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Recent Dreams
  Category Created Owner Title of the Dream ascendingdescending Picture 1
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-27 JohnPM A Bad Rental
No Picture
No Mission
The dream itself revolved around my wife and I separating for monetary reasons, me dating the landlord or the landlord's wife, and getting back together with my wife.

Notable parts of the dream were that we were renting a really run down house in the dream with major leaks both in the roof and the plumbing. The movie theater that we reconnected in wasn't really a movie theater but more like a town hall or school with a projector in it. The seats were definitely just chairs as opposed to movie theater seating.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-27 ShadowSoul Forgotten closet
No Picture
No Mission
Dream recall/lucid dreaming
Conflict and competition at work as people are fighting over who gets to be on top.
Next I am on the couch about to get ready for work when my husband opens a closet door, right next to the apartment exit door. I see the light from within and to my surprise he walks right in there. When he comes out I tell him I had forgotten all about that closet, thinking silently about our other storage.

Note: We don't have a closet there and couldn't have one as the elevator shaft is right there.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-27 awakeneddreamer The Devil wants the children
No Picture
No Mission
I am walking down a familiar path through formal gardens to the deep dark recesses of a cellar where the beloved dogs (pets) are kept. Turning on all the path lights as it was getting dark I sense something dark and different than usual.
I turn on the last light and step down to go into the dark portal but cannot. I am frozen. there is something very dark and evil in there. I feel deep cold breeze coming out of the void of the portal.
Turning to go back as I sensed there were no longer any beloved dogs left as something ate them, I here a whooosh.
"It' appeared in front of me.
Like a jinn, genie from a bottle is was homely but not as ugly or horrific as I would imagine.
this creatrue has the typical horns on its forehead, muscluarly built, a bit slimey, with a dusky odor. The Jinn almost resembled Churchill. Balding head, jowls, non-descriptive with large lower lip much like Hitchcock's profile. He was actually polite in a British sort of manner. it didn't fool me.
He looked me square in the eye and asked, " I want your children, may I have them"?
I laughed.
"You're kidding me right? YOU are asking ME to give YOU my children. Not on your life. No way. don't ask again."
To wit:
" I will not harm them, I need them in order to complete my destiny. Won't you help me to do this and then I shall stop?"
He/IT was quite pathetic in his plea. No power really as he had to get consent to do this.
I was not about to give it.
Then some young girls and a boy in a car that just drove up, got our to unload some gear to which I yelled,
Get back in your car and leave now if you want to remain safe!"
They thought I was nuts.
The mother driving the car thought I was crazy.
I told them this Jinn was possessing anyone who would have access to her children or mine.
Get out now before its too late.
It will find a way to get them.
The remainder of the dream was going from country to country to warn the parents of the children lost this Jinn was on the loose in any disguise that would elicit illusory legit ways to get their kids for its pleasures.
Has come true, but not validated (see comments below)
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-26 kimspirit Trips.
No Picture
No Mission
Providing Proof.
(I include these notes in an effort to assist others who may be trying to do what I am trying to do. Once again, my brand new portable disk player stopped working; hence, I could not use the SAM technology I am experimenting with (CD). Lo and behold, the past 2-3 nights, without the SAM, I completely lost dream recall. Last night, in desperation, I pulled the dang player apart, and got it working again. These are from my notes. I have absolutely no recall of the dreams as I sit here, and am completely reliant on my notes taken during the night. Most noteworthy, my focus, upon entering the sleep state, was Eagle of this project. I concentrated upon him solely, with a mental request to provide PROOF to him, as he also slept, that my oobe experiment is working, and that he would remember the confirmation. Yipes. My dream trips involved others. In other words, I have no control over these experiences, in spite of my efforts otherwise.)

1) A friend (still among the living) appeared in the experience. Most noteworthy, although I have not been in contact with this individual in more than 30 years, I observed this recent post on his FB account. Interestin'.

"You know, I had that issue for a while but as I got older I started taking melatonin for a sleep aid......and my dreams are incredibly vivid now. I don't remember them all but those that I do just seem so real......"

Melatonin, of course, re-feeds the pineal gland, which is deplenished via fluoride, primarily.

The experience from last night: This individual shows up at a restaurant where I am seated with a group of fellow "workers". There is a male friend with me, unknown. This friend-from-the-past sees the male friend, becomes angry and leaves. Our group is stunned at his reaction. I "follow" him back to the home he shared with his wife, Mary, in an effort to find out the source of his anger at me.

As I am trying to talk to this man, "R" and his wife, Mary...I am suddenly catapulted into another scene.

There is a large grey cement parking garage in front of me. There is a police officer or security guard at its entrance from the sidewalk (according to my handwritten notes.) The officer is trying to prevent violence by people attempting to get into the elevator, which takes them up to new levels. There are three levels, 1-3. I am trying to access the level above the physical top level, #3. The officer allows me to proceed.

