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Recent Dreams
  Category Created Owner Title of the Dream ascendingdescending Picture 1
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-20 ShadowSoul Party, naked deformed beauty
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No Mission
Dream recall/lucid dreaming
Re-post due to double pasting: This is one dream that will haunt me for a long time.

*Party* I was at a party with several other people, drinking beer and having fun. We appeared to be at somebodies work place and my old co-op student was there. I decided to play a trick on him and hide his beer. He didn't really get the joke. We all then got up and walked around. Turned out that everybody working there were actually garbage maintenance workers. They appeared to be on the brink of a strike.
*Naked deformed beauty* I was suddenly in another group setting where we appeared to be students, maybe at a sort of beauty parlor or medical setting. There was an instructor who had a young man next to him. I guessed he was about half my age, 18 or 20 tops. He was blonde with piercing blue eyes and slanted eye lids. His right foot was a curled up clump, but his left foot was okay. His hands were also deformed, but to a lesser degree and were still usable. They looked more like he had arthritis, but they were birth defects. He was naked and being shown to us like a cow at the market. The rest of his body was fine except for some cellulite or similar minor deformity on his behind. The instructor made him turn his side to us so we could see where to make cuts to remove the extra fat/cellulite/flesh.
When he turned towards us again, he locked eyes with me, piercing his way into my soul. He was just any young man with normal build, not too muscular, but certianly not fat. He was beautiful to me. I felt ashamed to look at him where the instructor pointed at his body, as if my stare would be cold and indifferent. I locked eyes with him as long as I could and a hurricane of emotions welled up in me. My motherly instincts wanted to hug him and shield him from the judgemental stares of other people. I knew that was not the emotional response he was looking for. He did not want pity, though he knew fully well how hard it would be for him to find a partner in his life who would accept him for what he was - not for what he was not.
I diverted my eyes but forced myself to look into his again. There was pain, but also pride. He was not ashamed to show himself exactly as he was and let the world see his vulnerability. I wanted to give him an approving smile, an accepting smile as I would any other being, but was just locked into taking in all the emotions he evoked in me. There was also shame. Shame that working as a medical showcase for minimum wage was the only way he could show the world his beautiful soul. If I had been a painter, I would have wanted to paint him. He was perfect to me with all his imperfections. I understood how Source loves all creations equally and unequivocally.
There was love. He was a Lightworker for sure and had so much love in his eyes, like he would share the universe with me if I just let him. I wanted to touch him, to be intimate with him, just to show him not all humans would reject him, but I also knew that it was a feeling that came slightly out of pity, for I wouldn't have stayed with him. He was half my age and had so much to learn about life. I diverted my eyes several times but kept going back into staring back into his. It was what he wanted. Nothing more, nothing less. He had a beautiful face. I felt like I was being tested. Like the question was asked if I could really love even the most contorted beings on Earth. My heart overflowed with love and pain. As the golden age returns, we will all be faced with these emotions.

It makes me cry every time I recall those eyes looking into my soul.
Hoʻoponopono "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you"
The song "Perfect" keeps playing in my head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVrZlrL7atI
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-19 kimspirit Disturbed dream-experiences continue...
No Picture
No Mission
#1. A male voice, giddy, like in a t.v. game show. Announcing...#1 is LifeBuoy (note: as in the soap), #2 is (cannot remember) #3 is (cannot remember) and #4 is Life Boats. The correct answer is #4, Life Boats!

#2. I am in a darkened office building; and my new "boss" is the same "boss" I had decades ago, Mary Jean, whom I recently learned had passed on from cancer "in real life". There is another employee with me, whom I am not allowed to see. Mary Jean asks me if I remembered to pick up the Easter "pouches". I "saw" a brief glimpse of what she was talking about. Little linen satchels that she intended to place Easter eggs or gifts or candy into. What the heck? She said she needed 32 pouches. Then, she said she would be satisfied with 32 "plain brown" Easter baskets, and could I not get these from Kresge's next door. I am really confused here. I am trying frantically to figure this environment out; I look at a computer, and determine that it is a New York State holiday; so, why am I there and why is this business open? None of this is making sense to me. Suddenly, outside, a vehicle parks at the curb, and we run out. A dirty, disheveled handicapped man gets out, and we can see that he has all sorts of puppies and kittens in the vehicle with him. Mary Jean determines this is abusive, and begins to liberate the kittens from the man's car (he does not care), handing them to me. I bring them into the office building for care. There is a dead puppy in front of the man's vehicle; it had jumped out, and he ran over it, with not a care in the world. As I am trying to tend to these kittens, some newborns, mostly golds and tigers - grey and white - I look out the plate glass window and see Mary Jean swinging a golf club in a frenzy in the grass. She appears to be out of her ever-loving mind. As I walk out there to find out what is happening, I see that she accidentally hit one kitten straggler with the club, and I grab it up, bringing it inside (it is a female kitten, gold in color), inspecting it over for injury. The kitten appeared to be no worse for the wear and OK.
Has Not Come True
Flood, Hurricane, Tsunami
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-18 kimspirit Trips and Visits.
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No Mission
(Several experiences, all happening within hypnapompic.)

