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add to favorites 1176 2014-09-06 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Collapse Crash Has Atlas shrugged? Unparalled technolgy is here signaling the end of an era collapsing and beginning of a new ; a crash to be remembered like Oprah. Unforgettable! one awakeneddreamer

I placed the dream incubations in this category for want of putting elsewhere. I do this for documentation purposes

Before bedtime I meditated, focusing on a candle flame in order to calm the daytime monkey mind. My intention was to receive anything significant that will unfold within the next week to the end of the month (Sept) anywhere, not necessisarily in the U. S.

Dreams began vivdly on 9/1/14, continued 9/2/14 and throughout. All interconnected to the same theme. A crash, new technology/data coming out/and/or collapse of some kind. The attention grabber for me was the repeat symbols and the over all sense of impending -> something. It certainly felt important, urgent.

9/1/14 - It seems the data/message is coming in dribs and pieces, vividly one night at a time yet it also 'feels' HUGE. The feeling upon waking up is ominous/important/attention grabbing, I cannot stress this enough.

A prominent figure came in last night with instructions to defer to the meek for they will hold the power. The figure was an older stately woman that reminded me of Maya Angelo only this woman was/is a living saint- type, respected and revered.
The symbols were colors BOTH nights...
a string of 4 and 5 items each night of autumn colors- rust,yellows, golds, oranges, greens.
This could be either an event in 4-5 days, weeks,  or around the turn of autumn equinox.
Has something to do with a crash (economic, political, or vessel).

The first night, Monday [9/1/14] had a female version of Kahuna (not sure what the Island term would be for such an ennobled revered Grande Dame) but it explains the dark skin color.
The symbols-- Monday- She had on a grass skirt. All frawns were of the autumn colors in segments of four and five. She had the meek/humble women/girls put on skirts such as hers. The men all fell back to let them pass like a canopy of men to form columns for the women. The women were to perform great healing and leadership for the calamity to come.

Tuesday night [9/2/14] was again, in a humble surrounding but more sophisticated than the island village. I sensed Africa as I heard that wonderful melodious tribal music only this was in a town or city and could have been in the U.S deep south. Offerings were to be made to the Grandmother but she stepped back to instruct it go to the meek.The offerings were in 4-5 ceramic vessels each of the autumn colors, carried by young girls.Within the offering vessels was a white substance.
More incubation last night- gave me more revelation.

In the news Joan rivers died and I was asked if the Grandmother figure could be her to which I replied, "NO, not Joan, I got OPRAH WINFREY !" This after  more dream incubation the night before.
I saw DNA strands too- there is NEW TECHNOLOGY coming out- to be revealed soon that will change the face of this world and how we operate in it. It will change our consciousness! Now that word is in recent memes.
Changing our DNA too. The meek surely will inherit the world. This technology cannot be harnessed any longer by any PTW.
Too ubiquitous, too powerful, too cosmic in nature.
So the women- (grandmother energy) will balance the scales of the testosterone energy that dominated for eons.
Starting with children = seeing the children with their offering bowls- the white substance was
the Philosophers Stone! White gold powder.
Great metaphor for the changes coming in.
It is difficult to give you a headline for it. Headlines are not turning out to be my forte; the content IS! If I gave you one it would have Oprah in it with TECHNOLOGY, and something along the lines of 'unexpected' or unparalleled...and the word crash.
Too many variables in the quantum soup right now.
In all the dreams-
The village chief and last night the mayor/governor/CEO was not allowed entrance into the ceremony, only the humble that represented the common man/woman.The common workers were all in charge of manufacturing/distributing the new technology. All is on a level playing field. No lack. Like in a John Galt world; Atlas finally shrugged!

add to favorites 1139 2010-10-29 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. next event cynthia arnett
Hi George,
Just wanted to let you know about my recent dream.  I have a history of precognitive dreams, not much in the past 15 years until 10/27/10:
I was being shown a sky line where there were some tall buildings in a cluster.  The shore line had a harbour where you would take a boat out and turn left.  I appeared to be approx 1/2 mile from the shore line.  A voice told me to look carefully since this is where the next event would occur.  The weather was beautiful, and a white yacht was on the water.  This was obviously a recreation area, I knew we were by the Ocean. 
I was rather upset by this dream.  I drew a picture of the dream to my husband who is from the west coast and very familiar with San Diego and LA.  The picture looked like the San Diego naval base area.  I will be keeping my eye on the area.  My dreams are usually happen within a short period of time from the dream. 
add to favorites 1112 2014-10-16 DreamBase 2.0 President Resigns Bill
I was not intending on dreaming anything particular. I woke up in the middle of the night and recalled dreaming that I walked into an area with several people. One group was sitting in a circle and I knew one of them I went up to her and asked what was going on. She stated that everyone was getting ready to listen to President Obanam because he was going to announce his resignatation.
add to favorites 1092 2011-12-08 DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Moon / Planets Oceans Planets Moon Sun and California JenniferEvette69

