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add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Flying / Levitation 2010-07-16 Pando19 Preparing for the Baby No
No Picture

I am on a flight, possibly to the Orient, but I know that a bomb will explode at 11:00 a.m., precisely (11th month?).  I feel a sense of urgency because I must be off the plane before 11, but I have no sense of panic because I have time to do what must be done and be off the plane.

I go to my cabin to pack and discover a new-born baby in the middle of my bed.  This is a very strong baby because he rolls himself up to a sitting position and smiles at me.  I realize that I am responsible for the care of this baby, but I have nothing for him - no clothes (he is wearing only a t-shirt and a diaper), no diapers, no food -- nothiing.  So I set out for the baby store on the plane.

I try the elevator (this plane is more like a cruise ship with many levels), but I do not get to the level containing the baby store even through I have gone to four levels.  I ask an attendant who tells me that the store is on the fourth floor, and I try the elevator again. 


I am still unprepared to care for the baby, but my barking dog wakes me up.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Flying / Levitation 2010-06-23 dreamweaver mapofwestcoast No
No Picture

In 1991 I was in California and found a job there. I thought about staying, but I had this dream.

I was taken up above the Earth by 'them'. I was looking down at the U.S. and the entire west coast was in red. I was told to be out of this area by 1995. Then I was suddenly in a place like Santa Fe or Taos and there was a line of 4 beings wearing masks, coming out in a ceremony.


After nothing happened in 95, I figured I was told to be out of there because I would end up settling down and would then be unable to leave that life. Later, I realized that the beings with the masks looked a lot like kachinas. There were 4.

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Flying / Levitation 2010-05-23 healing Flying over Natural Disaster No
No Picture

In this dream wihch occured around end of April 2010, I was actually flying with no equipment. Just my body. Basically teleportation over mud and dead people lying on the ground. what struck in this dream was not the sight or the destination it was the fact that I could actually control the height and speed of the flight. Coming down slowing to check the ground and then up again and man that was a beautfiul beatiful flight!

Never had this before Had flying dreams but with airplanes. In this one... just teleportation!

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Flying / Levitation 2010-05-21 cyringa Gravity No
No Picture

I have had this dream repetitively for several months.

I notice people gathering in the street outside my home. I go outside and see that the sky is slowly filling with swirling colored lights. The lights grow brighter and brighter and they are incredibly beautiful . Everyone is standing staring at the sky awestruck.

Suddenly, with no warning, it's as if there is no gravity holding us down. Everything thats not attached to earth is rising rapidly into the sky,the air is filled with cars, lawn furniture, animals and people screaming.  The first time I dreamed this it ended here, when I was 1000s of feet above the earth,  in subsequent dreams I have "learned" to get inside a closet in my house when I see the colored lights in the sky. The loss of gravity only lasts a brief time and then I can hear everything come plummeting back down to earth. 


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Flying / Levitation 2010-05-20 Seaspacer The Back Porch No
No Picture

Last night......dreamed of flying, as a passenger, in a small plane that had an old painted plywood observation deck out the back end. I went out to hang out and then a couple of "flights", maybe five or so each, of higher performance, maybe even fighter, planes came up from behind and below and were sort of harassing us and we were taking evasive maneuvers. It was then that I realized that there were no real hand holds on this platform thing and it was getting difficult for me to hang on without being pitched off into the sky. As dreams go a couple of those cheap hardware store handles appeared on the back edge of the "fence" (no back fence, open) surrounding this platform that allowed me to grab hold and stay aboard.


add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Flying / Levitation 2010-05-20 FlyDog fluttering ballerina's No
No Picture

2 weeks ago I had a dream where fluttering ballerina's were playing a coed game of badmitton.

The men were dressed in tuxedo's.

"We" played a most excellent game where the players were able to flutter and fly playing the game.

The setting was a forest clearing, but no interference from the surrounding tree's

One of the most greatest feelings that I am aware of can be described as anti-gravity, ability to jump , manouever, fly, hover, zip, etc....

in my dreams. In fact, I can recall that being able to do this requires that you hold your mouth a certain way, and tense your body completely, suddenly you will levitate

add to favorites DB 1.0 (Closed) - AIR - Flying / Levitation 2010-05-20 magicbeans flying children and open portals No
No Picture

I was in an audience of what seemed to be a church or church-like auditorium.  It was a gathering, like a town hall.  Lots of weird shit was happening in the world (strange phenom type stuff) and people were afraid.  There were kids that were doing remarkable things with art, science and supernatural abilities, but no one could make sense of it.(There seemed to be rhyme/reason to the gifts, but it just scared most people.)  I wasn't afraid - which apparently made me extremely odd - and on top of that was beginning to use telepathy, so I would communicate with these gifted kids and didn't think much about it b/c it was so natural. So, at this gathering, one of the kids was demonstrating something.  He was flying around and I don't think he had the ability to speak with his mouth, but I could "hear" him loud and clear in my head.  Finally, someone said, "who can tell us what this is about?" And the kid swooped down and touched me on the head.  Everyone turned to look at me.  Oh shit. I guess that's my cue, I thought. So, through telepathy, I was able to "translate" what the boy needed to communicate.  I'm not sure of the details, but one of the things was about portals.  One kid came and took a step and disappeared.  Then he stepped back into our reality - and did it a couple of times. People were tripping, but I tried to explain that there were portals everywhere and we didn't need to be afraid, just learn how to use them. 



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