#1: I was with an old boyfriend from high school. I have not seen or spoken to him in decades. I could find no obit on record for him; and he appears to still be among the living. In this experience, he was benevolent; not so much in "real life". He was with his mother, in an unfamiliar house within the woods. They agreed to allow me to use their computer for homework. I brought along (constant theme) my suitcases and two cats, Stumpy and Eva (Eva passed 12/10). Oddly, before sitting down at the computer, I borrowed six of the mother's hair curlers (foam, spiral shaped, pink), placed them into my hair, and began to work. I had forgotten my memory stick, and lost the work; and was aghast. I had just received an assignment from an unknown female professor, quite young, and it was due that day. I could, somehow, "see" this professor, communicating with me NVC. There was also another older female "professor" with another assignment. I got up, removed the hair curlers, placing them back into their original container, then, into storage. I got up and repacked (constant theme) my luggage, but the cats had escaped their cat carriers, and were into the woods. I was heart-broken; how would I find them? I left, thinking I could return and find them later.

#2 Imagery and NVC: "Just hold on!" - with an image of two brass rings, but they were shaped more like huge Ds, and I was told (shown?) to simply jump up and grab them, one with the left hand, one with the right. I awakened with a HUGE PHYSICAL JOLT, with both legs landing onto the mattress HARD, as if falling from a great distance.

#3: I am seeing automatic handwriting...and the words "Watching, Watching...", then the word (and NVC word as spoken)..."WINGS!"...

#4: I hear the chime of a bell. Then, this message, "You'll need to understand the different chimes (tones) of the (bell) chimes..." (to recognize them). ????

#5: I am watching an unknown man, Saxon, 30s, with his girlfriend, seated quietly at a table. Facing them, he is on the left, and she is on the right. He is at the corner of the table. I zero in on his polo shirt, and see the words, "Snap, Crackle, Pop" in red letters on the right side of his black polyester polo-shirt, like a logo.
Has Not Come True
Travel, Time, Justice
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-18 Sunatta Thought I posted this about a week ago
No Picture
No Mission
As this is from memory over a week ago but hits on the possible cern topic.

I was hovering in the air watching air traffic when I noticed a plane being carried piggyback on another. They dropped in altitude and separated. The lower plane entered the ocean withou a crash.

The plane re emerged from the ocean, but in a different form. Kind of ufo ish. It appeared to be searching the sky for us but then shot off to the hovering base where unknown research was going on. There was a scene at the base, where I think that those running the experiment wanted it for themselves and no longer wished to share with others, I think. They were packing up stuff to move there experiment elsewhere. One of the last ones on the base expressed that their experiment went awry. I then was in a city after this and Gravity seemed to be faltering for me immediately and the system overtime. There was also major upheaval/ the whole fabric of reality being torn apart in the distance.

Any way the dream seemed to have meaning. Which is why I posted it initially and now again.
Has Not Come True
Freedom, Surreal
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-17 kimspirit More Visits.
No Picture
No Mission
Requested information about earth changes.
(Note: I am experiencing yet another prolonged absence of dream recall, accompanied by very disturbed sleeping patterns. Nonetheless, this from last night.)

My mother and father appeared, location not familiar to me. Both had passed on years ago. I was in a bedroom unpacking (continuous theme), and I could hear them bickering in the kitchen. I remarked to myself that some things never change; and they are still bickering "there". I walked out to the kitchen, and my mother said that "she had left my father in Leachville" and needed to go get him. I said the name of this place twice, in case I misunderstood what she was teling me. Emphasis LEACHville versus another possible name. I am not familiar with this area. We hurried to go. We arrived first at a bazaar type of open market area, containing gourmet stores and restaurants, a market place. I looked at the food items in bins as we walked through. We "popped up" in Leachville next, at a motel (continuous theme), and I got a key out, struggling to fit the key into the special lock. As I did so, it set off an alarm.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-17 ShadowSoul Small plane crash
No Picture
No Mission
Dream recall/lucid dreaming
A two-seater plane crashed into a church through a giant window. It was on fire, but the people inside were still alive and made it out. People were gathered in the street, aimlessly wandering or sitting and talking to each other. If they had any agendas, there were small, like getting up an escalator...
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-16 Lily+Bear tall bldgs in SF waving around like gumby
No Picture
No Mission
Riding a bus, see a few familiar faces, then am looking at downtown San Francisco, and the tall buildings are undulating like rubber Gumbys. Could just be media induced paranoia....
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-14 kimspirit More and more visits.
No Picture
No Mission
none expressed.
(Note: multiple dates and the addition of one more dreamer-contact, denoted with an asterisk.)