I haven't had any dreams about any of this until last night - for the first time. It wasn't the big one and it wasn't on my birthday but before it.  But I heard my Grandma Gloria telling me, whispering to me that this was the beginning and to pay attention to what I see, to remember.

I was with Mike in California - not sure where in California, or why but we were at a hotel, nice one on top of some place with a lot of rocks.  I saw some weird stuff happening in our sky. It was a blinding light but it was evening. It lit up the entire sky like daytime and then the earthquake happened and it quickly jumped into the next morning. The ocean was everywhere, surrounding the hotel.  My young son wasn't in the dream.

Mike dies by drowning. He floats away in the massive ocean that nearly covers the entire planet. He wouldnt listen to me. The roads were gone. It was all gone!

We had things happening outside of our planet, but next to us. It was blinding lights by the other planets activity plus our moon and sun. We had insane, insane, earthquakes and the ocean covered most of our planet. It covered all of the roads, highways, etc that we had just been on and drove on shortly before.

But it was so real but I didnt see my son in the dream so Im not sure about that part. We were in all places, California. Never saw this place before, a hotel like up on the hill, maybe the side of a small mountain, but lots of rock and a long private road up to get to the nice hotel. White, elegant, old fashion, country style.

The sky was so lit up - blinding light but I kept trying to look and did see some alignment. Maybe the moon with a planet. But the sun to the side of it, so I think it was. It was Saturn I think, I saw rings. And lots of lots of really fast spinning, I think of the rings or planets. They were aligned.

add to favorites 1081 2011-07-16 DB 1.0 (Closed) - EARTH - Earthquake Java Indonesia Earthquake The Anchorite

Lastnight I dreamt of an earthquake in Java, Indonesia which was initially reported at 11.1 but then downgraded by USGS to 10.9.   The reaction wasn't one of extreme surprise, as by this time most earthquakes were 7 - 8 mag, not  4 - 5 as they are now.

add to favorites 1061 2014-08-28 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Miscellaneous Vision and Explanation of "The New Earth" Spencer

Thu, 28 Aug 2014:

Drifting in outerspace above earth.

In a discussion about the "new earth" with another human soul.

We see a graph with a perfect sine wave on it and this is how our relationship with Archons was shown over time.

The high peaks are illustrations of lots of activity around fear and attachment. The peaks also represented a very fast paced life.

The troughs showed a slower more deliberate time where our understanding of self and the universe was almost completely and thoroughly known (and we were in control of the parasitic Archons).

There was a dotted line near the bottom of the trough. We were shown to be right up against this line right now. Once we dip below this line, those who seek "knowing" will "explode" into the slowing down cycle and become whole. Those who do not will be completely confused and lost.

*wake up*



From 'Awoken' - the Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andreasrudolph.awoken

add to favorites 1025 2014-09-10 DreamBase 2.0 Layered Dream 1 of 3 - Flashes in the Sky! NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
7/10/2014 10:15am I am crouched in a doorway, there are soldiers all around me, and they are marching through the streets. (I mean marching in formation like in the old war movies) The feel of the uniforms reminds me of Nazi Germany soldiers, they are clean and have not been in battle, like that of a matching band they stay in perfect formation, as if this is some sort of parade. Others are hiding too, watching through windows, doorways, and between wooden fence planks. We do now know why they are here; none of us can imagine that this is a good thing, so we hide. As the soldiers make their way down the street and out of site, we begin to pile into the street and talk. There are so many different languages. I can understand every one of them; I talk to five different people in their own language. The people are scared. They are looking at me to help them understand, but I am just as clueless as they are. I don’t want to be a leader in all of this! I step back into the door way and as I do there are bright flashes of white light in the sky. This is unlike anything I have ever seen. They remind me of 10x the intensity of the flashes from paparazzi camera’s going off. Today I am the watcher; I stand there as the people run for cover. I feel empathy for them, but I know there is nothing I can do to help them. The flashes stop, no one is hurt physically yet everyone is so terrified that they can’t stop screaming and crying. The men are shouting, the sky remains a bright white light that blocks out the figures of the clouds in the sky, you cannot see the sun through the blinding white light in the sky. The temperature rises from the dirt, the paved roads, and roofs begin to get the wavy lines, like a road on a hot day. A misty smoke seems to fill the air but it is faint, I can smell the heat, like the faint smell of hot tar, and the smell of the wood heating up. I watch all of this from a place of stillness, quiet and peace, all the while feeling every emotion from the people who are experiencing this bizarre phenomenon. I close my eyes and let myself feel everything that is happening. As if I have moved through time, I am no longer in the doorway; instead I am on a boat in the middle of the sea.
add to favorites 1012 2010-05-28 DB 1.0 (Closed) - Calamity Misc. Dreams of Nuclear Attack-multiple dreamers Kathy

