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add to favorites 1092 2014-10-04 DreamBase 2.0 Martha Stewart Died Iris
In my dream, I briefly saw the text 'Martha Stewart Died'; no images.
add to favorites 1089 2014-06-04 Proj Aug - Closed THE BIGGEST HEADLINE ON AUGUST 1 WILL BE “VIRUS GOES VIRAL.” Maggie Moo
THE BIGGEST HEADLINE ON AUGUST 1 WILL BE “VIRUS GOES VIRAL.” I had a dream that we were with my brother and sister in law at their church in Kansas City, MO. My Uncle Marion was there and I think there was a funeral. There was talk going on about a little girl. All of a sudden my brother-in-law comes up and tells us we have to leave immediately because MERS has gone viral. We all pile in the vehicle and I am trying to make a phone call but the phone won't work. We are safe in our car but then I get concerned because I am thinking about all the people at the church that we were just around. My brother-in-law had told me that it was now spreading easily from person to person and my mind was racing as I thought of the hundreds of people that we had shared air space with. There was something about water and other things and then I woke up.
add to favorites 1079 2014-10-23 DreamBase 2.0 They are Coming or Here or are already here CharlieG
I'm standing in a public place like a train station and a voice starts speaking to me. I can't see the source of the voice just deep, male in tone. It keeps saying 'there are seven messengers coming to visit earth with a warning about how you are treating the Earth' I keep inquiring about who, exact content of message and who they want to talk to. No response just a repeat of the message. Then just before it disappears comes "Putin shot" I awoke with the thought that maybe two are already here in the persona of the Pope and Dali Lame.
add to favorites 1076 2010-05-28 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Dreams of Nuclear Attack-multiple dreamers Kathy

Let me start off by saying that I rarely remember my dreams. I know I dream every night, but the most I retain are only bits and pieces, and they too fade to memory. 

This dream occurred about 2 months ago. My dream begins and I find myself lieing on my back, on the floor, of a house. Im not sure if this is my house, but it is some sort of home. As I look toward the ceiling, suddenly the roof is torn off violently. As I continued to look into the blackness (night time?) I become aware of debris and wind flying by at what appeared to be hundreds of miles per hour. I realized that there was a nuclear explosion somewhere close by. The scene appeared like something out of the movie Wizard of Oz, with the tornado throwing debris, but this debris was being swept past the roof like a freight train. The dream then ended.

I spoke to my husband about it the next day, and told him that the dream was probably the most vivid I ever had, it in fact was burned into my memory, every scene, all of the debris.

My husband almost fell off his chair. He told me that he too had a similiar dream that night, a dream of a Nuclear explosion in a nearby town. 

It doesnt end there. I went to visit my 80 year old Father that same day. He is in assisted care due to Cancer. As I spoke with him, he said he had something to tell me. He is not the type to tell me such things, especially dreams. He was very upset, he told me he had a dream last night of Nuclear explosions nearby, and utter destruction from them. He was a little embarresed to tell me, I could tell. I did not tell him that myself and my husband had similiar dreams that same night.

My Husband and I spoke about it later and asked ourselves; "What are the chances of that?" I suspect they are pretty astronomical. I also know that these dreams were prophetic.

add to favorites 1067 2010-06-11 DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE Swallowing Earth Raven

I call it a dream but i am not sure whether it is a dream or a vision that I was sent back with. I was dying but I was sent back. I was told that it was not my time. I had more to do. I was sent back with this dream/vision and a word. The word is BALANCE. I was told that the world needed to find balance to survive.

In the dream/vision I was standing on a cliff along with one of my sons. We were looking down on what appeared to be a valley. The sky became dark but the dark color was red. A large red looking cloud that moved from east to west. As we looked down on the valley a hot wind began to blow. We saw people on their knees and the ground turned into red steaming dirt. Holes began to open in the earth and everything was being swallowed  by it. The trees even some of the earth itself. The people on their knees began to scream and cry. I can hear them now yet. My son and I started to shout at them. To tell them they must stand up. That they had to get up now before it was too late. Only a few listened. They slowly rose to their feet. But the  ones that was the majority remained on their knees just screaming and crying. Those were swallowed  up by the steaming hot earth. I can still see them be sucked under the earth.

I was not the only one to have this dream/vision. My son the one that stood on that cliff with me also was having it too.