2) I am in the body of a woman (????) (is it me, prior to this re-incarnation, or am I observing another, through her thoughts; I simply do not know or understand this), 20s or 30s, Saxon, who has been beaten in the face with a hammer by her mother-in-law. Unconscious and near death, she recovers within the hospital, against all odds. The woman goes to confront her mother-in-law, who does not think that her victim will remember her attacker. The woman does. Her mother-in-law is very wealthy, residing within a mansion. As the daughter-in-law approaches this cruel and arrogant woman, the rest of the mother-in-law's family enfolds around the woman. Due to her great wealth and power, her sons and daughters will protect her, no matter her wrong-doing. The mother-in-law has dark brown hair, cut severely, just below the ears, much as a helmet. As the attacked daughter-in-law makes her approach, the woman, realizing her victim remembers everything, becomes offended, seeing no wrong in what she did, but is surprised the young woman survived. That was not supposed to happen. The young woman-victim is fully aware that the plot had been murder.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-26 planetgazer British Royal Family Downgrade
No Picture
No Mission
I don't recall ever dreaming about royalty before, even though they are often in the news. I saw the British royal family coming out from their home. It was remarkable in the sense that all the buildings on the other side of the street were rather plain. In other words, they were not in a ritzy neighborhood. Another thing that seemed remarkable was that they walked along the road toward waiting vehicles and off slightly on the edge of the road. The pavement was similar to the kind of streets I see around my poorly paved rural town. They were getting into a vehicle and although they had chauffeurs and they were behaving as royalty, the setting was far from Royal and so to were the vehicles, which looked something like model T Fords.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-25 awakeneddreamer helicopter down
No Picture
incubate entertainment/theater/sports meme
Big city- no identifiers (buildings like the Needle in Seattle)- city could be LA/Hollywood, or Chicago. A big city with an airport nearby yet the craft didn't make it there.
People running inside buildings screaming an airplane is going to crash here- RUN, GET OUT !!!
I was in a building hearing the rotor blades of a helicopter and voices over a radio with a 'mayday'.
"parts are messed up. Can't get proper screen/dials to land, computer down"
I went to a window to look up and saw on a rooftop
the nose of an aircraft hanging over the edge. I thought it was a small private jet but someone behind me said it was the helicopter. I couldn't see wings or blades to confirm that as it was
hard to identify at that moment.
It had crash landed while people ran out of buildings to safety.
I heard someone say it belonged to a studio mogul with celebrities or VIP's on board.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-25 ShadowSoul Lucid start
No Picture
No Mission
Dream recall/lucid dreaming
I noticed for the first time that I may be in a dream. I held up my hands as taught to count my fingers. My right hand was shaking violently and was all blurry; the first hint of non-reality. I chose to count the fingers on my left hand. When I got to three I could already see that there were three fingers left. I counted again. This time there were seven or eight fingers. I looked at my right hand. It had settled down, but I could already see too many fingers. I knew already for sure that I was in a dream. I hadn't actually prepared for what to do next, so I chose intimacy with my husband...
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-23 SkyKing Hard Rain
No Picture
No Mission
I'm standing at a window in a log house looking out at some not that distant mountains. It appears to be the Northwest US as there are tall Spruce trees. Someone next to me points out the window and says look at the forest fire up on the side of the mountain! But it isn't a fire it's red hot lava flowing down. Then there is a pyroclastic flow coming down the mountain (which is obviously a volcano now) but I'm not worried because it's flowing off to the left and will miss us. Then there is an enormous explosion on the mountain and rocks of varying sizes from softballs to basketballs come raining down like artilery shells exploding when the hit the ground. Some are heading right for us, a couple hit the house and it starts to blow apart, then I see one coming straight at me and everything goes dark.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-23 awakeneddreamer Football and more
No Picture
Football meme incubation
Legal issues, many lawyers coming out of the closets walking into offices of official buildings in cities, foreign and domestic. There are 'players' in the game metaphorically that are global.
I see a lot of alcohol, drugs, and girls involved at a huge party. It looks like its aboard a yacht at first ->>
scene switches-- to what looks like a penthouse or box seat area.

switch scene--> a lonely boy turns to his mom asking for help; he didn't mean to 'do it' he just wanted to be liked and handed his mother a cookie jar. She put it into a dishwasher to clean it up. The dish washer was a high end model that surpassed all others. Bottles of alcohol were hidden in the upper shelf. She took them out in order to start washing the cookie jar.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-01-23 ShadowSoul Simba outlook
No Picture
No Mission
Dream recall/lucid dreaming
A five year old boy was in my custody. We were not safe and I had promised to take him home, to his mother or my mother. We drove on these winding roads through a village. At about halfway, we stopped and walked up a steep hill up to a grassy outcropping where you could see the entire village below. There were two palm trees growing there and the sun was making the scenery really bright and beautiful. I told him he could come here any time and look out over the valley below just like Simba in the Lion king. We then moved on.
Has Not Come True



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