3/13/15: Hypnapompic: I looked over at the east side of my pond, down toward the meadow, and observed an unknown man with three dogs. One was a large black dog, like a Newfie, and an unknown breed, and a small dog, which I ran over and scooped up in anger. The dog was a bulldog (not a pit), and it snarled at me. The unknown man continued to walk away from me as I screamed at him he was trespassing, and that I had livestock, which the dogs would surely injure or kill.

3/13/15 *From contact "S": Hillary Clinton appeared in her dream-experience, acting nice, and handing a small gift to S's grandson, Henry. Hillary's kind behavior caught S off-guard; she asked Hillary how she handled the criticism. Hillary replied that it hurt her feelings, but she tried to deal with it. Note: S cannot stand HC.

3/14/15 Hypnapompic: My dream-experience from last night, so jumbled up, I am almost ashamed to journal it. Let us see if the semantics are meaningful. I was reunited with estranged family members, some of whom I had not seen in 30 years. It was like a welcome home party. The party included my brother, my sister, and my former sister-in-law, Linda. My sister showed me a glossy magazine, in which she had been featured in a bridal spread. Note that my sister's wedding occurred decades ago. I, then, looked on to the kitchen counter (in a large older house I am not familiar with), seeing another new magazine there, just received in through the mail, with a white label on it addressed to me. I started to ask my brother why he had subscribed to a magazine using my name and my separate address. I walked out to the patio, and my former sister-in-law was seated in a lawn chair. On her lap was her 'daughter'. I reached down and grabbed up the little "girl", trying to be nice to family members I had not seen in so long. I positioned the "girl" on my lap, and began to stroke its little head. It looked up at me with bright cobalt blue eyes. I remarked to myself that I had never seen such a homely child in my life. I did not know what to say. The "child" was not a child, but a monkey, dressed in a human infant's dress.
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-14 aletalete POTPOURRI
No Picture
No Mission



"THE RETURN OF THE ______________? WHAT
Has Not Come True
add to favorites DreamBase 2.0 2015-03-12 kimspirit Visits.
No Picture
No Mission

Continuing disturbed sleep patterns, with many awakenings all night long. These from hypnapompic.
Note: During the hypnogogic state, after about 10 minutes of sleep, I awakened fully within the vibrational state, with my heart pounding easily 200 bpm (note: it is not one's physical heart, but an indicator of separation from physical; still, it can be quite terrifying). I was too exhausted, and could not sustain the state, or remain awake.

A former co-worker appeared to me, David K. I asked him if he had crossed over too, like Doug L. who had appeared to me twice past few weeks. Doug L. "flickered in" and then out briefly as I mentioned his name. Dave did not respond. A Google search of his name indicates that he appears to be among the living, and a Senior VP at a Northeast bank.

Then, the environment changed, and there was a knock at the door, and Howard P., another former banking co-worker, but not a friend, appeared, with bags in hand. He wanted to know if he could stay with me a few days, to see Biloxi for the first time. Note: I do not live in Biloxi. I agreed; Howard spent the new few days in and out, visiting with others. On the last day, I told him that he had been the kindest, quietest house guest I ever had, and he had been no trouble at all. He had his bags re-packed and was ready to leave, to go spend time with another close friend. I was sad to see him go. Before he left, I explained that my husband and I had two houses in Biloxi, one was an investment house, but I could not remember where it was located, and that my husband had bought it. Then, its image appeared to me, a coral-colored duplex a century plus old, not familiar to me at all. On Google, I could not find any current information about this man; the best I knew, he had left the business world to explore his outdoor interests, and was running a whitewater tour company up North.

The environment shifted again, and I saw John S., another Vice President where I used to work, and a man I did not care for. In the new realm, he appeared different and warm and friendly, "as he was" a long time ago, younger.

Another environment shift, and I was with a black woman, vaguely familiar to me, holding up a piece of grass cloth in her hand, among a television set being dismantled. She said the grass cloth had been on the walls of her t.v. daughter's bedroom, and now the set was no more. She was sad.

A final environment,. yet another banking senior vice president from the past appeared, Margaret W., another woman I did not care too much for. This formerly beautiful but cold woman, pointed to a box on the floor, and I opened the box, finding a denim pocketbook-tote bag, with rhinestone decorations on it, a gift for me. I Googled Margaret too, not able to find out if she is still among the living, or passed on.
Has Not Come True



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