I have another dream/vison the past two week. This one was just one of so much violence,anger , blood. So much so that I smelled the blood and I got up and went to search to see if I had any on me. Somehow I think the two have a link. I feel with everything in me that they are both showing me the things that are coming.Maybe because mankind can not find that Balance. I only know that they leave me with a very heavy heart.  





add to favorites 1053 2014-05-13 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Planes & Such flight MH370 Sandy

On the morning of Mar 11 2014, I awoke at 0230 in the am as I would always do for work.

I was in a panic like I had been running and all sweaty and wiping sand out of my eyes. I had a towel beside mme on the bed?

I dreamt that I was in the desert where a sign had read "kasiikstan" it was windy and I was dressed in a long robe with a rope for a belt

I was told by a "local" that I was here on work assignment and that the plane is not in the water like those "fools think.m it's here and he pointed to a "bunker" looking shelter. I could hardly see for the sand blowing very hard around me. 

I remember saying, the families have to know! 

I felt as if I was running awaay from this man.

Next thing you know, im awake and in my bed with a towel in my hands?? 

add to favorites 1037 2011-01-24 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR Circle of Fire Sandra Lee

In this dream, I'm standing on a porch in a trailer park. The feeling was that something big had already happened. Outside was winter stormy. I looked up into the sky and the clouds were roiling and there was lightning. The lightning was different, not white light but more yellow lightning bolts cracking. As I was watching, the lightning started forming a circle, then it was a circle of fire in the sky. I heard a voice behind me say, "We are SO fucked..." 

add to favorites 1034 2010-08-13 DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE Volcano Rebecca

Aug 11

A volcano erupts and I am in Colorado. Although the volcano is far away, smoke and ash are in the air. We tape windows and doorways in the building we are in with duct tape so the contaminated air doesn't get in the building. I remember hearing about the bunkers underneath Denver Airport and thinking that no one will have time to get to them, as this event was totally unexpected.


add to favorites 1021 2014-05-30 Proj Aug - Closed Rescues From A Sink Hole sherriann
Project August 2014 Dream May 29/30, 2014 (12:30 AM) Rescues from a Sinkhole People gathered on a wide paved path in a public city park were sucked down by a sink hole that reminded me of a crevice because it was long and narrow. 'Crevice' is what I wrote in the dark of the night but in daylight, I realized that normally a crevice has no bottom. I didn't see the sinking part but it was obvious that this is what happened. In my dream, there is a rescue mission in operation, manned by ordinary people as opposed to a paid rescue team, where the people in the sink hole are thrown ropes to tie themselves to before being lifted to safety. They were being pulled up from about 10 feet down in three groups of three attached one below the other (a little help with climbing the dirt wall). Other people were gathered around, watching the event; some sitting on park benches. Beyond the sink hole to the right was a short black fence, like a guardrail, a strip of grass, maybe a side walk and then a street. In the background to the left were regular leafy trees. At the end of the dream, I became a rescuer myself when I pulled the last man, who was tied to a rope, out of the hole. All the other rescuing was being done on the opposite side of the hole from where I was. I don't know how the rope ended up on my side of the hole unless the lone man threw it topside. This man had dark hair and was wearing a dark brown fuzzy vest. I crouched down and had a short face-to-face conversation with him while he lay on the ground. I think I was just asking him if he was OK. BIGGEST HEADLINE ON AUGUST 1ST, 2014 WILL BE: NINE [or TEN] PEOPLE WITH MINOR INJURIES RESCUED FROM SINK HOLE IN [unknown]
add to favorites 1016 2014-10-25 DreamBase 2.0 Great Flood is Coming metadreamer
Mother dreamt the following, written here verbatim: I was outside my house chatting with a friend, an ordinary day as ever. Suddenly we were interrupted by a male voice echoing in the air from all around much like the voice accompanying a tornado siren telling people to take shelter. The announcer said this is a national emergency, that a great flood was coming, and to seek higher ground immediately. It was implied that other areas of the country were receiving the same warning, that it was an unprecedented tsunami. I got in the car with my friend and drove to higher ground. We ended up on a high plateau or mesa, a flat land surrounded by mountains but the land itself was high in elevation. There were thousands of people already there. The voice then told everyone to ensure they also had winter clothes because temperatures would plummet to subzero ranges. End of Dream.



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