Let me start off by saying that I rarely remember my dreams. I know I dream every night, but the most I retain are only bits and pieces, and they too fade to memory. 

This dream occurred about 2 months ago. My dream begins and I find myself lieing on my back, on the floor, of a house. Im not sure if this is my house, but it is some sort of home. As I look toward the ceiling, suddenly the roof is torn off violently. As I continued to look into the blackness (night time?) I become aware of debris and wind flying by at what appeared to be hundreds of miles per hour. I realized that there was a nuclear explosion somewhere close by. The scene appeared like something out of the movie Wizard of Oz, with the tornado throwing debris, but this debris was being swept past the roof like a freight train. The dream then ended.

I spoke to my husband about it the next day, and told him that the dream was probably the most vivid I ever had, it in fact was burned into my memory, every scene, all of the debris.

My husband almost fell off his chair. He told me that he too had a similiar dream that night, a dream of a Nuclear explosion in a nearby town. 

It doesnt end there. I went to visit my 80 year old Father that same day. He is in assisted care due to Cancer. As I spoke with him, he said he had something to tell me. He is not the type to tell me such things, especially dreams. He was very upset, he told me he had a dream last night of Nuclear explosions nearby, and utter destruction from them. He was a little embarresed to tell me, I could tell. I did not tell him that myself and my husband had similiar dreams that same night.

My Husband and I spoke about it later and asked ourselves; "What are the chances of that?" I suspect they are pretty astronomical. I also know that these dreams were prophetic.

add to favorites 1000 2014-10-23 DreamBase 2.0 They are Coming or Here or are already here CharlieG
I'm standing in a public place like a train station and a voice starts speaking to me. I can't see the source of the voice just deep, male in tone. It keeps saying 'there are seven messengers coming to visit earth with a warning about how you are treating the Earth' I keep inquiring about who, exact content of message and who they want to talk to. No response just a repeat of the message. Then just before it disappears comes "Putin shot" I awoke with the thought that maybe two are already here in the persona of the Pope and Dali Lame.
add to favorites 993 2010-06-11 DB 1.0 (Closed) - FIRE Swallowing Earth Raven

I call it a dream but i am not sure whether it is a dream or a vision that I was sent back with. I was dying but I was sent back. I was told that it was not my time. I had more to do. I was sent back with this dream/vision and a word. The word is BALANCE. I was told that the world needed to find balance to survive.

In the dream/vision I was standing on a cliff along with one of my sons. We were looking down on what appeared to be a valley. The sky became dark but the dark color was red. A large red looking cloud that moved from east to west. As we looked down on the valley a hot wind began to blow. We saw people on their knees and the ground turned into red steaming dirt. Holes began to open in the earth and everything was being swallowed  by it. The trees even some of the earth itself. The people on their knees began to scream and cry. I can hear them now yet. My son and I started to shout at them. To tell them they must stand up. That they had to get up now before it was too late. Only a few listened. They slowly rose to their feet. But the  ones that was the majority remained on their knees just screaming and crying. Those were swallowed  up by the steaming hot earth. I can still see them be sucked under the earth.

I was not the only one to have this dream/vision. My son the one that stood on that cliff with me also was having it too.

I have another dream/vison the past two week. This one was just one of so much violence,anger , blood. So much so that I smelled the blood and I got up and went to search to see if I had any on me. Somehow I think the two have a link. I feel with everything in me that they are both showing me the things that are coming.Maybe because mankind can not find that Balance. I only know that they leave me with a very heavy heart.  







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