/26/10.  in life, hugh's personal trumpet was a very fine silver tone trumpet, not gold.  he was neither happy or sad in this dream and i felt both happiness to see him and sadness as i knew i was not going to be able to attend  the concert of the year

add to favorites 905 2012-12-26 DB 1.0 (Closed) - WATER - Floods -Fresh H20 Unquenchable Thirst Jessica

Last night I dreamt I had terrible, unquenchable thirst. I felt the effects of this thirst throughout my entire body; the emptiness in my stomach, the dryness of my throat, and the weakness of my limbs that strived time after time to grip another bottle of water. In only a short amout of time, I had consumed an enormous quantity of water to which point I became incapable of moving. The physical pain I felt was excruciating; on one hand I was experiencing the raw sensation of complete and utter thirst, on the other hand I suffered from the consequences of drinking in attempt to relieve my thirst. In fact, with each gulp of water I consumed, my physical pain increased. My husband and I decided to call the doctor for a house visit, as I was in no shape to make even the slightest movement. Upon arriving, the doctor examined my physical state with a mere glance, he seemed to have understood the situation completely. He spoke with such stern certainty that I didn't dare ask any questions, "If you continue to drink, you will drown yourself." I believed him. Unfortunately, the sensation of thirst was stronger than my fear of death and thus I continued to drink. . .

I would like to add that when I reflect upon this particular dream, I begin to feel the physical pain that was brought on by my drinking water.

add to favorites 893 2014-05-05 Proj Aug - Closed To Vaccinate or not to... awakeneddreamer
Observed a family driving a jeep in a warm tropical climate. The driver was a young man who just received a very large noticeable vaccination that looked like an old fashioned smallpox vaccine only this was reddened, swollen, draining. He was falling asleep at the wheel like he was sick from the vaccine and could not stay conscious. A woman next to him took the steering wheel as they came upon military guards at a checkpoint. It 'felt' like a quarantined area. The people spoke mostly Spanish and some English. The guards were distracted by something on TV in the guard house, so the woman was deftly able to drive the jeep through the checkpoint unnoticed. The illness spread by this family driving through countries. Next, I saw a woman I know who lives in Idaho. We used to show our dogs together. Her new dog was a new breed named "Banyon" dog. I asked her the origin of the breed, "Oh, it is derived from the Alaskan Malamute". The sense I received from this was that outbreaks were reported either in Idaho/Northwest or as far north as Alaska. So the vector/transmission could be from airplane exposure. (air transmission) versus/or addition to border crossing. Either way. Smallpox? Something similar but hybrid/mutated strain. The woman I was speaking with who owned the dog has association with Washington DC; so y associative impression was that news, orders, proclamations will emanate from that location not CDC in Atlanta- (marshal law-quarantine?)
add to favorites 888 2014-06-04 Proj Aug - Closed THE BIGGEST HEADLINE ON AUGUST 1 WILL BE “VIRUS GOES VIRAL.” Maggie Moo
THE BIGGEST HEADLINE ON AUGUST 1 WILL BE “VIRUS GOES VIRAL.” I had a dream that we were with my brother and sister in law at their church in Kansas City, MO. My Uncle Marion was there and I think there was a funeral. There was talk going on about a little girl. All of a sudden my brother-in-law comes up and tells us we have to leave immediately because MERS has gone viral. We all pile in the vehicle and I am trying to make a phone call but the phone won't work. We are safe in our car but then I get concerned because I am thinking about all the people at the church that we were just around. My brother-in-law had told me that it was now spreading easily from person to person and my mind was racing as I thought of the hundreds of people that we had shared air space with. There was something about water and other things and then I woke up.
add to favorites 884 2010-09-13 DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE Inside Outside Light Kasota

I see a very, very tall city building.  Maybe 30 stories.   It is steel, not stone, but the windows somehow have a older look to them.   Each window is exactly the same as all the other windows in size and shape.  The streets are quiet - no cars, no people.  As I look at the building I notice how  all the windows make a grid.  It is evening and not fully dark and as I gaze at this buildling it suddenly flashes with light.   Light is coming from the inside, as if someone had flipped a switch and every single light in the building came on all at the same time.   Light is coming from the outside, reflecting on the windows.   Light all around from the inside and the outside. FLASH!   Then all goes dark.   It is very quiet.  

add to favorites 878 2014-10-25 DreamBase 2.0 Great Flood is Coming metadreamer
Mother dreamt the following, written here verbatim: I was outside my house chatting with a friend, an ordinary day as ever. Suddenly we were interrupted by a male voice echoing in the air from all around much like the voice accompanying a tornado siren telling people to take shelter. The announcer said this is a national emergency, that a great flood was coming, and to seek higher ground immediately. It was implied that other areas of the country were receiving the same warning, that it was an unprecedented tsunami. I got in the car with my friend and drove to higher ground. We ended up on a high plateau or mesa, a flat land surrounded by mountains but the land itself was high in elevation. There were thousands of people already there. The voice then told everyone to ensure they also had winter clothes because temperatures would plummet to subzero ranges. End of Dream.



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